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Announcing a short little HL2 mod that i've been working for the past month!

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Half-Life 2: Outgunned is a short HL2 mod that i've been working on for the past month - it'll feature 3 maps, a lot of combat with the Combine, and some new stuff.

The premise is simple - A squad of rebels have found a nearby Combine Depot on the coast, so they got You (Gordon Freeman) to help them take over the Depot and secure all that sweet Combine weaponry and equipment!

In this article i'm going to show off stuff that i've done for this mod so far (there's a lot!), so let's get to that.

The current progress of the mod is nothing really breathtaking, just blockouts, out of three maps - One map is completely blocked out, the other is halfway done and the last one is waiting till i start with it.

So here's some shots of one of the maps, just keep in mind they're blockouts :D

Image 6

Combine soldiers on their way to assault a rebel outpost, this is going to be one of the first gunfights in the mod, in which you'll help a group of rebels survive the attack. Think of it as a defense mission but you're not stuck in one area, you'll clear out the outpost of Combine forces from one end to another.

Image 7

Once you're done with repelling the Combine assault, get ready to hop on the buggy and be on your way to the Depot. The cool rebels have installed dual turrets on your buggy, that detect targets and shoot them on their own. Makes for a good offensive and defensive option.

Image 1

At the Depot's entrance you'll meet your rebel squad's leader - Adam. He basically tells you the whole plan and gives you a buncha supplies - the Depot battle ain't gonna be easy.

Image 2

Here's the assault in effect, during a stormy night.

You can find more map screenshots in the mod page.

Here's some cool stuff i've added to the mod - for example a new weapon, the AK47 Assault Rifle!



It basically functions like the AR1 in HL2 beta, but simpler. You got two firing modes - Burst and semi-auto. Burst deals (obviously) a burst of rounds that deals a massive blow to any Combine Soldier you blast, and semi-auto fires one round at a time and is more accurate, but deals less damage.

Another thing i've done is a playable arcade machine!


You'll come across it at the beginning of the mod, when you're in a rebel base, it's fully playable - so check it out in action!

Funny thing is that it didn't need that much programming to get it working, almost everything here was done using entity logic!

So that's basically it, i wanted to announce this new mod and i hope you liked this little article. The mod's not a long way from being complete and i'll post more updates soon! Stay tuned!

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P3droncio - - 48 comments

This looks very promising, I'm following this!

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,489 comments

Best of luck, Broski! This looks promising! :)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

noice !

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Krychur - - 963 comments

I always thought the AK-47 would make a good Resistance weapon. unlike other weapons, it is cheap, simple, easy to make, and can be drowned in a puddle of mud and still fire an entire 30 round magazine before it finally kicks the bucket. unlike most modern versions of the AK platform, or the AR and CAR platform.

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Excision_Weed - - 183 comments

Now I know why you did the arcade machine in that video.

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SPY-maps - - 2,902 comments

Hahaha, that arcade machine, and the prize you win after completion!
Very nice!

much success,

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