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The final dev-cycle is right around the corner, so here are some of the features & milestones that are going to be implemented over 2014.

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The final development cycle for Anarchy Arcade is right around the corner, so here are some of the features & milestones that are going to be implemented over 2014. Keep in mind that all these features are in addition to the already vast feature set of the prototype.

You can think of these as design achievements that I will complete during development.

Revamped Backend

Important changes made to Anarchy Arcade's backend to improve its speed, stability, & security, and allow for awesome new features to be added.

Linux & Steam OS

Full Linux support not only puts Anarchy Arcade in the hands of tons of Linux users, but also makes it compatible with Valve's upcoming Steam OS.


Full joypad support makes Anarchy Arcade a casual experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

Virtual Reality

Combine Anarchy Arcade's functionality with the Oculus Rift to take a flying leap into the next generation of immersive virtual reality.


Anarchy Arcade in your native language for you to more easily understand. Thankfully translation is not an overwhelming task for a game such as this.

Virtual SmartPhone

This powerful in-game device allows you to easily manage every last detail of your virtual arcades in a natural & immersive way.

Unified Library

Easily switch between your personal media library and Anarchy Arcade's vast internet library that contains all the media ever made.

Improved Grouping

Physically group your favorite media by drawing a line connecting them together. Grouped items can share screens, make better recommendations, and more!


Build with your friends in a live multiplayer server where everybody can work together to create the ultimate arcade.

Steam Integration

Tons of Steamworks features including achievements, trading cards, game feeds, workshop, friends, and many more community features.

Save Game Sharing

Easily export your save games into a single file that you can send to your friends, or publish to the Steam Workshop.


Tap into the massive library of 100% free indie games, put right at your finger tips as part of the integrated Anarchy Arcade internet media library.

RSS Feeds

Follow your favorite news feeds right from the virtual world, or host our own Anarchy Arcade RSS feed to let people enjoy the freshest content like never before.


Browse your friends' images in a 3D virtual gallery, share your favorite Anarchy Arcade media & screenshots right onto your wall, and more!


Browse image feeds in a 3D virtual gallery, read the latest tweets, and share your favorite Anarchy Arcade media & screenshots right onto your Twitter.


Surf your favorite channels, discover new videos, rent feature length films, and watch live streams right from the virtual world.


As if YouTube didn't give you enough choices, surf on over to Vimeo to explore another vast assortment of shows & streams.

Channel surf until you find something interesting, or setup an entire room dedicated to your favorite game streams.


Access the massive archive of feature length movies and officialy licensed TV shows that Netflix has to offer. Stream them to your PC, or order them for later viewing.


Watch episodes of the hottest shows right on the virtual screens of Anarchy Arcade for FREE! Or use your Hulu account to access your Hulu Plus library.


View the latest Tumblr images from your favorite streams as soon as they're published. Explore 3D image galleries dedicated to your favorite Tumblr streams.


Use streaming internet radio to set the mood for each room in your virtual arcade. Tune to specific channels, or just load up your presets.

Anarchy Arcade is still in the Greenlight top 20 and needs your support! Please help spread the word so Valve sees that this is something their community wants to play!

Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

Sweet, this project keeps on evolving, I like it.

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ferdyfist - - 529 comments

Wow this update looks really good, not only ingame, but also the moddb article!
Very professional and stylish looking, good job!

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