Anarchy Arcade is receiving a massive update called Redux. It will be available on Steam early 2017. More info in the news section right here on the ModDb, or on the newly revamped

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Brief History of AArcade

AArcade has been through a lot. Starting way back in 2010, AArcade's prototype saw its 1st public release onto ModDb and GameJolt.

Soon after it was greenlit for release onto Steam.

This was followed by a failed Kickstarter campaign attempting to raise funds for a full version.

After this major setback, I decided to continue working on the prototype independently to see the concept through to completion. This required lots of adjustments to AArcade's original design to make it an achievable project for a lone indie dev, such as myself, to complete.

A second, much smaller Kickstarter campaign was successful in raising nearly $2,000 which contracted artists to create game cabinets & other art assets for the project.

AArcade's souped-up prototype was released onto Steam as an Early Access title on 9/4/2014. Updates & improvements continued for the next year and a half.

In early 2016 it became apparent that Valve was focusing on other game engines, such as Source 2, and that Source 1 would sooner, rather than later, become outdated. Rather than let AArcade die from being tied to an outdated game engine, I decided to do something a little crazy. I started work on a complete re-write of AArcade, with the intention to future-proof the concept so we're never exclusively tied to any particular game engine. It would also give me the opportunity to fix or improve many other issues of AArcade that existed due to lack of foresight on my part when designing the prototype all those years ago.

AArcade's Next Version: Redux

The next major update to AArcade is expected to be available for public testing on Steam in early 2017. It is code-named AArcade: Redux and is actually a complete re-write of the old prototype from the ground up.

The technical goals of the redux version are:

  1. Feature parody, including backwards compatibility, with all previous versions of AArcade.
  2. Cross-engine compatibility, including abstraction of engine-specific assets, of library meta data.
  3. Clear distinction between meta library data and engine-specific AArcade frontends.
  4. Optimize performance, user experience, and modability of the Source engine frontend.

While a majority of the dev work will be under-the-hood, it has already begun to manifest itself in some very long-awaited improvements & feature enhancements that users have been requesting over the years.

There's so much good new stuff in the redux version that I couldn't possibly show you all the development progress in a single post. So I'll start with showing you just one of the awesome new behind-the-scenes enhancements to AArcade and what it means to you, as a user.

Steamworks Web Browser

One major change is to the old embedded web browser which has been completely replaced by the state-of-the-art Steamworks browser. In fact, it is the same browser that Steam itself uses! Compatible with Netflix, Twitch, and so much more, users can make full use of their favorite web content on the in-game screens.

Speaking of the in-game screens, AArcade: Redux has a new multi-threaded embedded instance framework which allows things like web tabs, emulators, or media players to playback on the in-game screens with minimal performance impact.

And speaking of performance impact, how about running 2, 3, or 4 web tabs at the same time? AArcade: Redux makes this possible, and distributes the task of web tab rendering over multiple frames to keep your in-game performance consistent.'s Massive Update

Last month Anarchy Arcade's website received a massive update with tons of info about AArcade's concept, its focus, and where its headed in the future. I'd appreciate it if you went and checked out my work there! There's even some stuff on there, like the 360 panoramas, that I will be explaining/showcasing in future dev updates:

Thanks for your support!

I want to thank everybody who's contributed to AArcade and showed their support over the years. Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers. Thanks to everybody who's donated through PayPal. Thanks to everybody who's Tweeted about AArcade or shared it with their friends. And thanks to all the users who help each other out in the forums or put that extra effort in on their workshop submissions.

Even though I use AArcade a whole lot myself, it's great to be able to share it with others, and it's support from people like you all that makes that possible. Party on!

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 6 - To-Do List

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 6 - To-Do List


Engine update, public to-do list, preparing for release, my epic new VR PC build, and more Twitch fun. Lots of news to bring you arcade maniacs today...

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 5 - Metaverse

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 5 - Metaverse


Take the red pill, then imagine everything that exists, then add to that everything that is fictional. That is what the metaverse is. This vast sea of...

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 4 - Sequels

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 4 - Sequels


In this trip around the metaverse we combine the original Star Wars trilogy with the all-new The Force Awakens universe, AArcade-style. We also take a...

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 3 - Strength in Numbers

Anarchy Weekly Issue No. 3 - Strength in Numbers


But who IS the AArcade community? How many people actually play? This issue will fill you in on some of the exciting stats about the community and also...

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Source Media Arcade 2.0d

Source Media Arcade 2.0d

Full Version

Source Media Arcade is an all-in-one media center experience for your PC. Shortcuts to your files, games, and movies appear as full-sized arcade cabinets...

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Great to see Anarchy Arcade is coming back! :)
There are still a few things that for me would be really needed for
the Redux Version:

- Faster Boot Loading (When you start Anarchy Arcade the first time after PC booting. This is nescesary when you completely replace the normal
Desktop Usage with Anarchy Arcade Redux.
- Faster Loading when you have many Addons
- All Map Support. So we can finally use Maps like from Gmod Tower "Lobby2", Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "Zoo" or from Left 4 Dead 2!
- Changing Menu Backgrounds and Loading Screens

Again, thank you that try to work again on Anarchy Arcade, Sith_Lord!
The Reasons i never used AA very much before are exactly the features i listed above. I hope that you can finally somehow make this true and you have another happy Anarchy Arcade: Redux User! :)

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SM_Sith_Lord Creator

Just want to say "Wasuaaaaaap" to everybody. Dev is going great, hope you all are having a good time too! :)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

I have been doing lots of updates to the prototype recently to promote the Kickstater campaign and the concept in general.

However, the prototype and the Steam version are two very different versions and actually use different code bases. The prototype is like a canvas where I quickly test out concepts and see how the community enjoys them. Because of this, the prototype is basically a bunch of different ideas patched together with duct-tape. In fact, interactive video screens and multiplayer weren't even features of the original prototype. These types of major features are things that need to be implemented from the very beginning.

That is what the Steam version of Anarchy Arcade is. It is all the features (who's tech is demonstrated in the prototype) built into one tight kick-*** package. Plus it will have all of the new features that aren't even possible in the prototype such as the Steamworks features and multiplayer customization.

The Steam version will not be free, but will be very cheap. I am going for a standard price of $15 USD, but I don't know exactly how much it will cost yet. Remember that stuff on Steam is usually on sale anyways, so people will have lots of opportunities to pick it up for cheaper than that.

There's still a week left in the Kickstater campaign so I am still promoting that for the duration. Now is the time to make a pledge to the Kickstarter and make a memorable impression on the Anarchy Arcade community.

And remember I'll be giving away more free Steam games this Wednesday while playing Anarchy Arcade, 1 every hour for the full 24 hours. I had a great time giving out 28 games last Wednesday and look forward to doing it again this week!

"The Steam version will not be free, but will be very cheap. I am going for a standard price of $15 USD" Well you wrote this. If you changed your decision before my comment, sorry, well anyway this game needs a lot of improvements and bug fixes. I try to put a certain picture on a wall but it becomes an arcade. Maybe I am not close enough to the wall, well, anyway, excellent idea. With the execution, this could be outstanding.

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SM_Sith_Lord Creator

Ah, I think I see where you're getting confused.

You are reading information from the original Kickstarter for Anarchy Arcade. Its goal was to raise the $25,000 needed to buy a resale license on Steam, which would have allowed me to take out business loans to pay additional team members to work on Anarchy Arcade. (Assuming AArcade was going to generate revenue on the Steam store.)

However, as you can see from the Kickstarter page you got that text from, that plan failed. Anarchy Arcade had no funding and no development team, other than myself.

Rather than let Anarchy Arcade die, I decided to keep working on AArcade for a few more years and finish AArcade, by myself, for free.

And since that Kickstarter you are quoting failed to raise the money for a resale license, it is impossible for me to sale AArcade.

AArcade is free. You're just reading stuff from a failed Kickstarter that was attempting to turn this 1-man project into something bigger.

Btw, mouse wheel cycles through cabinet models. There are a few picture frames and poster models to choose from. Go to the Main Menu > Achievements to see all of the available models.

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You said that the full steam version will not be free. I don't care what price it will be, I am very sad now. :(

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SM_Sith_Lord Creator

Where did I say that? AArcade is free.

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Wow, that's a great idea. When it is done? 'cos I want to have a rendered desktop.

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Me and My Friend Built an Arcade that has low gravity,is in slow motion, and has a Arcade Cabinet that opens my capture card software and loads up Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my Wii.


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MOTY 2014 Interaction Award! Major congrats, man! :]

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Thanks Gamerr! JK 4 life!

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very good concept

Oct 11 2011 by darknigthmare


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Jun 28 2016 by smsithlord

A detailed illustration of how the data in the metaverse is going to be structured: 90% of it is already implemented

Jun 11 2016 by smsithlord

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