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Due to my immense discomfort, the demo of Pandemia Escondida had to be pushed next year. Let's see why that is.

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The Pandemia demo was originally planned to be a christmas gift to the community and myself as well. Yet things have changed..

Undefined crashes have plagued development for almost a year, and I've had a few people accompany me by looking into it (thanks to Nutboi, Florian, DnALANGE and WalriderTriger for their support) The reason of the crashes was determined, yet no permanent solution came along. I reached out to Frictional Games as well, hoping to get an official response on the matter.

Now onto temporary solutions! The mod was tested on the custom exe of Amnesia remodded, and the crashes don't seem to occur. Now the only problem with this, is the lack of FBX support that I'd have to solve through model re-exports and there's the matter of a custom exe. I'm curious if anyone has a problem with that in 2022, however you can check Remodded out here, if you haven't. I'll be experimenting with it until then.

Amnesia: Remodded Amnesia Remodded (by Nutboi)

With that delay came along really unexpected news, namely Amnesia: The Bunker!

I've been teasing you with a modded Gun content for years, so with this announcement I'll be focusing more on bringing a showcase to you before mentioned game. Damn Frictional putting deadlines on me, but it's good news for everyone else :D So expect that to be developed in line with the Pandemia project from now on!

New people join almost every month to my projects, especially Pandemia, and there's a chance I may stop being the only writer to work on these titles in the future! Until then, I'll still have some gifts for everyone when Christmas comes, be on the lookout for my releases in the near future!


Yanka - - 258 comments

Don't push yourself too much: take the time you need, that's my only advice.
Don't force you into deadlines, believe me, just release something when you feel it's good enough. Do not blame you for anything, hey, nobody owes you anything. 👌
If you need another tester feel free to send me the build, I'll give it a stress test!
Take care and keep the nice work!

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KiraImmortal Author
KiraImmortal - - 1,053 comments

Thank you for the kind words :D Yes as you can see no deadline is set on any of my unreleased projects. I don't promise anything I can't keep, it's only I really want to release the gun mod before The Bunker is all. Both would hit harder with such timing.

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astroghost - - 50 comments

Sometimes **** happens and there's nothing you can do but move forward! Don't stress too much about moving back the demo release, especially if its because you're concerned about it working properly and not crashing. People will understand :)
Also the trailer for The Bunker looks PHENOMENAL. If the word Amnesia had not been involved I would have assumed that was a trailer for a cool new indie game. Everything about it looks so good, the light source, the new textures, the GUN, and whatever is happening with the pocket watch! Very excited to see whats coming.

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