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Episode two of the AMC TC - a standalone game based on Duke Nukem 3D. This release contains both Episodes one and two of the AMC TC, so if you've never played before all you need is this.

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After a period of peace during which the AMC Squad has been building its strength and numbers, dark forces begin to stir up trouble in the prosperous city of Hong Kong; wielding an army of shadow creatures such as those fought by Lo Wang. Later on, new and old enemies unite with the means and the capacity to wreak havok to the entire solar system. Do you have what it takes to stop them?

AMC TC EP2 Screenshots AMC TC EP2 Screenshots

Featuring new weapons, equipment, enemies, bosses, and a new playable character, Episode 2 brings a massive amount of content to the table. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

AMC TC EP2 Screenshots

The madmen behind the AMC TC Episode two are James Stanfield, Michael Crisp, Sangluss, Mikko Sandt, Cedric 'Zaxtor Znort' Lutes, Loke, and Snowfall (with certain maps using segments built by Highwire, DavoX, and Mike Von Skellington)

AMC TC Episode Two v1.0

Download is awaiting authorization on moddb's part, but after that it's ready for you to grab!


If you liked Episode 1 you will love Episode 2. Go get it!

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Downloading right now!!

Played part 1 but love to play it again because it is quit a while back and am really looking forward to play part 2 after it.
So, many thanks for this great new part.
Time to install old duke again, lol.


(will let you know ones i played it, what i think of it.)

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When I get my hands on my PC again I will be sure to download this and play the nights away!
Some high quality mod development here, truly unique and fun. So much replay value it's beautiful! :D
So very looking forward to the next chapter of the story!

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