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Supreme Mech Commander Alpha 1 version 0.302 released on 8/29/2015.

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Welcome to the Supreme Mech Commander v0.302!

This release contains 4 new units, bringing the mod unit count up to 24. The 4 new units consist of: The Striker Light Tank, Schrek PPC Carrier, Harasser Missile Platform, and the Condor Heavy Hover Tank. You'll also notice some bug fixes and an adjustment to unit movement that more closely aligns to BattleTech values.

Supreme Mech Commander Alpha1 v0.302 [Full]

Added units:


Schrek PPC Carrier. Primarily added to provide long range fire power at tech 1.


Harasser Missile Platform. Fast and cheap tech 1 hover tank. Excellent harasser and flanker.


Striker Light Tank. Early game tech 1 missile tank. Weapons are turret mounted making the Striker a great skirmisher and missile support unit.


Condor Heavy Hover Tank (Davion). Fast, well armored tech 1 hover tank. This tank excels at raiding duties and provides effective direct fire support.

Major bug fix:

The Partisan Heavy Tank had its targeting system reworked so now it can effectively engage air targets as well as grounds targets. It features a button that allows it to switch between the two modes.

-Air Targeting Mode-


-Ground Targeting Mode-


That's all for the highlights. The Mech and Vehicle movement speeds where also updated. Do let us know if you notice any bugs on our ModDB page.

Have fun with this build guys.



Very fun mod. Reminds me of MechCommander but on a large scale.

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Kamisama171 Author

Yup that's the goal.

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