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Absolute Chaos 2.0 has arrived. Get it while its hot- and make sure you install it correctly.

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Official Release!

UPDATE: 9/8/19: Be aware that this is merely the latest version playable on disc, and that it has been rendered obsolete by the newest STEAM workshop downloads. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to the STEAM version of the game, which has been optimized by Petroglyph and patched multiple times over the last two years. For this reason, STEAM is now the preferred platform for EaW/FoC, and the platform for which most premium quality mods are developed. You can learn more about the most recent versions of the mod, and the upcoming updates for it here.

UPDATE: 5/10/18: Rolling update. Install as a patch. Minor fixes and new content.

UPDATE: 5/8/18: Here is the 2.011 version of the mod which bundles together all previous patches and hotfixes into one upload. We recommend that everyone upgrade to this version, which includes all previous patches and some additional refinements and upgrades. If you already have version 2.0 and/or the 5/7 patch installed, it is recommended that you start over with a clean installation.

Absolute Chaos 2.0 has been officially released! Make sure you first install Absolute Corruption 2.4- it will not work with versions 1.08 or 1.09. Get Absolute Corruption 2.4 here.


Installation Process

Installation instructions are included in the download, but a few early players have reported trouble getting it to work properly. In order to correctly install this mod, you must first get Absolute Corruption 2.4 and install it in your mods folder. (It is strongly recommended that you keep a back up copy on hand in case something goes awry and you have to re-install.) You should then download Absolute Chaos 2.0 and extract it to some location on your CPU. Move the contents of Absolute Chaos 2.0 to where Absolute Corruption 2.4 is located. The files for Absolute Chaos 2.0 are in a folder called "ACM2.4" to make this process easier. When you merge the folders, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the contents of Absolute Corruption 2.4. You must say "yes" to all- if you do not overwrite the files from Absolute Corruption the mod will not work.

If you experience crashes right away when you load space battles, this is an infallible sign that you did not overwrite the models from Absolute Corruption 2.4. This happens to some users when they extract the files for Absolute Chaos directly to the ACM2.4 folder for Absolute Corruption because it adds the new content but does not overwrite the old. If you see the new splash screen, but you get crashes when battles load, this has happened to you. The solution is to re-install by extracting Absolute Chaos to your desktop, and then merging it with Absolute Corruption 2.4 using the drag and drop method. IF YOU ARE NOT ASKED TO OVERWRITE ANYTHING DURING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS, THEN CHANCES ARE GOOD YOU HAVE NOT INSTALLED CORRECTLY. IF YOU DO NOT OVERWRITE THE MODELS, THEN THE MOD WILL NOT WORK EVEN IF YOU MERGE THE FOLDERS CORRECTLY.

If you see a logfile error when you try to load the game, then go into ACM2.4 -> DATA -> XML and delete a file called "GRAPHICDETAILS.XML".

It is recommended that you delete the Maps folder from Absolute Corruption 2.4. (The original folder- NOT the .meg file) If you are a STEAM user, and you find that this causes issues, then restore the MAPS folder. This will increase load times and cause a few maps to no longer match their respective planets, but it will not break the game.



Even with extensive beta testing, bugs are a thing. At present there are no known game breaking issues with this mod, and almost all crashes and bug reports to date have been the result of bad installations. We fully expect minor bugs and issues to raise their ugly little heads, however- such is modding. You can leave bug reports here, but we strongly recommend you post them to the bug tracker channel on our Discord.


Future Plans

We intend to address and resolve any ongoing issues with the mod, and we to plan to release regular patches and updates. A version 2.1 is in the works and will feature additional game play features and mechanics that build off of the foundation we have set down in this release. Stay tuned!



This is what I call an early xmas!

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why cant i corrupt any planets at all

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