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Good news, 7 maps ready and counting, we are creating the part when kane or in this case bitterman xD enters the defensive station and cleans the sector of this entrance mounted on a tank.

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Quake 4 in Quake 2

Preview images:

Mcc landing point

Mcc landing point



The cannon


More images:

They sure remember these places from quake 4. :D






JohnnyTheWolf - - 1,078 comments


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✟Doon✟ - - 189 comments

I was so excited for this at first then I saw how basic the maps look.
Yeah, I know it's Quake 2 and the maps were always blocky, but these are REALLY lacking. Keep on it, try to define certain areas a little more. Really let us know what area is what.
And check out the expansion The Reckoning to reference rocky type maps. You could put stuff like that around instead of a flat boxy wall.
I have faith in this!

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SPY-maps - - 2,910 comments

Fully agree, i mapped with Quake2 and you can make really awesome detailed looking maps. Please use just more time and effort on your maps. Your title says it all;

"7 maps 100% done!"

Mapping is not about quantity but all about quality!
Running through empty boxed rooms is no fun at all!


here are my maps with Quake2;

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hexenstar - - 233 comments

More than agree with you. I mod for Hexen, which is significantly inferior technologically, - and i can attest that a lot of rather impressive things can be achieved even on that platform. I get pretty crazy with detail in my mods. My motto is: "imagination is much more important than technology". With Quake II a ton things is possible. You can built entire dystopian cities with anything from alchemy and witches - to cyborgs and laser cannons in it.
Ancient people built Machu Picchu with pretty much nothing.
Quake II is much more than nothing. You can built five Machu Picchu and then some :-)

Best of Luck!

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naryanrobinson - - 649 comments

I could probably play through the entire mod
and not know it was supposed to be Quake 4.

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ZerTerO - - 134 comments

So i don't see any difference on the preview images. But which maps are those on the left? XD

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IAmTheWalrus! - - 122 comments

What computer nowadays can't run Quake IV?

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DarkShift - - 192 comments

Yeah that’s what I was asking to myself :/
Q4 is now a 2005 VG, 15 years old. Even average third-world countries could find PCs to run it.

However, I really think there is something to be done with this Q4 in Q2, because Q4 for example was far less bloody and gibs than its predecessor, I was a bit/a lot disappointed by what Raven Software did with the game,
Even more when we remember they did Soldier of Fortune, the bloodiest FPS ever.

Also, Q4 has no official add-on/DLC but I suggest to add the mod Q4 False Dawn as an official sequel because it fills the gap / continuity between Q4 and Q2.

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hexenstar - - 233 comments

The best thing about Quake II - is the stylistics and gameplay. Neither was matched in nearly quarter of a century. Not even approached. Neither ID nor Raven could unravel the maze of time
and return to that glorious battleground of rusted metal, firepower and bleak dystopian killing machines. Instead, they brought us barbie dolls with colored sprinklers.
To take the skeleton of Q4 maps and restyle them after QII's fashion - that would be great. Otherwise, Q4 can quietly continue to rest in pieces.

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Guest - - 699,609 comments

Please add friendly Marines... And also the ability to spawn them

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OnyeNacho - - 1,346 comments

Who marked this comment as spam? You are right. If the modder is going to make a demake of Quake 4, he needs to add allied marines as well. The game had plenty of them.

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,132 comments

This sounds awesome!

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xvertigox - - 37 comments

Looking great! If you need any playtesting let me know :)

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TheMrBenpulido Author
TheMrBenpulido - - 135 comments

thanks ;)

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