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The second update since the Early Access launch is out: new advanced combat techniques available and the game engine has been ported to Unity 2017.3!

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The "Combat" update (0.62) is available: New combat techniques, better performances and stability, better compatibility and a bunch of corrected bugs! Let's go fighting!


- Combat Update / You can now perform 5 different combat techniques:

1 • Simple attack (Left Click)

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2 • Defense (hold Right Click)

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3 • Combo X3 Attack (Double Left Click & Energy Level greater than 50)

User Posted Image

4 • Push & Dodge (Right Click while in Defense)

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5 • Super Attack (Jump with Space, then Hit with Left click )

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- Game engine have been upgraded with the latest version of Unity(2017.3): Enjoy the graphics, compatibility and performances of the future! ( Last version of the game was Unity 5.6 )

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- More buildings and NPCs on generated World Map

- Your equipment can be destroyed if you use it too much or take too much damage

- Starting Mouse default sensitivity is now 100 units

- You can now search for items on human dead bodies ( usually up to 3 items )

- You can't search a body or get its loot if you destroy the corpse

- Human dead bodies throw an info message if you can search items in it

- If you kill more than one people, you become a murderer and royal guards attack you

- Your can break almost every furniture to get resources, and you can also use special attacks to break them

- You can use a Push & Dodge Special attack on your own Recruits to make them move. They won't attack you unless you perform any other attack type on them.

- You can't perform Push & Dodge attack on very small enemies ( rare )

A short example of the new combat gameplay:

User Posted Image


- Some particles couldn’t be displayed properly

- Enemy NPC was disappearing if its spawning position was far from the player

- Big Caverns lower floor is now opened and full of loot and danger

- Some OS X macintosh computers were unable to change controls at start

- Avatar couldn’t get properly in water if protecting in defense mode ( Right Click )

- Better general game engine compatibility and stability

Thanks for reading, and let's kill some droids with your new techniques!

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