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18 new gameplay & world creation options, a new custom gameplay mode and a very precise new combat system: The year 3571 will never be the same.

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Welcome to a brand new version of 3571 The Game. Players, I’ve heard you! Afters months of work on the core game engine let's discover an updated user-friendly combat system and these 2 new gameplay modes!

  • CUSTOM GAMEPLAY : 18 new game options in a brand new Custom Gameplay Mode: world size, difficulty level, more rare items... Create your own apocalypse and choose your style! You can even disable permanent death. Yes you can.
  • OFFICIAL GAMEPLAY : Of course, you can still try to beat the score of the Best Survivors in the Official Gameplay mode. Difficulty here is locked in hard but I've made a lot of gameplay balance improvements, thanks to player's feedback. Melee combat are now really challenging and fun. Impossible fights are a thing from the past. You'll always have a chance to survive now.

That’s why I’ve added a « Extreme Pioneers » Best Survivors tribute in the game credits to remember those who believed in the game when was harder than now, painful & impossible.

Let's go !


Welcome to the new customizable year 3571 parallel dimensions! You can choose to set the world like you want, explore every game possibilities, and find you own kind of fun. You cannot set a new highscore when playing in custom mode, but you can do everything else :

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  • No permadeath:

You can now load your last save if you don’t want to loose your nice game because of a stupid meteorite and a bad luck.

  • No random events:

Speaking of, you can now disable these meteorites, and also these stupid droids spaceship attacks. No more random disasters!

Be careful though, this also means additional NPCs will never spawn and the world population won’t renew itself when everyone will start to die ( I mean when the game starts )

  • Zombies every night:

if the game isn’t hard enough for you, you can add zombies spawning every night.

  • Starting Equipment:

Start your game with a really futuristic medieval equipment ( 1 helmet, 1 chest armor, 1 shield, 1 sword and some food )

  • Hostile humans:

Funny option! With this option you can’t recruit NPCs anymore. In fact they will all try to kill you. You won’t have no friends anymore.

  • More Rare Items:

Trees won’t spawn guns, but items you will find in buildings will have 50% greater chances to be rare items. Who said lightsaber? What? A legendary samurai sword? Wait, wait. A Must click option provided by 3571 Time Avatars services.

  • No droids:

Make these metallic annoying creatures herited from our time disappear from the year 3571.

  • No humans:

You always wanted to try a « Last Survivor on Earth against all calamities » scenario ? Now you can. Horses will be your only friends, if you can find a peach.

  • No monsters:

Tired of dragons, werewolves and other strange aliens with helmets? Now you can focus on killing droids. ( And mutant animals )

  • New world creation options:

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Big world, Small world and Medium world options have been added. Smaller maps means less space between NPCs and buildings, meaning lots of fights, and lots of fun.

  • New character options:

starting skills points levels Normal, Knight and God starting point options have been added. You can now start with the power to kill enemies. No, really.

  • New difficulty level options:

Hard, medium, easy difficulty level options have been added. Lower difficulty means : you need to eat and drink less, enemies are weaker, random events are less dangerous…

  • New density options :

Crowded, Medium and Sparse population density options have been added. You can choose how many friends ( and enemies ) you will have to kill.

Don’t worry if you like difficulty. The official gameplay mode is still alive! With good old permanent death! Start with a very weak avatar in a maximum-difficulty procedurally generated world and try to survive longer than the best players around the world.


Most players like high difficulty, but they noticed 2 problems: too much impossible combats, and a lack of fun during melee fights. I worked weeks on a new combat system and interface.

The combat gameplay have been deeply transformed and balanced : I wouldn’t say the game is really easier ( it’s an apocalypse after all ) but it will feel more glorious to die as you can now hit most enemies with chances to do consistant damage, and see your enemy’s health level when fighting.

  • Damage points processing have completely been reviewed, to allow the player to damage stronger enemies if he fights perfectly and if he’s also lucky.
  • New small windows allow you to see health level of NPCs in range of a melee attack

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  • New illustrated labels allow you to see when you perform special combat tricks ( parry, push attack, combo… )

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  • Your avatar will still start with very low stats, but you always have a chance to hit with damage when attacking an enemy ( minimum is 33% chances to succeed )
  • Minimum hit damage set to 1% of enemy’s maximum health when your hit succeed.
  • You have some chances each hit to make a critical hit, depending on your speed or intelligence level
  • Attack damage depends on your energy ( white bar ) level. 100% energy means 100% damage, and 0% energy means 50% damage
  • Fall damage now decrease according to the player’s resistance level and have been decreased ( 20% ) and jump height before being injured is a bit higher.
  • Energy level regenerates 5-10% faster, according to your resistance level
  • Hitting with a melee weapon uses 20-40% less energy, even when performing a triple attack combo or a jump hit. Damage level you can inflict decrease with your current energy level ( white bar ), so this is a very good new for smoother combats.
  • Now you can parry ranged attacks with your buckler but it will decrease its durability

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  • You can also parry ranged attacks by protecting yourself with your melee weapon but with limited chances of success based on your skills and shooter’s skills.

I’m really trying to find a very difficult, hazardous and challenging gameplay that would still be pleasant, interesting and fun. Tell me if you feel the difference ! And of course if you feel 3571 The Game have a good fun potential, please feel free to leave a comment, or even a Steam Review! This would be awesome.


Now you can jump directly into hell, without having to spawn in the 3571 Time Avatars Company’s comfortable and enemy-free « Reception Desk of Tutorial ».


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As the Official gameplay difficulty and mechanics have change for the best, I immortalized the first 3571 Best Survivors directly in the game credits for their bravery.

They were the first to believe in the game and they’re now part of it. I will reset the leaderboards score end 2018 for the official release of the version 1.0. You can still try to start with all your stats at 15 to feel what it was to play 3571 The Game in the first version. ( just imagine your weapons are doing absolutely no damage most of the time before days of constant fight and training )

( Oh, yes you can improve ( very slowly) your combat skills abilities when you hit trees, objects or rocks. During the 5 years of development I’ve hidden a lot of stats management secrets like this one :) )


  • World map ground texture generation have been improved: better design and more render layers with systematic normals and bump mapping
  • NPCs should all be able to launch correctly idle animation when reaching their home locations after a fight
  • When customizing your character’s appeareance, or when pausing the game, a symbol appears at screen to show if you play in either custom or official gameplay mode.
  • Loading time of both new and saved games have been reduced by 10-20%
  • In-game FPS rate have been increased by 5-10%
  • Low population rate and/or world size and Simple Water option activated can now drastically improve performances for low-end computers
  • Player character Force level increase the player’s melee attack faster by 5%
  • NPCs stop attacking the player when the player is dead
  • Human NPCs that were attacking you now still attack you after saving and loading your game
  • Bug corrected with water rings when a NPC is in coma
  • Game credits added
  • New illustrations and design for the main menu

This update will be available this week on Steam!

I also decided to start a new price promotion to launch this update, and to create a free demo this week: I still lack of player’s feedback about the current state of the game. Please share your maps, your bugs or your needs! Thanks for reading and see you soon in the future, I hope you’ll enjoy testing all these new options!

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