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10th article about our in development game, Entrudo.

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Hello, indieDB Community!

Welcome to the 10th article about our in development game, Entrudo.

If you want to find out more about our game, check out previous articles on our indieDB page.

Today, we're here to show you our PC concept art. It is not finished yet, but we're almost there :)!

In the early stages of our game we wanted our PC to be a villager of Aldeia da Pena, however after some brainstorming we've decided it would be interesting to turn our dear player into a clueless tourist visiting the village and just his luck, it was carnival.

Thumbnails and Sketches

First we started by doing some thumbnails and sketches having that idea in mind.

IMG 2124IMG 2126

IMG 2128IMG 2129

After talking with our art teachers about the initial character's sketches we've done, he said we should work more on different thumbnails to explore various possibilities, and that's exactly what we did. Here we have some examples of the sketches we've created.



After all of these sketches we've decided we wanted the player to be or a cool old dad travelling alone for the first time or a young boy spending the first years of his adulthood travelling around the world. So in the end we ended up with these sketches.


With the character's we liked more, we created a poll on our Instagram to see which one our target audience likes more.


The winner was the 2nd one so we started working more on that character.

First we fixed the character's proportions a bit and polished the "sketch".


And last but not least it was time to work on the 2nd outfit for our dear protagonist. He is going to have his regular clothes as we showed above and then he is going to have the costume to participate the Entrudo's race.

sketch6 1

sketch8 1

In the end, we created the following outfit that is the result of a combination of different elements of the outfits above.


Colour Studies

Then it was time to work on colour studies.

pc colour studies3

pc colour studies1

pc colour studies2

We chose the following colour variation for the 1st concept art for the protagonist, these are not the final colours.

pc colour studies4

Well, we reached the end of our 10th article!

Next article will be focused on the game's colour palette.

See you next week!

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