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One year on ModDB! Pop the champagne and play Vladimir Tostoff's Jazz History of the World on the Gramophone because it's a party.

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Cheers to 1 year on Moddb!

Gilgamesh as Gatsby, Cheering our Success

A year in numbers:

31 Watchers, 23,804 Total Visits, 324 Downloads of v0001, 15 commits on the BitBucket, countless compiles, 34 new members of the Discord, and a genuinely worrisome amount of coffee later.

A view of Traffic

Now, I know for most mods this is not a lot. But when your project is niche, and doesn't hold much appeal with the install base of the game you've chosen to mod, you hold all those who support you very near and dear.

Thank you to anyone who has left a comment, watched the mod on ModDB, watched a development video on YouTube, joined the Discord, or even just visited this page.

I appreciate all those who express joy in seeing the progress we've made together, those who say they are excited to see their favorite servants represented, anyone who has said they were interested in any of the bizarre, off-kilter or nonsense features I've thrown in testing the limits of the engine.

Colored Spotlights Rotating around a point IN WARBAND!

This is a passion project of mine, and being a lone developer, it’s easy to lose momentum. So just know that each watch, comment, like, post, and interaction with what I produces means a lot to me and they are what keeps me plugging in hours nightly on this small project.

What progress has been made since the last ModDB release (v0001)?

What's in store the next 365:

Hopefully, for those of you keeping an eye out, I hope I can have something as substantial as a v0002 out before the Anniversary of that initial v0001 demo.

Additionally, I hope to complete a rough Fuyuki open-world map (ala Explorer!) and maybe hash out the entirety of Storymode Chapter One before 10/20/22

In Summation:

Thank you, once again, to anyone who has read this far. If you feel ling helping me out but don't have the means to pitch in, a comment of support, or even just a like on a YouTube video, would do wonders. If you do have skills in 2D Art, 3D Art, Writing or one of the other Modder™ Art disciplines, join the Discord and shoot me a DM. I'd love to hear from you.


I'll certainly give a comment of support. What you're working on is awesome and its increidble that you're working on it alone. Not that I don't think it'd be great if a talented modder decided to give you a hand, you certainly deserve the the help. I hope you can remain passionate about this project and look forward to seeing how it grows. I wish you the very best!

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This is worth my first comment here after all these years. I can only agree with Darth_Cameroth and thank you for all the inspiration and help you give the community (and me :D).

Keep it up my friend.

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Whoupwhoup, the first year already passed so quickly. Lovely and inspiring work of yours, it's always fascinating me a bit. Keep going!

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