Experience Calradia like never before in an unprecedented 'open-world' style RPG with persistent troop names, unique factions, stunning visuals - and no overworld map.

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Explorer Alpha - Coming Soon


Good evening! I am pleased to announce that an Alpha version of Explorer is nearing completion. The mod has taken a lurching step towards resembling a fully realised product: It is still not there yet. But some good progress has been made!

If you're totally new to Explorer, you can read some of the past articles to get acquainted, or try the Demo version.

I also want to start by saying:

Thank you to everyone supporting Explorer! on Patreon

Everyone who is/was supporting Explorer! on Patreon - I can't thank you enough. The extra motivation of proving I'm not a grifter really does make a difference! Shoutouts to all of you!


Alpha Features

The Explorer Alpha is still rather barebones: But a lot of work has been done "under-the-hood", improving the original systems from the Demo, as well as re-implementing some features from Native, and laying the groundwork to add more content in the future. As such, this is not a changelog or an exhaustive list. These are just some of the "big" features that are new to the Alpha.


One of the staples of M&B: Sieges!

The actual battles still resemble the familiar Native sieges (for now), however there is a much greater "flow" of battle. Instead of both teams filtering into a meat grinder, extra ladders and options for attackers can force the defence back, bringing the fight through the streets and all the way back to the keep. Or skip the ladders entirely, and have your spies open the gates from within...


Siege Camps

The biggest change with Sieges so far is easily the Siege Camp:


When you besiege a castle or town, you will create a siege camp at your current location. From here, you can plan your attack, build siege equipment, and launch your assault on the walls - your camp is also where you and your reinforcements will spawn when attacking so it is important to choose the right place to set up your camp: Close enough for reinforcements to come quickly in the assault, but far enough to avoid the danger of defender sallies and archers on the walls.


After setting up your camp, you can plan your assault by talking to any of your companions. You can find your top companion, best engineer, and best tactician gathered in the player's tent, along with any other party leaders who are helping with the siege.

Village Raids

Players can now either extort goods through intimidation, or seize them by force by attacking a village. After a raid, players are given the options to either leave, loot the village, or to claim the village as a fief. Unlike Native, village ownership is not strictly tied with the nearest castle/town: As long as the player is prepared to defend it, a village can be captured independently.


Of course, a more popular option may be to simply loot and burn the village. But watch out! If any of the peasants from the initial raid managed to flee the scene, they will try to send reinforcements to stop you.

Looting also features throwable torches that start fires on contact with scene props - and can be used by both players and AI. (Though only in villages, for now.)


Bonus: Raven


Check the video above to see it in motion!

This was one of the crazier ideas so far, but I really like how it turned out. Press M to take control of a raven, and fly around using WASD+mouse direction. Despite being a little unorthodox, the raven can be very useful for orientation, scouting, and even issuing commands to troops. Since the raven requires no input to travel forward, it can also be used as a hands-free way to travel over long distances.

But beware! Enemies will still target and try to shoot down the raven. You also have to avoid flying into objects - that's just common sense, right?

And that's all for now! Thanks for reading folks! I actually have a couple more things I wanted to mention here... So maybe there will be a pt.2!

Release Date?



Explorer! Demo Version

Explorer! Demo Version

News 10 comments

Detailed feature list for the Explorer Demo release.

Demo Delays - and what to expect

Demo Delays - and what to expect

News 9 comments

New information about the demo release, updates on new features.

List of Current Features

List of Current Features

News 4 comments

Many of the new features already implemented in the mod

This Week In Mods: January 20 2019

This Week In Mods: January 20 2019


The biggest mod stories for the week of January 20 2019.

RSS Files
Explorer Demo

Explorer Demo

Demo 67 comments

Read the description for installation instructions!

Explorer Patch 2

Explorer Patch 2

Patch 7 comments

NOTE: You don't need the patch if you just downloaded the ExplorerDemo file - it's up to date! The latest patch for the Demo version: Compass, fixes...



Patch 20 comments

A small patch fixing some basic issues and crashes in the Demo

Comments  (0 - 10 of 366)

Absolutely fantastic job, dude. Congratulations.

Are you going to add this to the Steam Workshop eventually?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is it possible to find lords? I've been travelling quite a while and I've only found the following: Peasants, mercenary armies, caravans, and some faction patrols. Otherwise, this is a really awesome mod! I love it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

amazing what you're doing here! pure talent! i wish you good luck!

i asked few days ago on taleworlds forums if its going to be possible to ambush caravans during their travel. like seeing them from far and ordering your man to attack. and today i searched randomly for warband mods and found this one. and you have shown so many things i had question marks for if it was possible in bannerlord. well you gave me a solid answer obviously yes. xD

i seriously cant wait to see your talent on bannerlord :D!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

i am really waiting for this one bro. Hope we can play it soon this mod could be the best of all

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I like it ! It gives a realistic depth to the game.
But a Map, a and a way to move faster, like TAB in M&B, would be interesting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Okay tested the demo a bit and I enjoyed it quite a bit since it is very different from any other mod I have tried before.


Very nice landscape and sky textures. I love the random encounters.

I like that when you sell a weapon you at least get some decent amount of
coins from it.

The feeling of wandering is great:
You can see a city or castle in the distance and if you travel towards it you will get to a castle or city eventually. This is great for navigating.

You can set up a camp.


No quests in the town Thir (only town I discovered)

Every NPC will join you. No matter what! :D
Even town guards will join you lol.
This should be addressed.

I traveled north and came to the shoreline and wanted to traverse east along with it. But as I traveled east my next location was just in the middle of some forest and I had to go north again to get to the shoreline. But the shoreline looked the same. I know it will be maybe impossible to make each area similar to the actual world map, but this sort of kills the feeling that you are actually getting somewhere

I mostly encountered large caravans and army of troops.
Would be nice to find lonely travelers that you can rob. Or you see a fireplace in the distance where some guys are sitting at a camp talking / giving quests?

When NPC's walking to the edge of the area they are stuck there. Would be nice if they disappeared to the next area they were traveling

Wish there was some sort of tracking NPC's traveling from area to area so you could follow them (probably not possible?)

Transition from day to night were to sudden. Where is the dusk / dawn?
Suddenly the sky were just black with white clouds (maybe a bug?)

Some wishes for the future:

I know you plan to implement a Raven so you could fly around, but this kills the exploration / discovery part if you ask me. Keep it as real as possible.

Would be nice if there were some road signs so you could more easily find your way to the next city.
If you are going to make a map, make it immersive. No cheating arrow or something.
Make it so you have to navigate like you would in real (follow rivers, forests or towns)

Hope you will implement thirst / hunger so that you have to plan long travels.
Though make it realistic. I hate to have to eat or drink every 20 minutes.
A human only have to eat once a day as long as he gets enough calories and proteins and essential nutrients.

There are also some good mods out there that makes combat more realistic. Hope you will implement it.

The option of asking NPCs directions to other towns / places / people.

Asking an NPC where he is headed.

Maybe you could implement some features from Persistent World Mod?
There you can chop down trees, farm, and plus a lot of other things!
Would be cool so you could build your own farm / place.

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Ruthventwo Creator

Hey tommacool, thanks for all the feedback! I'll try to address some of your points...

As I think I mentioned, the demo has few features, and I cut a lot of corners. There are no quests of any sort at the moment, and yes, any NPC will join you in the demo - that is of course not the intended design for the finished game!

Rivers and shores still need some love - I should be able to at least bring back some randomisation so the scenes are no longer identical. Being able to follow along waterways is a feature I would really want, but no matter what, there will be some issues with it. I have to give all the landscapes a touch up, honestly - I made some major changes to the worldmap in one of the Demo patches that changed the way random scenes are generated a bit. At the very least, I will be able to have more convincing randomisation in water scenes. I'll probably give this a look in a later patch, honestly.

NPCs should fade out at the edges, I may have broken some scenes when I reduced the size - it's definitely fixed for the Alpha.
Similarly, if parties DO fade out, you can follow them to the next area - though it was a pretty lazy implementation in the demo. The whole way parties are created and encountered is being changed, don't worry.

Dawn/dusk - these are totally implemented and working. Probably you had HDR enabled, which I think is incompatible with some of the skyboxes. Sometimes there were texture loading issues with skyboxes, too - the Alpha uses an entirely different system, so no worries.

I might remove the Raven eventually, but for now it serves a couple purposes and is rather novel. :P It is entirely optional, so feel free not to use it.

Would I need roads to add road signs? ;) I've talked about this before somewhere - it's slightly possible to make roads, but they would only work okay unless I made a ton of them by hand. Instead you can ask party members/locals for directions, or send out scouts. Would be great to eventually link the towns to each other with roads, but for now it's too much work.

I think we agree on keeping travel slightly more active - I hate games that plaster a bunch of UI icons on the screen for every distant location/POI etc.

Not sure if I replied to your other comment on thirst/hunger: It will probably be similar to Native, in that you have to keep supplies in your inventory to boost morale. Actually eating/drinking would be done automatically. For now I don't really care about this stuff, the Alpha brings back food/trade goods and morale, but no morale penalties or anything. Starvation/thirst mechanics can be interesting, or also very annoying. I like the idea of needing to manage water/food (esp in harsh climates) and giving more incentive to camp for meals vs eating on the march... Honestly though I doubt I will ever get around to it.

"Make combat more realistic" - this could mean anything. What mods are you referring to?

I think I mentioned, NPCs will be more helpful and able to give directions etc. Much needed!

PW has cool mechanics that would be great for RP and could work well with gameplay: Sell prisoners to the mines, etc. But ultimately that stuff is tangential to gameplay - so I wouldn't hold your breath!

I like a lot of these suggestions, so I hope you don't feel shot down or anything. Just keep in mind, this mod is very early in its development, and I am working on it alone (though that may change soon.) I have to be a little cutthroat when it comes to prioritising features - but keep the ideas coming and we can dream together. ;)

Thanks again for all the great feedback.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thanks for reading my wall of text and addressing each point! cudos :D

I understand your choices too; One have to find a balance between fun and realism. I do hate most survival game because of tedious inventory management and having to eat and drink too much.
What I ment was like let say you need a bottle of water and some food in your inventory to travel long distances. Without it you will slowly lose health over time and maybe become tired (like they have in Viking Conquest mod)
I wish I knew something about coding or 3d animation so I could help :/

Here is the link to the realistic fighting mod:

And video showing it:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ruthventwo Creator

Ah right - the combat animations. My previous project Nysne had a bunch of combat animation variants, including those ones. I liked the variation a lot, and would/could have included it, but I was actually going to instead use different 'fighting styles' for different factions, and let the players learn new animations and swap between them at will.

If you feel like it, I'm pretty sure the combat animations are still in the Explorer files, so if you really want you could add them yourself. All you would have to do is copy the first part of the combat enhancement mod's animations.txt and paste it over the right entries in Explorer's animations.txt. As long as you dont touch anything after the 'musket' stuff it should work fine. But maybe its not worth the effort.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

i think you should add overworld map for navigation only just sayin

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Ruthventwo Creator

I would like to, but probably not the way you think ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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Boar hunting. Taking arrows in your back while fleeing for your life from steppe bandits. Nord incurisions in the deserts. Border clashes between sarranian city-states. 2 realtime hours spent riding from Bariyye to Ahmerrad orienting by the mountains on the khergit borders. So much for just a demo.

Sep 9 2018 by Erzya

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