Multiplayer mod Zxc by 291 ( for Half-Life 1 with free source code. Over 30 different weapons (including old), features and relatively high stability of the HLDS.

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1.33. [05.09.2010]

- third attack on 357: inferno capsule (python.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on 357: HE capsule (python.cpp, weapons.h)
- bug fixed: stuck in weapons/ammo (weapons.cpp)
- gauss cannon velocity depend by ammo charge, and has another fly effect (gauss.cpp)
- snarks improved balance (squeakgrenade.cpp)
- bug fixed: no more turrets reactions on the hornets (turret.cpp)
- "Nuke Bomb" message replaced on "Nuclear Missile", rebalanced damage and bugs fixed (gauss.cpp)
- improved Health/Armor chargers and limits (healthkit.cpp, h_battery.cpp)
- all instances of owner deleted when disconnected
- player spawn more safe (player.cpp)
- new console command: mp_allwep. Default 1.
- added visual effects to a lot objects.
- player ghost cant run on ground (player.cpp)
- any gibs deleted after few sec's (combat.cpp)
- in zoom mode for glock, launched fast grav-core with red trails. More damage and radius, needed 5 ammo.(hl_wpn_glock.cpp)
- flashlight turn off after dead event (player.cpp)
- turrets say [weapon type] messages while used. Added new attacks (total 9) (turret.cpp)
- more resistance by all shots with type DMG_BULLET, if have armor (player.cpp).
- rebalanced most weapons.


- fourth attack on RPG (rpg.cpp, hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on hornetgun: heal ray (hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- gauss magnet ray updated (gauss.cpp)
- crossbow 4th attack updated (crossbow.cpp)
- "DamageForce" changed from 5 to 3 (combat.cpp)

1.31 [3rd update].
- third attack on crossbow
- fourth attack on crossbow
- fourth attack on gauss
- improved weap. balance
- other little changes.


- new function: FourthAttack(). Any effect by pressed USE and ATTACK2 keys (weapons.cpp, weapons.h)
- fourth attack on crowbar: power hit
- fourth attack on glock: zoom
- fourth attack on handgrenates
- fourth attack on satchels
- fourth attack on egon: storm
- fourth attack on shotgun: cannon
- fourth attack on mp5: plasma
- new console command: mp_tank. Default 0.
- new console command: mp_teleport. Default 1.
- weapon balance improved
- optimized: weapon code, source code, net game.
- some bugs destroyed, but hlds can crash with sv_cheats 1 and mp_teamplay 1.
- cleared bad code in player part. [2nd upd] (client.cpp, player.cpp)
- second satchels updated and crowbars (models replaced) [2nd upd] (ggrenade.cpp, satchels.cpp, crowbar.cpp, weapons.cpp)


- third attack on tripmine: Ice-Friction, only heal crystal can return inital friction (tripmine.cpp, satchel.cpp)
- new console command: mp_python. Value 0 is disabled black rocket (game.cpp, python.cpp, game.h)
- new console command: mp_gauss. Value 0 is disabled gauss velocity (game.cpp, gauss.cpp, game.h)
- included maps 2houses.bsp and 2play.bsp for teamplay
- hot bugs destroyed.


- third attack on egon: Tesla (egon.cpp, weapons.h)
- egon cannon now bounce (egon.cpp, weapons.h)
- added new function: TeslaExplode(), is spread shock streams (combat.cpp, cbase.h)
- Added switcher (turrets.cpp)
- teamplay improved, info_player_coop - is second spawn point.
- improved weapon balance
- when sv_cheats 1, disabled : hornets and grav_grenades; turrets limit is 3
- some bugs from previous versions has been fixed.


- third attack on snarks: stomp. (squeakgrenade.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on RPG: dual missiles. (rpg.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_dmode. Default 0 (game.cpp, game.h, player.cpp, world.cpp)
- decrease damage x2 by yourself explosive (combat.cpp)
- when sv_cheats 1, available all weapons on start
- bad code cleanup
- include some maps
- other bug fixes, little changes.


- third attack on mp5: lazers with little zap. (mp5.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on hornetgun: freeze bomb. (hornetgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on hand grenades: smoke (handgrenade.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_crowbar. Value 0 is disabled rockets, multiply dmg x2. Default 1 (game.cpp, crowbar.cpp, game.h)
- set 5 turrets limit (turret.cpp, rpg.cpp)
- other bug fixes and changes.


- third attack on glock: gravity-shock bullets (hl_wpn_glock.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on crowbar: teleportation (crowbar.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on gauss: magnet-ray (gauss.cpp, weapons.h)
- new console command: mp_fragmonsters. Allow any values. Default 1 (game.cpp, combat.cpp, game.h)
- fixed: client-side animation disabled. (client.cpp & anothers with FEV_)
- secondary and reload attacks on mortars (func_tank.cpp)
- optimized shotgun clusters (shotgun.cpp)
- other little changes.


- Sentry cant stuck in floor and walls (rpg.cpp)
- Nuke has more direct damage *10 (gauss.cpp)
- added new weapon: analog rocket-crowbar from RC (crowbar.cpp)
- increase freeze from 1.25 to 2.25 (hornetgun.cpp)
- allow to freeze anybody monsters (combat.cpp)
- new function: ThirdAttack(). Any effect by pressed USE and ATTACK1 keys (weapons.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on shotgun (shotgun.cpp, weapons.h)
- third attack on satchels (invisibility) (satchel.cpp, player.cpp, weapons.h)
- fixed crowbar animation
- many other changes and release.

- inital publication.

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ZXC Mod 1.36 Final

ZXC Mod 1.36 Final

Full Version 1 comment

ZXC Mod 1.36 Final version (unreleased, from zxc albanian mod main server) including needed sprites, models sounds, etc. and the source code (now fixed...

Large collection of Russian cars for mappers

Large collection of Russian cars for mappers

Models Pack 9 comments

Большой сборник Русских автомобилей для Мапперов

zxc Mod v1.34

zxc Mod v1.34

Full Version 2 comments

This is the most recent version of the zxc mod. Unfortunately the official mod website is gone. So there's no opportunity to get the needed client files...

zxc-mod 1.33

zxc-mod 1.33

Full Version 1 comment

Latest version at 10.10.2010. Released: 09.05.2010 Changelog - third attack on 357: inferno capsule (python.cpp, weapons.h) - fourth attack on 357: HE...


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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


How did this incomplete mod pop up on Moddb o_O
Missing Sprites

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THIS IS SOURCE.NOT GOLDsource.Add it to HL:Source mods.

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The crowbar was just changed. Don't just assume something like that!

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You're wrong.
It's a goldsource mod!

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there are like tones of missing sprites...

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