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As a tribute to all those amazing HL mods out there, I'll post a list naming the best ones, which have turned out to be the Top 25 (on our Retro-LAN-Parties organized by me over the past years):

  • Action Half-Life - Directors Cut RC2
  • Boxwar 3.0 Beta
  • BuzzyBots v2.3d
  • Cold Ice - Beta 2.5
  • Counter-Strike - Beta 7.1
  • Day of Defeat v1.3
  • Desert Crisis v1.5c
  • Flowers Mod v2.6 - Custom Build
  • Front Line Force v1.9
  • Gangsta Wars - Beta 2.7
  • Goldeneye - Beta 1.9c
  • Gunman Chronicles - Mod Version
  • Half-Life - Runner - Version Beta 2.1
  • Half-Life - Weapon Edition v1.5.0.7
  • MechMod - Alpha 1.0
  • Opposing Force Redux v1.1
  • Ragnarok Arena - Beta 3
  • Rats-Mod v2.2
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Half-Life - Beta 1.0
  • Snow War v2.1
  • Surprise! Mod - Beta 0.4
  • Sven Co-op v4.8
  • The Wastes - RC 1.4
  • Train Hunters - Beta 2.1
  • X-Half-Life Deathmatch v3.0.3.6 release 20130113.1
gecko_ - - 9 comments


You asked me for a copy of The Inquisition about 3 years ago, I haven't logged in for an awful long time. You can find a few different versions here, but the game never got very far at all so it has no custom models the maps were never finished, tested or full compiled. I apologize in advance, but it wasn't ever playable but feel free to download.

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modpromotion - - 22 comments

standalone community Edition made by fans of the game ; you Need only this

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max-damage Creator
max-damage - - 257 comments

I've downloaded the Total Installer from there but unfortunately it doesn't work either on (offline) LAN :(

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peterlongx1988 - - 3 comments

Dear Max
HLDM:PRO (mod for half life 1) give me this error

"can't use keys or values with a"

This is problematic because I use bunnyhop.
I try to delete, replace etc.. but nothing change.

Can you help me please to config correctly?

I'm try use different version, steam and no steam but something is wrong.

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max-damage Creator
max-damage - - 257 comments

Hi Peter,

please excuse my late reply.
If I remember correctly this mod was for a very old version of Steam/Non-Steam HL.
It's probably doesn't work with recent HL versions anymore.

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sixcentgeorge - - 298 comments

have you ever played my mod :
i will update it when opposing force linux will be released [and no still in beta]

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max-damage Creator
max-damage - - 257 comments

Thanks for your comment.
I'll give it a try at our next LAN party for sure :)

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