This is a full resource port of PS2 Half-Life to PC. No ifs, ands or buts. This mod has an aim to be as close to the original as possible (even ugly 8-bit dithered skyboxes are included). This mod is also powered by custom DLL with such new entities as: "item_healthcharger", "item_recharge", "item_eyescanner", "item_generic", "env_warpball", "trigger_playerfreeze", "trigger_random", "env_warpball" and Blue Shift entities (vest, helmet, Rosenberg; useful for PS2 mods development). [Credits] Half-Life: Valve; PS2 Half-Life port: Gearbox; PS2 to PC port by supadupaplex. [Used tools] DLL was assembled and compiled in "Visual Studio Community" by MS; Code for Blue Shift entities was borrowed from here: ""; Maps were ported with Triang3l's "BS2PC"; Other resources were ported with my "PS2 HL tools"; Other tools: GIMP, MSPaint, Kratisto's mdldec, Blender, HL SDK, HxD.

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This is an initial release of my PS2 to PC Half-Life port. All resources were ported directly from PS2 Half-Life disc. This mod also features custom DLL that includes all crucial PS2HL entities.

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This is an initial release of my PS2 to PC Half-Life port.

All resources such as maps, models, sounds, music, sprites, decals, and skyboxes were ported directly from PS2 Half-Life.

This mod also features custom DLL that includes all crucial PS2HL entities:

  • "item_healthcharger"
  • "item_recharge"
  • "item_eyescanner"
  • "item_generic"
  • "env_warpball"
  • "trigger_playerfreeze"
  • "trigger_random"

DLL demonstration:


If you are unaware of PS2 Half-Life, there are some of its main features in comparison to PC version:

  • Redesigned maps:

t0a0 c1a4k

c1a4k c2a2c

  • Redesigned NPC models:

models1 t0a0a0000

  • New appearance of chargers and scanners:

c1a3a 0000 scan

  • Modified HUD:

hud_mode cross_lock


A bunch of enhancements is included with mod in separate folder such as:

  1. Graphics enhancements (for GoldSource and Xash) - PS2 hires G-Man model - PC skyboxes, weapon models (from HDMP), and sprites
  2. Xash3D only enhancements - map textures in original PS2 size - original c2a2b1, c2a3c, c2a3e maps - PS2 Uplink


You can download the mod here:

Yet another PS2 Half-Life port (v1.0)

As far as I tested, it works in GoldSource (WON and Steam) and Xash3D. Installation details are in the ReadMe.txt file.

Multiplayer (head-to-head) maps are included so it is possible to play them on LAN.

PS2 Uplink is also included as part of Xash3D enhancements.

Known flaws


  • Some stability issues: after a long one sitting playthroughs it can randomly cash
  • Cars crashed by gargantua are surrounded by debug "fireflies", can't figure out how to disable it

Engine specific


  • Gargantua car crash animations are glitchy
  • Music. WON: it refuses to play music from HDD at all. Steam: music playback stops after next map loading or when player is frozen
  • PS2 Uplink is bugged

Xash3D - General

  • It is important to use the latest version. Otherwise, you can experience some problems.

Xash3D v0.49/0.99 (build 4260)

  • Some sounds and dialogs are missing\broken (because at the moment Xash3D can't play sounds tied to model animations)
  • Player can stuck in moving platforms

Old Xash3D v0.48/0.98 (build 3598)

  • Crash on "c2a3e" map
  • Random looping train sounds
  • Some beams are missing
  • Broken model lighting
  • Player can stuck in moving platforms

Additional info

Changes made to the original PS2 resources:

  • Some leftover CR references were showing up in Xash3D so I nulled them out in "titles.txt"
  • Hazard Course was edited to fit more to PC version: long jump speech was replaced with PC one, "lock on" course was excluded
  • Some models were recompiled to exclude LOD submeshes
  • Some models were recompiled to have double-sided surfaces
  • Some water textures looked too bright so I replaced them with PC equivalents
  • There are 3 maps that caused problems in GoldSource and were replaced with PC ones: c2a2b1, c2a3c, c2a3e
  • PS2 Nihilanth model was buggy, so I replaced it with PC model
  • To ensure compatibility with GoldSoruce map textures were linearly rescaled to proper PC sizes (but if you play with Xash3D I recommend to use original textures coming with “Xash3D enhancements”)

Will this mod allow for Vortigaunt mode?

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supadupaplex Author

Alien mode is not present yet in this mod.

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Is it planned though?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
supadupaplex Author

Maybe in the future updates.

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This is great, I hope the bugs can be ironed out.

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amazing! ever since i used those updated health stations on PS2, i wanted to have that on PC

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Hey man, love your mod! Just wanted to let you know that I managed to fix not being able to move around on the opening tram by using these files ( from an older attempt at bringing PS2 Half-Life to PC.

Really looking forward to seeing this mod progress!

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supadupaplex Author

This is not a bug, it was intended by the developers to be like that. I actually spent quite a while to figure out how PS2 implementation of "trigger_playerfreeze" works and you just disabled it :(

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Oh damn, sorry! I figured this was what "Player can stuck in moving platforms" under the Xash section of the ReadMe was referring to. I'm glad it's functioning as intended!

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supadupaplex Author

OK, I can understand now why you were confused. By "Player can stuck in moving platforms" I referred to jumping sections on "Residue processing" and "Apprehension" (section where you jump on crushers, right before the freezer) chapters. Sometimes it was impossible to move after landing on these platforms or they could even cause instant death. So I thought that this fact should be reflected in ReadMe.

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Do you think it'd be possible to set a custom scaling size for the hud so it isn't super tiny on 1080p resolutions?
Also do you plan to port the ps2 version's menu?

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supadupaplex Author

It would require a lot of work to upscale everything. It is easy to upscale only crosshairs, flashlight and HUD_mode icons.
I don't have plans on modding menus.

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hillionliat Online

Oh man thank you that you started to port this amazing remaster on pc you are a legend man

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