The Xenoforce Reborn mod takes the classic Xenoforce mod from CNC Generals and re-invisions it on the CNC3 engine with new units and new designs. The new armies that are currently scheduled to be in the mod are the Earth Federation, ZEON, the Invid, and the Earth Robotech Defense Force. We also have heavily modified the original CNC3 armies, giving the GDI, NOD, and Scrin a much more dynamic gameplay experience. This mod is NOT FOR PROFIT and NON-commercial based.

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GDI Ion Barrier attempt 1
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so in a way its like acts like a gate? sweet, graphical wise might be a little messy, if you can make it a little more transparent it might be able to work perfectly

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reminds me of a firestorm wall, can i have the codes you used to make this?

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azuza001 Author

Yea, I'm trying to recreate the firestorm wall in a sense, or at least a reasonable clone of it. Once I get the graphics set up to the point where I think its serviceable then I can work on fine-tuning its use and how it works.

Once I do get it up and running I would be more than willing to share the code. I tell you this much, its mostly a "show" type deal as it it looks big and impressive but really the code is just a modified mixture of Object Creation List / Fire weapon when dead / Spawn X if killed by Y / and the land mine code. It would be easier to do if I simply was setting it up to cover an entire base like a large wall but I'm simply trying to get it to work in a specific direction, IE the front or forward deployment of the wall once the defense is deployed.

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So here's a pic of the current design of the Ion Barrier system. The point of this system is you place a single defense down and then 500 ft in front of that location this builds up. It has 3 anti-infantry heavy defensive turrets and this large barrier system. This is an energy barrier that allows ally units to pass through with no problems but enemy units will have to destroy the barrier, either through attacking the barrier points or by enemy vehicles trying to drive through it (yes, you can plow through the barriers!). However if you do plow through the unit that does will take a massive Ion blast which more than likely destroy all but the toughest units. This will cause the barrier to go down at the point of impact for 30 seconds until it can come back up online.

Now this barrier does take quite a lot of power to run, at the moment its set at 3 non-upgraded power plants required to run. If you use a lot of these barriers it will be a huge power drain.

Let me know what you think about the look.

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