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The WTF mod is an extremely unrealistic but fun mod. It changes the Projectiles of the weapons to fire something that would not ever happen in real life. Vehicles are a lot faster, their Mgs fire rockets, the tanks main gun is auto, and the gravity is reduced. The WTF mod is a mod for those who want to have some fun with explosives! All weapons have changed/modded projectiles no recoil, and more. If you are one of those people looking for realism, this is not a mod for you.
The Name WTF is not intended to insult anyone in any way, it refers to the reaction of my friends when they first played the mod.
Here is are some of the changes:
-Support weapons more accurate
-Accurate, bodies/destroyed vehicles stay for 1 min 30 sec
-The M24 can now fire full auto without zooming out
-Snipers have WAY more claymores
-Claymores have a longer range
-Knife has a long range and fires faster, but it does not look like it does
-Jeep/light jeeps weight increased to help vehicle handeling
-COOP games do not need one more player to be able to capture CPs and so on
-Resupplies/Healing made faster and have a much BIGGER resupplt/Heal radius
-Supply crates have radius of the whole map
-APC TOWs have larger blast radius
-All MGs on all tanks fire un-guided TOWs.
-All shotguns fire 25 GL rounds
-Medic pack can heal all friendlies on map
-Grenades blast radius increased
-Soldiers have more health, light soldier 200%, heavy soldier 275% more health
-APCs ROF, damage, and radius increased
-Tanks recoil removed
-All weapons are a bit more accurate
-All guns have a burst that fires all of their ammo, but shotguns don't for preformance issues
-C4's damage increased, blast radius still big. (it takes 5 pieces of C4 to kill people, this is compencated for by carrying more C4)
-APC gunners fire rockets
-Radio blocker removed, can now say as many things as wanted with out being stopped
-Soldiers move/run faster
-Silenced pistols fire flash-bangs
-Intro movies removed
-Can fire while jumping
-Reduced time it take to stand/go prone
-can jump MUCH higher
-Artillery fires more shots every barage
-Artillery fires faster
-Artillery blast radius/Hit points increased
-AK-47 with GP25 does more damage
-Can place up to 50 AT mines at a time
-AT mine can be thrown farther
-Supply crate harder to destroy
-Rench has a longer range (about 50 feet)
-Vehicles handeling increased
-Alowed to exit parachute in mid-air
-Vodnik accelerates faster
-Shotguns velosity reduced
-Claymores can stick on walls
-RIB is faster
-APC recoil removed
-All scopped weapons have dobble zoom
-Increased gravity for infantry so the parachute can be used better
-No recoil on handheld weapons
-Removed deveation add when fire/move
-500LB bombs have large blast radius
-non-slient pistols fire explosive barrels
-AT rocket blast radius reduced
-Chinese shotgun fires faster
-All sniper rifles are full auto

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WTF Mod Update


Hey everyone,

And welcome to another WTF mod update. I’m sorry that it’s been so long since the last one, but I took a break from modding and now I’m back with the development of V4.0 of the WTF mod. Most of what I’ve been doing is tweaking to make the weapons cause less lag and/or be more balanced.

There are a few changes that I thought that I would mention in particular. First off, my personal favorite, is the artillery now fires a tactical nuke, yep you read that right, a nuke. There are 2 other weapons that I’ll bunch together with the nuke, the Desert Eagle and a grappling hook added to all kits. Every one of those 3 new items are thanks to SatNav from Allied Intent at the Battlefield Singleplayer Forums

To some more humorous changes are as follows:

The names of the teams have been changed to:
USMC = BAoT or “Bush’s Army of Terror
MEC = AIC or Anti-Infidel Corps
PLA = PKPF or P-King’s Pork Force
These names are not intended to be insulating, raciest, or rude in any way to anyone, they are intended to be a joke.

Some minor changes to the in-game HUD, which I will not go into full detail about.

I also want to rename the kits, but as of yet I have not managed to think up any really good names for them. So I’m going to ask that if you have an idea for the new name of a kit, please post it here, and you may see it in the next release of the WTF mod! (I’ll probably post a news update about which ones I used.) Oh, yes, and please post any new ideas for the mod as well, seeing as I’m running low on them. ;)

I have added a gun to the Anti-Tank [or insert your kit name here ;) ] that spawns tanks.
In addition to this, I have also added the beneli M4 to all kits. It is not really intended for use in combat (but your welcome to try) as it has enough recoil to send you flying across the map.

As for ThaRigDog’s offer to make some skins for the mod, and in general, help it get along “Hey all, I'm helping GenRommel with WTF Mod. I'm gonna help him mod the weapons and MAYBE skin weapons, vehicles, statics, etc...” he has just resolved to try to make some skins, so we'll see what comes of that.
Now for some screenies for you all, along with a short video here: Click here!

Screenshots: Click here!

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WTF Mod V4 Nuke em' Beta 4.0

WTF Mod V4 Nuke em' Beta 4.0

Full Version

An update to the WTF Mod. Now includes SatNav's "Nuke Mod", among other additions. See full details for the complete list.

WTF mod 4.0 Beta

WTF mod 4.0 Beta

Vehicle Skin

This mod modifies weapon and vehicle characteristics to reduce realism.

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PLA (chinese) = PKPF or P-King’s Pork Force
and you say "These names are not intended to be insulating, raciest, or rude in any way to anyone, they are intended to be a joke." but you ARE DEFINITELY RACIST.

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the reason the mod crashes is because ur copying the maps from bf2 witch basically means ur making a shortcut so really its not the real map now if u open 2 windows on maps for the mod and the other from bf2 u can maybe drag them across to the mod lvls folder but it mite erase the maps on bf2 so really the creator has to make the maps thats y

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u need to get the shaders folder this has happened to me but i hate to say it but u have to reinstall bf2 then install the mod agian srry did the same with me and thats the only way i could fix it sooo srry

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ok heres 1 thing i can say on y it crashes cause it did it with my mod every time. ok acculy 2 but oh well. ok its ether because the mod has the bug that dont let u load the maps correclty and it crashes or its because the mod just is a fail and needs to be redone

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i put the maps on i press multi/singleplayer it dosnt work

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does it crash

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ummm. ya, exactly how do you "point to the right directory?" be nice to know

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GenRommel Creator

For all you who say that the mod crashes when you click singleplayer, make sure that the shortcut is pointing to the right directory. f it's not, fix it and that should take care of the problem.

no, the mod does not come with the maps, seeing as they are already on you comp I saw no reason for you to DL them. Just copy them from your BF2 levels folder to the WTF mod levels folder.

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By tangerine734 | Thu 22nd Mar, 2007 @ 9:42:52pm
does this work for single player?


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GenRommel Creator

Ch!rurg ,

see if this helps. If not, do you have patch 1.41? If not, DL it.

for everyone that has trouble starting a game:

The least common reason for this is not having the patch. The most common reason is that the shortcut is not pointing exactly to the right location. This is the default location of the mod that the shortcut should be pointing at:

Target: "C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +modPath mods/WTF_mod_V3.0 +fullscreen 1 leave the ""
Start in: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\" again, leave the ""

If you installed the game on a different hard drive, mod the "target" and "start in" to fit where you put the game.

Hope that helps.

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