Wrath of the Norsemen: 2017 New Release [INFO & ANNOUNCEMENT]

Today, Horsa on TWC and i are excited to officially announce the future of Wrath of the Norsemen!

WotN has been developed by countless people over numerous years, and all that hard work has finally culminated into a large European campaign, rather than simply focusing on a smaller area.

Now we will reveal all the information you could need.

876 - 1050 AD
The start date has been moved forward, to further represent the height of the Viking age, giving you control over some of the most famous rulers of the time. (For example, the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok, and Alfred the Great)


This is the expanse that the map covers...
To the south, it goes as far as Venice...
To the north, as far as the tip of Scandinavia...
To the west, as far as Greenland...
And to the east, as far as the White Sea...


Viking Culture

Leader: Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, son of Ragnar Lodbrok is king of this land, a land almost united. While his brothers rule land overseas, Sigurd maintains control of Denmark, and seeks to expands its borders. Attacking the Geats seems an obvious move, as they are frail, and will soon surrender to Svitjods authority. Francia is also preoccupied with it's many surrounding enemies.

Leader: Gautrekr.

At present, Gautland’s greatest concern is building itself into a powerful enough force to handle a large scale Swedish invasion. Lacking the already substantial military force of the Norwegian and Danish Kings, the Geats make use of many fast moving, yet poorly armed troops & skirmishers. However, the Geats must also rally a more substantial force quickly, lest they wish for their lands to become game for their foes.

Leader: Harald Fairhair.

Harald Fairhair, is a renowned warrior and viking king. He has managed to unite most of Norway after his victory at Hafrsfjord, swallowing up many of this lands petty kingdoms under his rulership.

The Danes are the greatest threat at hand, and are already aware of their new potential rival. Your eastern neighbours, the Geats, are primitive forest folk, but could quickly pose a threat if united with their Swedish rivals, which seems likely to happen very soon. A united Svitjod, combined of both Svitjod, the recently conquered Gutland and Geatland could pose a very real threat.

Leader: Rorik of Dorestad.

Arriving on the Frisian shore in the 840's, the Danish princes Rorik and Harald, with their cousin Godfrid, became entangled in Carolingian politics. The Norsemen sided with Lothair I, against his father Louis the Pious, and were awarded with Frisia as fief and tax-land.

Increasingly the former marauders find themselves employed to secure land against their own kind. While able fighters, are these Norsemen adept in the matters of court intrigue or will they be swallowed up by the cloak and dagger of Carolingian politics?

Leader: Guthrum.

With East Anglia now under rule of Guthrum, and Northumbria under the control of Halfdan Ragnarsson, the Great Heathen Army owns almost half of the country. Mercia is slowly being swallowed up, keeping control of the west of its kingdom only due to the support of Wessex, while its east mainly belongs to the Danelaw. The north of Northumbria has rebelled against Halfdans rule, essentially giving him control only of what was once the kingdom of Deira, while Bernicia is now under the control of Ecgberht II who titles himself "King of Northumbria". To make matters worse, Alfred of Wessex is looking to drive out the Danes and expand the reach of his kingdom, so war with the West Saxons is almost certain.

Leader: Bjorn Ironside.

Bjorn Ironside, A powerful Viking chieftain and naval commander who has survived countless battles and was about to go raiding both in Frankia, the British Isles and in the Mediterranean Sea as far away as the lands of Italy and those of the Saracens, he is now in control of what was once the original tribe of Ragnar Lothbrokk, Svitjod - or the swedish Northmen and vikings - as one can also call them, are his people - and it would seem he has many choices to make. Will he chose to recounquer Denmark from his brother Sigurd? Will he instead focus on the smaller tribe of Gautland conquering the Geats? Will he move his forces north to Sami and Tavastian lands, east to Slavic lands or west to saxons and Franks? It's not certain which route Bjorn will choose - but one thing is certain and that is the fact that there are many possibilities for the vikings of Switjod to raid!

Leader: Ivar the Boneless.

Under rule of Ivar, the possible son of Ragnar Lodbrok, these people are now independent from the kings the Norway. From their capital of Dublin, they are slowly expanding their territories in Ireland. Some of the Irish kingdoms have submitted, or allied themselves with the "Foreign Gaels", while others, such as Muma, firmly oppose them. Outside of Ireland, the "Foreign Gaels", or Østmenn as they sometimes call themselves, have taken control of the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, and the Orkney islands, using their seafaring talents.

However, not all is bright for the Uí Ímair, as the once warring tribes in Scotland are now united under one banner. The Gall-Ghàidheil must fight a war on two fronts, as well as a possible impending invasion from the newly rising king in Norway, Harald Fairhair, whose enemies have recently fled to the safety of the Gall-Ghàidheil land. Ivar would begin a dynasty known as the Uí Ímair, which would start off the rise of the Kingdom of the Isles, who would occupy these territories until the middle of the thirteenth century.

Leader: Rollo.

The Normans have only recently arrived in Francia. Under leadership of Rollo, they made their capital Rouen only last year. These Vikings originated from Norway, and sailed south to modern day Normandy in search of new lands and wealth. The word Norman translates into Northmen.

For now, your position in Normandy is uncertain. With only a small area of land under your domain, and a limited number of troops, your Frankish enemies have an Empire to throw at you. Keeping control of your newly claimed land, while carving out more of a kingdom will be a difficult task. Perhaps you should look to other Viking raiders for potential alliances? The Vikings in Frisia, or the Danelaw across the Whale Road could serve as useful allies against the Franks, or perhaps even Denmark itself may send reinforcements to your aid.

Baltic/Finnish Culture

Leader: Galdiks.

An obvious start to grow in power would be to use the wealth gained in trade to expand the armies, conquer the other Balts, and establish a larger presence in the Baltic sea, but none of this will be easy, and that will mean a bitter war against the Prussians who are beginning to grow into a dangerous rival. The path of the Kursi is an uncertain one... Little is known about the Curonian rulers, so the leader of this faction is completely fictional, using a historical name from this time.

Leader: Valtaitjs.

The Prussians, in many ways are not a united people. Its many small tribes squabble amongst each other, but the Sambians are the richest and most powerful of them all. The rise in power of the Sambians, along with the threat of attack from larger foreign peoples, and Viking raids along the coastlines have created a more settled and united Prussian people, but they are still far from a joint union. Your first step should be to use the Sambians wealth to create an army capable of uniting the other Prussian tribes under your banner.

The Scalvians, Nadruvians, Natangians, Bartians, Pomesanians, Pogesanians, Galindians, Warmians, Sasnans and Lubavians must all recognise your authority over Prussia. Once this is done, your vision could become even greater, perhaps uniting all Baltic people under your kingship. This step would mean an all out war with Kursi however, and the Curonians are not to be underestimated... Something that even the Vikings had to learn.

Leader: Uljas.

In war the Tavastians preferred the lighter and less expensive approach of leather armors and tunics, light round shields, and an extreme lack of any iron pieces of arms or armor. Häme will be a true test of your strength, can you fight off and conquer the Finns? Can you repel the Viking raids? Can you lead Tavastia to victory against the Karelians? Little is known about the Tavastian rulers, so the leader of this faction is completely fictional, using a historical name from this time.

Leader: Snærr.

Kvenland is a cold and harsh place, a land of snow and ice far from the reaches of European civilization, these people have plenty of room to expand their reach, but only in lands where survival is difficult, and wealth near impossible.

First mentioned in Ottar's writings to Alfred the Great, king of Wessex in 890 the writings indicate that the Kvens are a people seperate to the other tribes around them. It is hard to know if the Kvens originate from the Finns, Sami or Norse, but it appears they had connection with all three of these people groups.


Leader: Hüvättü.

The Karelians main trade is in furs, and other goods obtained through hunting. If they want to improve their trade and wealth, they must look to expand their borders. Surrounded by squabbling tribes, the Karelians have an opportunity to grow. Beware of the Tavastians to your west, and the even greater threat of the Rus' to your south.

Little is known about any leaders of the Karelians at this time, so the ruler of this faction is completely fictional, using as accurate a name was possible.

Slavic Culture

The Rus', Varagians, fathers of Russia, they began as Viking invaders, who formed a great nation, mixing with the native Slavic population, led by the legendary Rurik.

Leader: Siemowit.

The Polanes are a Slavic tribe that inhabited what is now modern day Poland, along with the Pomeranians, Masovians, Silesians, Vistulans and other tribes.

The Polanes are now under leadership of Siemowit, the son of Piast the Wheelwright, founder of the Piast dynasty which would soon lead the kingdom of Poland. In recent years the Polanes have managed to unite several other Polish tribes under their rule, leaving only the Pomeranians and Goplans to conquer. However, while the Polanes have united many of the tribes, many others such as the Silesians have been incorporated into Great Moravia. As your lands grow, tension could soon stir with Great Moravia, and that is a war the Polanes are unlikely to win right now without powerful allies at their side. For the Polanes, it seems most sensible to look to the north, conquer the Pomeranians, and then expand eastwards.

Velká Morava
Leader: Svätopluk.

Tangled up in European politics Moravia was invaded by king Louis "the German" of East Frankia, which installed Mojmirs nephew Rastislav on the throne. The reign of Grand Duke Rastislav saw the coming of Cyril and Methodius, the creation of the first Slavic script and wast progress on the cultural level. This period also saw Moravia constantly on the side of opposition in Frankish politics. The situation culminated in 870 when Rastislav was seized by the Franks, assisted by his nephew Svätopluk of Nitra.

Grand Duke Svätopluk himself was arrested in 871, but restored following a revolt led by his kinsman Slavomir, The Grand Duke must now decide whether to follow the path of his predecessors or align himself with his German neighbour.

Celtic Culture

Leader: Causantín.

Causantín, the son of Kenneth MacAlpin now rules this land, and his kingdom is threatened by the rise of Norse who have already taken control of the outer Hebrides and Orkney islands, lands that should rightfully belong to Alba. Scotland is a land that is essentially still birthing, and it is surrounded by enemies, even Northumbria if it is allowed to regain its strength will look to take back long distributed lands in the south of Alba, and Vikings are arriving on all sides of the country every year. If one thing can be said for certain, it is that Alba is about to be bathed in blood, an invasion is likely to come sooner rather than later, the question is are the people of Alba prepared? Make your alliances, build your armies, fortify your settlements, and watch the coastlines... This soil aches for death once again.

Leader: Dúnchad.

The Eóganachta inner circle has held Mumhain since the 7th century. Ruling from the rock of Cashel where Conall Cork mac Luigthig established himself after he married Aimend, the daughter of king Óengus Bolg. Yet a series of weak kings has seen the borders of Mumhain shrink, its influence slowly grinding away. It is long since the Eóganachta held High Kingship of Ireland. Lately, under the able rule of king Cerball mac Dúnlainge, Osraige has broken free.

Alas times has changed and now furious foreigners has arrived on the shores. They kill with impunity and burn what they can not carry with them, leaving destitution and ashes in their wake. The Irish are accustomed to prolonged tribal conflicts and the occasional cattle-raid, but this wanton destruction is hard to fathom. The heathen withdraw to fortified camps on islands and river estuaries and more ships arrive each year. Perhaps there is a rational reason behind this seemingly errant violence after all. If so, can it be tamed and used for ones own gains or rooted out before one is overwhelmed?

Leader: Rhodri the Great.

In the last years of the empire, Britains western shores were plagued by savage raiders from across the Irish sea. The emperor Magnus Maximus, before he took his legions to the continent, sought to set things in order for protection of the isle. Thus he invited Cunedda ap Edern and the Votadini, as they were of Breton stock, to settle in Wales and rid the shores of Irish marauders. These Manaw slaughtered the Irish and Cunedda became known as Wledig - Landholder. Cunedda had nine sons and divided the land among them.

The fortunes of the Welsh kingdoms have waxed and waned as constant in-fighting has depleted the population, leaving the land open for raiders once again. Yet, out of the rubble has risen again Gwynedd, under the able command of Rhodri. Through conquest and dubious claims of inheritance he has attached the kingdoms of Powys, Seisyllwg and Maelinydd to his own. While not Rex Britannorum in the full sense of the word, Rhodri is the de facto ruler of half of Wales and his authority can be felt far beyond the borders of Gwynedd.

Germanic Culture

Leader: Alfred the Great.

At his capital of Winchester, Alfred has only recently taken the throne of Wessex, after the death of his three brothers. This man was never meant to be king, he was after all, the fifth and youngest son of King Æthelwulf, but with the Viking encroachment into West Saxon territories, war has taken them all. Not all is bleak though! The unexpected king has proven to be a brilliant one, having already won a significant victory at the battle of Ashdown, and securing peace for the past few years.

Leader: Ecgberht II.

Northumbria is a land fighting to maintain its independence. This kingdom began as a unification of the kingdoms of Bernicia to the north, and Deira to the south.

The recent turning point for this once great kingdom was its rebellion against the Danes only a few years ago, killing off Ecgberht and placing a new king called Ricsige on the throne, who would rule over all Northumbria until Halfdan Ragnarsson came north to retake Deira, the southern portion of Northumbria. Now only having control of Bernicia, it is said that Ricsige died of a broken heart. Recently the throne has been given to Ecgberht II, who unlike the first Ecgherht has control over Bernicia independently from the Vikings to the south.

West Francia (Western Frankish Empire)
Leader: Charles the Bald.

The western division of the Frankish Empire, led by Charles the Bald. This kingdom would become known as France in time.

East Francia (Eastern Frankish Empire)
Leader: Carlomann.

The eastern part of the empire, under rule of Carlomann, would eventually become the Holy Roman Empire.

Byzantine Culture

Imperium Romanorum
The Byzantines, a remnant of the Roman Empire, were very fond of their Varagian mercenaries. Byzantium controls holdings in Venice and Crimea on the map. Maybe the Roman Empire will be able to turn the decline around and reconquer the lost western territories from the Franks? Even going as far as the Rex Britannorum? - Currently though, the situation is very grim - and invasions may come from both the Magyars and the Rus to the east.

The Empire only has three regions, and the rest of the country is busy fighting the Sassanian Empire off the map. So it will only have limited troops and a very limited economy - but it's troops are the best available.

Map: 95%
Rosters: 90%
Coding: 80%
Research: 98%
Other: 90%

A special thanks to The Last Kingdom, Baltic: Total War, and all the other mods, and members of WotN who have made this possible.

There is always work to be done! If you are willing to get your hands dirty, then get in contact with a member of WotN!

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2021-07-19 - JOIN MY TWITCH on this link where I'll be streaming campaigns from now on:


The future plans of Wrath of the Norsemen: Grand Campaign. I talk about my plans and what's left before the first release can be released.

The first part out of two explaining the future plans of WotN: Grand Campaign. Mod crashed when clicking the symbols and i couldn't add the file to the Movie Maker program cause of it getting corrupted. Therefore i had no choice but to upload two parts instead of one combined part.

The second and longer part of the WotN: Grand Campaign WIP Info videos. I will go through the plans i have for this project and what remains to be done before the first release as far as i am conserned.

I will go back to check all 198 settlements in this mod that the right music plays at every settlement, then change the names of some settlements, then upgrade some settlements to towns/large towns and cities - and after that i will need to replace the Gwynedd and Roman rosters.

Gwynedd is currently using the TLK roster, but i want them to use the Romano-British from Absinthia. And the Romans are using the Danube Limes roster, but i want them to use the Main Campaign Thematic one instead.

- Then i also need to implement new units for saxons replacing the TLK roster, new units for Alba replacing some of their TLK units and then Gall'Gaidhell will get a new roster based on War of the Wests "Kingdom of the Isles".

- After all that i would still need to implement all the scripts from WotN and apply them to all the ten new factions as well, and then after that we have the custom settlements left.

- I probably want to include strat-map models also for roman cities and british isles cities - and new unique agents for most factions.

After all that i believe a release might not be that far away.

I will also need to balance the new factions, as some are overpowered.

- I will compare Romans with Franks, Saxons with Franks, Irish/Gall'Gaidhaill with Vikings, Alba with Vikings and Kvänland and Gwynedd with Franks (elites) and Kvänland (basics/medium).

Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release Beta 3.2!

Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release Beta 3.2!


Wrath of the Norsemen Beta 3.2! - Fixed 2018-02/10: Fixed all the custom settlements that were not spawning, Also added correct rebels to all the regions...

Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release: Beta 3.0!

Wrath of the Norsemen: The Baltic: Release: Beta 3.0!

News 1 comment

A new version of WotN: The Baltic - now with every issue fixed, with the music-mod re-added but heavily cut and edited compared to last year - and finally...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 75)

Very nice mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It's a pity that this project has been abandoned, I hope someone will come back to it someday

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

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will there be religon or culter for the conversion?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator

I failed to get this mod stable. So no point in continuing work on it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Quick q for name research. Could you please clarify why you've used the modern Danish "Danelagen" to refer to the Danelaw, which has only recorded reference in Old English texts? If you're going for authentic spellings surely you should be going for "Denalagu" (Clark-Hall)?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

Not my work, i'd guess Horsa didn't know about the Norse-name - "Denalagu" could be easily added.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hail Mr_Nygren,

With all the candor, when will this mod be released? Any time soon? Thank you very much.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

Unfortunately, mods don't have release-dates most of the time - they are released when they are finished.

I don't know because i am currently not working on this mod. Main issue is the fact it will crash all the time on the strat-map after turn 40 or something, even though playable when restarted for maybe five turns but then another crash. It is a shame.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It is indeed a shame. I was so galvanized to play this mod. It looked really promissing and innovative. Well, what do you intend to do now? What about "The Great Conflicts"? Same issue or identical? Thanks for the patience.
Oh! By the way, nice update for TLK and congratulations for "The mod of the year 2018 award". However, I have a question. Tell me, why don't the berserkers and the other similar unit have the "can go berserk" attribute? Thanks once again.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mr_Nygren Creator

"The Great Conflicts"

I am not a member of their team. I am awaiting their mod as i were planing to use units from there after the release for the East of Rome: Main Campaign.

They have said most will be free-to-use after the release. So i am waiting like everyone else for TGC to release. I do have a 2017 version of the mod due to a leak - but i won't use anything from it until the release has happened.

Last i read their leader Anthonius had som personal issues to take care off.

I didn't win a Mod of the Year-award. Warcraft: Total War made the top-100 mods 2018, so i uploaded a pic to try and get more people to vote on the mod. I am not aware we won - but it made the top 100.

The berserk-attribute only works for cavalry in Medieval 2.

Edit: I am currently working on a submod for Hyrule Total War, on the Republic of China 1924 English Edition and helping out with Total War: 1942 for Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion.

Out of those three i had been working much on Hyrule for a couple of weeks up until dec 24 - since then i've been working on Total War: 1942 as i am soon ready to playtest the campaign in a personal version.

Dagovax, and Saloth-Sar - the creators of that specific mod and all the new assets in it - have been working a lot on it. I've been giving the minor factions placeholder armies in order for the mod to be playable in the campaign. Just awaiting the recent version to port my work over to it.

- Then before this week has ended i might have a Third Reich let's play/campaign up running.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

East of Rome is another great mod, I will install it soon. I saw a video of the mod, but the main faction (and the main reason that I will install it) the Byzantine Empire was (at least in the video that I saw, it shows the campaign map and everything) very incomplete. I saw another video of yours where you showed the updated maurekian roman army. Is the mod complete now?
Oh! I see. Well, in that case, I just hope they do not give up on the mod, and still perservere to finish it. Good luck for them. Looking forward.
About the award, I really thought that TLK had won, after all, it is, undoubtedly, a formidable mod. But no matter, it is a most glorious achievement to figure in top 100.
About the berserk attribute, I had no idea that it only worked for cavalry, as a matter of fact, I thought that it was like Rome:Total War. However, certainly it makes the cavalry even more deadly that already is. Ahahah!
Very well, keep up the good work. There was a mod, wich if I am not mistaken, was made by the same creators of Republic of China 1924, that had a very asiatic name, but I unfortunately, can´t remember the name, they had the mod here in Mod Db, but then they removed it. It was passed in the 1400's in the asia continent it had the Timurid Empire and several other factions. Do you, perhaps, know the name of the mod that I'm refering to and how to obtain it? Thanks.
Oh! Another thing. Maybe you can help me, you see, I installed in December a mod for Rome:Total War called "Hannibal ad Portas". And the mod is marvelous. However, while in the battlefield, when I am deploying my units, there are no colurfull (I think yellow) markers, which as you might guess, makes the deployment and the management of the units very difficult. Do you know how to solve this strange issue? At least strange to me, since it is the first time it happened. Thank you once again Mr_Nygren and don't quit on this mod. Is has a lot of potential. I'll be waiting. See you. Best regards.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

East of Rome:

There is a beta released with only the "Danube Limes" smaller territory available on the map. You can play as five different factions in it. It has been released since spring of 2014 and the creator is Deutschland and his team.

I did improve on it with bug-fixing and i did add some unused units to the Roman Maurekian roster. But i did very little on it to be honest.

Then we have the East of Rome: Main Campaign with a full European map, and East of Rome: End of Antiquity - with another big European map.

All three mods are included as separate campaigns in the main campaign beta 0.9. I have been working quite a bit on it restoring the outdated rosters for most factions (using Rome: Total War models ported to med2) and the few great quality rosters (Romans of the later eras after the Maurekian era and the Persians/Sassanids). While the beta 0.9 has the same Danube Limes Campaign that is already available as stand-alone, it also has an almost completed Main Campaign - but the team lost most of the units for the armies. So that is why i need The Great Conflicts to fill those rosters with suitable units. You see TGC has the perfect units for many of these islamic rosters, african rosters etc. And i cannot use them before TGC has been released to the public. Besides the needed units the mod has some issues with bugs that would need to be solved as well.

The End of Antiquity-campaign is the most unfinished campaign. It only has a map with two factions (Romans and Sassanids) and it would need everything else made for it - such as implementing the other factions, units, scripts, features, goals, strat-models, family members and everything. It wouldn't be impossible if we have all the models made.

The Main Campaign has all the work on the campaign done. I just need models for the battles and to fix said issues. As i do have an early version from 2017 of TGC i could probably start porting units at any time - but it would be bad if i did all that work and TGC wasn't released - then i have done it and still can't release. So i choose to wait.

TLK: WotN were released with a huge update in decembre of 2017 - 8 days after the first voting phase vere completed. It missed out on the mod of the year-competition. This year it didn't have a big enough update. And the problem is that even if it did it is hard to get people to vote on a mod - others have huge Youtube channels where they have many thousands of viewers. So they have an easier time getting many to vote. You can have the best mod and still not win - because in the end if you fail to get people to vote on it it still won't win.

Game of Thrones: Enhanced had 30k downloads - it didn't make top 100. Had those 30k voted maybe it would have..

Nah, the berserk-ability sucks - i had it for horses in TLK and you couldn't click on the horse. It would just get itself killed. It could be a good attribute for giants in some mods though.

Unfortunately i don't know about any of those mods.

As for Wrath of the Norsemen: Grand Campaign i might do what i planed to do in the videos that i posted. But i won't be able to promise a stable mod. The only way to make it stable is to probably spend some months with a map-only version and implement everything onto it from scratch. We did port the map to the baltic release-version and it became unstable when doing so. I guess in order for it to be perfectly stable we need to add everything in from scratch to a version using only the map.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I installed the East of Rome. Well... I crashes a lot. And some units do not even have banners which makes management difficult(at least for me). However, I know that there is some bug fixer called EDU. Tell me, where can I obtain it? I searched through Total War Center on the Bug Thread Forum but in vain. Another question, when (in a distant future) the TGC is ready, in the final version (with End of Antiquity and the main campaign) all the bugs will be rectified and fixed (at least the previous ones?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

I told you the released version is just the beta "East of Rome: Danube Limes". It is a minor part of the main mod and released as a stand-alone mod here on this site.

It shouldn't crash a lot, but it did have some silver surfer issues and it can crash in battles i recall. Not sure about the banners as i haven't played it in awhile.

The EDU isn't a bug-fixer. It is a text-file where i fixed a lot of errors. It is already included unfortunately. So any issues you have is either based on the installation - or it is because of other issues that are still not solved.

I can never promise that all bugs in a Med2 mod will be solved. In some mods they won't be because it is to hard to know the solution.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes. I guess you're right. I don't think that it crashes due to the intallation, perhaps there are still some issues, which is normal. Well then, thank you for all your help so far. Good luck wityh the Wrath of the Norsemen:Grand Campaign. I hope you suceed. See you there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

I tried it and it plays fine up to the year 888 when it decides to CTD - then after that you can continue to play by re-loading but it will crash every five turn. I am gonna test stuff to try and solve it. Even removing traits and such and see if that helps.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oh I see. Very well then. I hope it make it stable. Good luck. Oh by the way, I already installed the East of Rome. Should I have awaited?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

Thanks. No, the beta is released for players to play it. The main mod isn't available.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Yes, I know that. However I never fully understood the point of a beta release mod. Afterall, Why would anyone want to play something that still has some bugs, crashes and other issues? Which is normal to have all those priblems, since it's not yet ready. I say this to all beta version mods, not only to East of Rome. But now, let's focus on the important thing: which is to wait for the bloody release of The Great Conflicts mod...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mr_Nygren Creator

The point is that the developers may not have intended on finishing the full mod - and wanted something released. They did loose most of their units. And as such they released a minor version with only a handful of factions.

Stability might never be fully achieved in a mod. These are modifications made by players - if you've spent months or years on something you're gonna want to release a beta despite it having bugs or not being final.

This isn't paid work unless you'd get donations.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, fair enough. I acknowledge that. Sometimes I wonder what does motivate and drive mod creators to create mods. They are not paid, so I guess it must be the really the devotion, the zeal and the passion for modding and, obviously, for playing. Don't you agree Mr_Nygren? I mean you are a modder yourself aren't you?

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Mr_Nygren Creator

"They are not paid, so I guess it must be the really the devotion, the zeal and the passion for modding and, obviously, for playing."

We want to play the finished product ourselves - and as noone else is creating it we take it upon ourselves to create or finish mods.

What is the main driving force is our will to play it ourselves.

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Indeed it is. I am going to be honest with you, I am an ignorant concerning mods creation. As a matter of fact, I am only a simple player. But I recognize the work and effort that are invested in creating any mod. Also, being a lover of history, I appreciate the historical rigour that some mods (actually the majority of them) presents. That is trully remarkable!

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