MC2X - Readme Sep 2021 MC2X (R52)

wolfman-MC2X is for non-commercial enterprise only!
This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.
Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.
Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully. If you do not agree, don't use wolfman-MC2X in any ways.
wolfman-MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based on the source code released by Microsoft and covered under the shared license agreement. Several additional tools and viewer are provided to allow easy mission design.
This package contains five example missions for your testing pleasure.
wolfman-MC2X includes:
- wolfman's extended MC2X Mission Editor (content and feature revision 52)
- wolfman's extended MC2X Gaming Core (content and feature revision 52)
- Poison's "MechSwapper" tool (revision 2.5.2) to exchange units in existing missions
- Jussi's "MC2 Warrior Brain Tool" to easily allocate or create warrior brain files
- the re-distributable of important library files
- MC2X WIPE (to easily eliminate all *.lst,*txm, and thumb.db files and arm folders)
- the maps "Metropolitan" , "RedRock Outpost", "Paradise Defense”, "City Assault", "Stormbreaker”s Mudhole",
“Corona Crisis” and “Operation Delta’
- MC2X SkyViewer folder
- MC2X TerrainOverlay Viewer folder
- MC2X RandomMaps Viewer folder
- MC2X AmbientTune folder
- MC2X TerrainDetail Viewer folder
- MC2X OverlayMask Viewer folder
- MC2X OverlayMaskShape Viewer folder
- MC2X Water Viewer folder
- MC2X WaterDetail Viewer folder
Thank you and credits to (in alphabetic order):
Aetrion, Battlemaster, Dege, Karl, Magic, Marceror, Paul, Raven IIC, Rollin, Starman01, Tyberius44 and VossieWulf
The features and the inventory available in MC2X are to some extent the collection of the work of the people mentioned above. They deserve the credit for their outstanding work and my greatest thanks for being able to feature their results in MC2X.
After almost 15 years of collecting inventory and features and improving I stopped to continue an anyhow incomplete list of who deserves credit for which features or object.
Magic has by far provided the most inventory and MC2-insights over several years.
wolfman-MC2X is neither a total conversion nor a revolutionary approach to change MC2; it is intended to be an
evolutionary improvement over time. This is a stand-alone installation; do not mix with any other MC2 installations or
expansion packs.
wolfman-MC2X is based on the released MC2 source code; the source code release did not contain multiplayer
gaming functionality nor embedded video capability.
Therefore wolfman-MC2X does not support multiplayer gaming nor in game videos.
Because of the missing video capability of the released source code, wolfman-MC2X does not contain
the CARVER V campaign and is not fully compatible to missions or campaigns designed under and for wolfman-x !
wolfman-MC2X is not compatible to any other MC2 mod or campaigns/missions designed under other
development environments. Never mix with files from other authors.
wolfman-MC2X and its tools require:
- win XP SP3 or better: Win Vista, Win7 Ultimate (32bit and 64 bit), win 8.1Pro (64bit) work just fine.
- win10 users may install the included dgVoodoo files developed by Dege.
- visit : for more infos and support regarding dgVoodoo
- DirectX 9 or better
- DOT NET Framework 4.0 or better
- Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (Visual Studio 2005)
- Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (Visual Studio 2012)
* The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of
Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++
on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed.
These runtime files are part of the wolfman-MC2X installer package and will be offered
for selection towards the end of the installation; select to install if you have not done before.
* Install wolfman-MC2X into a clean directory!
* Edit the mc2s.ini file to link WarriorBrainTool to your specific file folders
* System will select best possible resolution automatically and go full-screen-mode.
* Implemented Resolutions:
1280by720, 1280by800, 1280by1024, 1366by768, 1440by900, 1600by900,
1600by1200, 1680by1050, 1856by1392, 1920by1080, 1920by1200, 2048by1536,
All selection that fit on your screen can be selected manually as well and used in window-mode
* You may create desktop shortcuts for the following folders
* Set these Viewer folders to thumbnail presentation mode
Uninstall Impact:
- Use the wolfman-MC2X Uninstaller
- The uninstaller deletes all files that came with the installation.
- Any mission data files that came from independent installations or any savegame files are not impacted.
Please send me an e-mail and let me know, if you feel that I did not give the credit deserved by somebody.
Let me know if you find something that should not be included in the wolfman-MC2X package.
I will review and make or eliminate objects from the package.
Read as well:
MC2X WarriorBrains.pdf
MC2X Advanced Scripting Options.pdf
MC2X MechSwapper Documentation.pdf
MC2X Terrain Overlay.pdf
MC2X Terrain Overlay X.pdf
wolfman-MC2X is for non-commercial enterprise only!
This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.
Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.
Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully. If you do not agree, don't use wolfman-MC2X in any ways.

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Low Haze Setting

Feature 1 comment

I personally never liked the strong haze as I rather enjoy a clear and crisp view into the distance.
Since MC2X(R45) the haze can now be reduced to 10% of the original setting (almost eliminated). I made code changes and the Gaming Options Menu allows you now to set Low Haze.

Gaming Options Low Haze

Enjoy this unique feature only available in MC2X.

Compare Standard Haze setting (top screenshot) with Low Haze setting (bottom screenshot)

Haze Compare

Unit Type Selection for Purchasing

Unit Type Selection for Purchasing

Feature 1 comment

As in MC2X over 200 units from 8 types can be purchased and deployed I implemented Unit Type Selection Option to jump directly to the desired type without...

MC2X (R45) Support Options

MC2X (R45) Support Options

Feature 1 comment

The support options had been extended in MC2X compared to the original MC2 since a long time. For (R45) the Support Options have been revised and further...

MC2X Game options Overview

MC2X Game options Overview

Feature 3 comments

Here is an overview with explanations on all game options implemented in MC2X (R45.

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Full Version 2 comments

New 12 Mission Campaign REAP embedded into latest Gaming Environment MC2X(R52)



Full Version 93 comments

MC2X-CVE-G is a “Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of MC2X featuring the 24 mission campaign “CARVER V” originally released as MC2 by Microsoft. Now...

MC2X (R52

MC2X (R52

Full Version 3 comments

Latest Release of the Design Package and all design tools containing improvements and bug fixes.

Click_Pilot_Expansion for MC2X(R46)

Click_Pilot_Expansion for MC2X(R46)


This patch adds the pilot "Click" and updates MC2X(R46) to (R47). Do not install on top of any other mod! Do only install on top of MC2X(R46)!



Full Version 5 comments

Have some fun during quarantine at home you can try to succeed in this mission and learn all about the unique features and options in MC2X(R44).

MC2X (R46)

MC2X (R46)

Full Version 4 comments

MechCommander 2X (MC2X) (R46) Complete Design Package.

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wolfman-x Creator

I will release my next campaign "REAP" mid of October.
It is finished and tested and packaged. I just game through the freshly installed last version for a final time.

It became clear to me, that gamers need to be familiar with my support options and weapons to be successful. If you just start the campaign and try to game old MC2 style; you will fail miserably.
Most missions required thoughtful use of shields and support options like the specialist and drones. Specifically the Specialist with his ability to freeze units or to totally destroy them is important to understand.

If you are not familiar with it give yourself a crash course/training using the test missions in MC2X (R52) Design Package that was already released some time ago.

Without the support options you can not succeed and that is what I intended.

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wolfman-x Creator

Who can design some MC2 inventory for me?

In the past magic did a lot of inventory design for MC2X and his MCO. I told him what I needed and he created it and we both use it in our mods. For example the vehicle repair bay or the big spheroid dropship that can move over the map are two great results of such requests. We cooperated on multiple layers for over a decade still following our own mod concepts. Magic took a break from MC2 modding now almost a year ago and it is unclear when or if at all he will come back to it. His interest to support me on MC2 has stopped as well but we are in good contact.

I am looking for two vehicle models without turrets that can be integrated into MC2X. There are a handful of MCO fans out there that are capable to provide such things. If you are interested in willing and capable to work on it; let me know.

I am looking for a landing hover and infantry transport vehicle.

The models need to be simple like existing vehicle models. Thank you.

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wolfman-x Creator

Finally I decided to create a new campaign based on the current quite stable looking version (R48).

Centerstage will be a Private Military Contractor with name "REAP" that will offer all types of projects (missions) with very different requirements and in different environments. Thus campaign name is "REAP".

The projects will be rather difficult and unusual and not be connected.

There will not be any overarching story or a noble cause in that campaign.

It will be about the skills to be a successful Mercenary in these difficult missions.

If nothing unexpected happens and I do not have to make fixes to the gaming system, the work on this campaign will take throughout 2021 as I am envisioning 12 projects for that campaign.

I created already prototypes (concept-missions) for two project ideas and started to translate them into real campaign missions.

I will post updates as there is anything worth it.


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wolfman-x Creator

Little Update: 8 missions conceptually finished, designed and tested.
Need total revision of all texts objectives and details.
Working on mission concept #9 and want to change source code as well to integrate a troop transporter that can pickup, transport and deploy infantry units (potential pilots for captured units) like the transport vtol can do. Not as simple to integrate because troop transporter is not a mech type object in the code; need to write the code for groundvehicle object. Version number is already up to (R49). Reap Campaign will have 12 missions as originally planned.

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wolfman-x Creator

Now all 12 missions have a map and a mission concept and are tested a few times. Detail work has begun and I required some new features in the code Thus I am at R50 right now.

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wolfman-x Creator

Campaign REAP almost finished. One mission needs more work. Implemented some fixes and changes to the gaming system on my way. I am at MC2x(R52) now. I think campaign should be out by mid October 2021.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this stand-alone conversion is excellent! i have been playing the latest version of MC2 Omnitech for the last 2 years and didn't come around to testing your build (knowing full well it did exist). i can see how there is a lot of *Magic* in there ;D.

the re-work of the support drop system is especially nice and finally feels useful. also the optimization on the display of far away LODs is awesome, it's something Omnitech is definitely lacking.

some small gripes: the mission screen not being in the respective aspect ratio is rather hard on the eyes, the loadout-screen seems really "cramped". Omnitech is a bit nicer in that regard. also menus in the loadout screen cannot be scrolled through?

edit; some of the sound samples seem awfully off compared to the original samples. is there a specific reason why those were changed to custom sounds?

again: outstanding effort and dedication keeping this running for as long as you have, too. :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

"The mission screen not being in the respective aspect ratio is rather hard on the eyes."

Please explain; I did not get your point yet. Thank you!

Menus in the loadout screen cannot be scrolled through.
This is a clear thing to fix and a good catch. I never realized that myself. Mouse-Scrolling is not possible anywhere right now. Bad!
Could not identify the root cause yet but it is on my list now and I will find and fix over time. Thank you.

The other points are taken and responded to before.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

I fixed the scrolling issue. All selections can now handle mouse-scroll. Will be released in MC2X(R48)
Thank you again for making me aware of it.
It was not in the original game but Magic added it to MCO in 2011.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

excellent! :D

didn't mean to annoy you with the menu layout.
i can explain in even greater detail if you wish. ^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

Please do. I am not annoyed Any constructive feedback has a core of truth and I like to understand before I allocate my time or not.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

I decided not to change the screen resolutions beyond the map you game on. I just did not give it any priority and I wanted to keep the original touch and feel of the game.
I added several sounds for various new features and I know some are not fitting well. It is the best I could do for now. My motivation to record all the sounds differently and create new sound files is very low. I would rather like to create a new campaign but currently struggle to dedicate my time to this. Thx for your feedback.
When I work on MC2X I have most fun designing new features or options that are not available elsewhere.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

as much as i agree with keeping the original tone of the game, the usage of the "screen estate" before the mission was poor back then, imho. it's not so much the resolution but more how the screen is utilized.

i too was thinking of creating a new campaign but more along the lines of re-vamping the available campaigns for omnitech and maybe condense the shorter ones into a big one which seemed rather do-able without engine level changes to the code.

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Latest tweets from @mc2wolfman

Revised version of MC2X-CVE-G (Gaming Only CARVER V Edition) embedded in MC2X (R45) released. Fixed most known issues of prior version.

Jun 11 2020

New unique feature in MC2X.

Mar 25 2019

Mother's Clan Campaign ( R05) embedded into MC2X(R41) released. Gaming Only Package !

Dec 15 2018 via @moddb

Oct 30 2018

More time to implement new features in gaming system required. It will be released once it is up to the quality level I want it to be.

Oct 23 2018

Campaign revision is finishes. Need to fix some issues with MC2X (R41) prior to release. may take another month.

Sep 29 2018

The revised "Mother's Clan' campaign will be packaged with MC2X (R41) and released end of September.

Sep 3 2018

Working on a total overhaul of Mother's Clan campaign.

May 28 2018

New MC2X Missions Design Package (R40) released. This includes all features ,updates and fixes up to January 20th,2018.

Jan 21 2018

New features in MC2X(R40) to deploy 5 marines during mission and capture enemy units.

Jan 12 2018