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wolfman-MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based on the source code released by Microsoft and covered under the shared license agreement. Several additional tools and viewer are provided to allow easy mission design.

wolfman-MC2X includes:

- wolfman's extended MC2X Mission Editor

- wolfman's extended MC2X Gaming Core

- wolfman's extended MC2X Viewer (Encyclopedia)

- Poison's "MechSwapper" tool to exchange units in existing missions

- Jussi's "MC2 Warrior Brain Tool" to easily allocate or create warrior brain files

- the re-distributable of important library files

- MC2xClean (to easily eliminate all *.lst,*txm, and thumb.db files and arm folders)

- the maps "Metropolitan" , "RedRock Outpost", "Paradise Defense", "City Assault", "Stormbreaker's Mudhole" and "Operation Delta"

- MC2X SkyViewer Folder

- MC2X TerrainOverlay Viewer Folder

- MC2X RandomMaps Viewer Folder

- MC2X AmbientTune Folder

- MC2X TerrainDetail Viewer Folder

- MC2X OverlayMask ViewerFolder

- MC2X OverlayMaskShape Viewer Folder

- MC2X Water Viewer Folder

-MC2X WaterDetail Viewer Folder

Thank you and credits to (in alphabetic order):

Aetrion, Battlemaster, Karl, Magic, Marceror, Paul, Rollin, Starman01, Raven IIC, VossieWulf

The features and the inventory available in MC2X are to some extent the collection of the work of the people mentioned above. They deserve the credit for their outstanding work and my greatest thanks for being able to feature their results in MC2X.

After almost 14 years of collecting inventory and features and improving I stopped to continue an anyhow incomplete list of who deserves credit for which features or object.

Magic has by far provided the most inventory and MC2-insights over several years.


The first revision of MC2X was release in 2006 and continously improved and extended since then.

wolfman-MC2X is neither a total conversion nor a revolutionary approach to change MC2; it is intended to be an evolutionary improvement over time. This is a stand-alone installation; do not mix with any other MC2 installations or expansion packs.

wolfman-MC2X is based on the released MC2 source code; the source code release did not contain multiplayer gaming functionality nor embedded video capability.

Therefore wolfman-MC2X does not support multiplayer gaming nor in game videos.

Because of the missing video capability of the released source code, wolfman-MC2X does not contain the CARVER V campaign and is not fully compatible to missions or campaigns designed under and for wolfman-x !

wolfman-MC2X is not compatible to any other MC2 mod or campaigns/missions designed under other development environments. Never mix with files from other authors.


- wolfman-MC2X and its tools require:

- win XP SP3 or better (Win Vista, Win7 Ultimate (32bit and 64 bit), win 8.1Pro (64bit) work just fine)

- DirectX 9 or better

- DOT NET Framework 4.0 or better

- Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) (Visual Studio 2005)

* The Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of

Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++ on a computer that does not have Visual C++ installed. These runtime files are part of the wolfman-MC2X installer package and will be offered for selection towards the end of the installation; select to install if you have not done before.

* Install wolfman-MC2X into a clean directory!

* Edit the mc2s.ini file to link WarriorBrainTool to your specific file folders

* System will select best possible resolution automatically and go full-screen-mode.

* Implemented Resolutions:

1280by720, 1280by800, 1280by1024, 1366by768, 1440by900, 1600by900,1600by1200, 1680by1050, 1856by1392, 1920by1080, 1920by1200, 2048by1536

All selection that fit on your screen can be selected manually as well and used in window-mode

* You may create desktop shortcuts for the following folders










* Set these Viewer folders to thumbnail presentation mode

Uninstall Impact:

- Use the wolfman-MC2X Uninstaller

- The uninstaller deletes all files that came with the installation.

- Any mission data files that came from independent installations or any savegame files are not impacted.


Visit wolfman's forum for support at:

Please send me an e-mail and let me know, if you feel that I did not give the deserved credit to somebody.


Let me know if you find something that should not be included in the wolfman-MC2X package.

I will review and make or eliminate objects from the package.

Read as well:

MC2X WarriorBrains.pdf

MC2X Advanced Scripting Options.pdf

MC2X MechSwapper Documentation.pdf

MC2X Terrain Overlay.pdf

MC2X Terrain Overlay X.pdf

wolfman-MC2X is for non-commercial enterprise only!

This is for fun and keeping a great game of tactical command alive.

Every use is under your sole responsibility and at your own risk.

Read Microsoft's Shared Source Limited Permissive License for use of MechCommander® 2 carefully. If you do not agree, don't use wolfman-MC2X in any ways.

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MC2X Game Options

Beside the Difficulty Level and the Unit Color there are 14 selectable options to change the gameplay.

Originally there were only 2 Options:

Select to provide all units the in the game with unlimited ammunition. Unrealistic.

Select to change mouseclick usage during mission. Best when DESELCTED.

The new options are:

Select to game without restrictions inside the gaming system limitations.
Enjoy all unit types,max pilots,max dropweight,plenty of CBills and resourcepoints,
no time limits and all support options.
Cheating: thus campaign mision results will not be saved in this mode.

SANDBOX MODE PLUS (can only be selected when SANDBOX MODE is selected):
Cheating: Campaign mission results will be saved despite cheating.

Select to allow the in-mision unit capture of enemy units that are unarmed, powered down, or unwilling to fight. If captured by an infanty-type unit, the captured unit will join your forcegroup and be piloted by the former infantrist. If captured by any other unit type, the captured unit will switch sides and become friendly (defector).

DISABLED UNIT CAPTURE (can only be selected if ACTIVE UNIT CAPTURE is selected):
Select to allow the in-mission capture of disabled units.

Select to activate a button to recharge repair units. Simplifies logistics during mission but is unrealistic.

Select to be able to quicksave your mission at any time and reload this status later.
Unrealistic but not cheating.

Select that player units scan the rea within a specific radius and:
- automatically capture capturable enemy objects
-automatically get repair at repairbays within range when idle.
Unrealistic: repairing and capturing should be a task under commanders control.

Select to simply see everything on the map; all enemy units are revealed.
Furtheremore fog is eliminated.
Cheating: Campaign mission results will be saved despite cheating.

Select to make you invulnerable during mission.
Cheating: thus campaign mision results will not be saved in this mode.

Select to loop invulnerability reminder during mission.

Select to automatically convert unused resourcepoints at the end of a mission into CBills

Select to automatically convert unused dropweight into CBills after deployment.

Default settings are

and all other (DESELECTED).

Some options allow bigtime cheating.
Select your options carefully and consider that cheating in my view is for those who are desperate.
Good MechCommanders don't need cheating.

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Full Version 69 comments

NEW RELEASE (R03): CARVER V NOW INTEGRATED INTO NEW MC2X (R40)! MC2X-CVE-G is a “Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of MC2X(R40) featuring the 24 mission...

wolfman MC2X URE G

wolfman MC2X URE G

Full Version 19 comments

wolfman-MC2X-URE-G is a “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of wolfman-MC2X(R37) featuring the 22 mission campaign “UpRise” (R01).



Full Version 6 comments

wolfman-MC2X-TME-G is a “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” version of wolfman-MC2X(R35) featuring the 20 mission campaign “TangoMaster” (R05).



Full Version 26 comments

wolfman-MC2X-WRC-G ==> “ Campaign-Gaming-Only” Edition. Campaign (R2) based on MC2X (R34).

MC2X(R40) +++ NEW RELEASE +++

MC2X(R40) +++ NEW RELEASE +++

Full Version 5 comments

wolfman-MC2X is an extended MC2 gaming and mission design environment. It is built on the extended and freshly compiled MechCommander 2 system files based...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 93)

Hey due to the game being unable to recognize my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB the game can't seem to use it and is instead doing all the rendering on my poor old 4th Gen Intel I5-4440. And as such I need to turn off all graphical options for it to run above 20 FPS.

Anyway to edit something or modify the install to make it so the game can use my graphics card?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

MC2X has no problem with this card; you may use a laptop with shared memory and then such effects occur. This was dominantly reported and discussed for MCO (a different MC2 mod) and solutions had been posted.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there way to refill bombs for specialist? Also can we get that sleek UI MC omnitech have?
Cant wait for that Mother's Clan campaign overhaul, that one was pretty good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

There are special crates that refill specialist bombs when the crates are captured. I Honestly like the original MC2 UI much better and will not change it but extend. It is a classic game and I keep the touch and feel.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Special crates? What they look like, because I found load of them and they just add resources.
And the UI is ...well definitely from another age, it takes lot of the screen space and I cant see info and map separately -thats probably worst

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

They are dark green with yellow marking and are called UWS crates. If captured by spacialist they will add 4 more bombs. If captured by anybody else just resourcepoints.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

Furthermore will the repairtruck reload the demolition charges if the specialist needs refitting.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Playing uprising and I am just 5 missions in so no repair truck for me :-(

And few questions - if I equip ER PPC to hellbringer he shoot that weapon from far longer range than raven, I tested them both shooting from hill and raven had to come to medium distance to start shooting that intentional?

-Can I somehow decrew vehicles, helicopters or planes?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

On weapon range: no intention, no explanation.
If "decrew" means eject the pilot then yes for vehicles (like mechs. they will just stand on he battlefield without pilot) aircrafts,copters will crash if they are in the air (what a surprise). But if parked prior pilot eject they will stay parked on the ground.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So how to force vehicle to eject? After their armor is done they just explode (like in vanilla) But I saw planes eject on ground and I got option to salvage it after mission. So is there way to target vehicle pilot with NUM8?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfman-x Creator

yes; sometimes they do not explode like mechs.
But vehicles are more delicate than a mech and explode easier.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I guess that was supposed to simulate armor penetration right inside of vehicle is pretty much game over for crew while mech is just giant machine with cockpit. But, after load of time in game I never saw unexploded vehicle

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Working on a total overhaul of Mother's Clan campaign.

May 28 2018

New MC2X Missions Design Package (R40) released. This includes all features ,updates and fixes up to January 20th,2018.

Jan 21 2018

New features in MC2X(R40) to deploy 5 marines during mission and capture enemy units.

Jan 12 2018

MechCommander 2X (wolfman-MC2X) (R38) released. Plenty of new inventory and features.

Dec 8 2017

This is the cruel villain and commander of the occupation army that calls himself "Alvarado" from my upcoming campa…

May 17 2017

Campaign uploaded for release on Friday.

May 17 2017

New campaign is finished and packaged for release. Could be released during the next week.

May 11 2017

I have to revise the release date for "UPRISE" and delay the release by around 2 month.

Mar 21 2017

Dropship Repairing Damaged Tank

Mar 16 2017

New release date for new campaign UPRISE is March 31st, 2017.

Mar 3 2017

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