About Whiteboy's Rules Version V1.5 by David White


An unofficial modification (mod) for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

For installation and contact/download details, see the separate text file titled 'Readme - Installing RA2 YR + CnCNet + Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 (2020).txt'.

2020 release Note - The 2020 release itself is no different content-wise to all other 1.5 versions - absolutely nothing was changed in the mod, only how it is packaged/installed.


Thank you very much for downloading Whiteboy's Rules!

IMPORTANT: This readme file and the accompanying 'WR Unit Descriptions' document is a general guide only. A full guide, which was never fully developed, was to be a fully detailed interactive User Manual detailing all things about the mod, including pictures of every unit and building with descriptions, and quick navigation links. Still, this guide has a lot of information about the mod, and if you wish, you can check out the historical manual in the 'Old Unfinished Manual' folder which is basically the V1.0 manual that never was properly updated for V1.5.


Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 is a long-awaited update for the original version and the 2005 edition of WR V1.0. It is superior technically and game-play wise to version 1.0. V1.5 is considered 'final' as no more updates are intended.

This mod is designed to be a general fun-adding pack for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. It adds new units & structures, new graphics, new AI, new sounds, new effects, new maps, new modes, new mechanics, an advanced tech tree, and adds overall more fun and carnage to the game - all in the name of making the game more enjoyable, more interesting, and more worth playing after you've already played the unmodded game to death. There are a HUGE number of changes here, big and small!

There are many, many, new/edited features and new/returning mechanics and units/buildings in Whiteboy's Rules V1.5. Some of the features are listed below in the MOD FEATURES section, and there are unit/navy/infantry descriptions in the separate text file titled 'WR Unit Descriptions.txt'.

The best thing to do is just play the game and experiment for yourself - you can choose 'Practice' mode in Skirmish (or 'Spamfest' to make everything cost $10)

Fairly balancing such an intricate mod was difficult and while I did my best, including having rough equivalents for units/structures for all sides, I am aware there will be some exploits in the mod that I will not discuss here ;)


(Instructions to install these optional components alongside the mod are in the installation readme)

This mod is compatible with the Terrain Expansion (TX). This unofficial patch adds a few new graphics in certain maps and fixes default tile sets.

This mod includes 3 new maps: Da River 2.1 by Truefeel, Cold Winter by Truefeel, and A town in the Desert By F-G (edited by Truefeel). Da River requires the Terrain Expansion to appear correctly.

You can play Assault and Infiltration game modes and maps with this mod. These unofficial modes are played on special maps and have special rules similar to Capture the Flag.

You can listen to the Red Alert 2 music in this mod. Insert either Red Alert 2 CD, and copy the "theme.mix" file (or find the file elsewhere on the internet) to your Red Alert 2 folder. When copied, rename the file to "expandmd96.mix" (the ## is interchangeable but using certain numbers can conflict with other files. Good numbers are between 10 and 85). Simply keep this file in your Red Alert 2 folder and Whiteboy's Rules will detect it and list Red Alert 2 music alongside Yuri's Revenge music when in the game music options screen. This will only work when playing via the Origin/official method, as the CnCNet Client ignores the file.

By default, Whiteboy's Rules has blood animations for infantry. You can remove this by deleting the 6 files called 'death_a.shp' to 'death_f.shp' from the game folder before launching the game.


There are many new game modes for Skirmish in this mod (not the CnCNet Client's version of Skirmish). The total modes this brings the game up to is 47. Special rules apply in these modes that are not always obvious - but the modes are divided into categories and have short descriptions when you hover the mouse over them.

The 3 main categories are:

- Normal: A variety of game modes including the original game modes.

- Powers Divided: The same modes as Normal, but with a twist that each country is more unique. Each country has adjusted overall stats. In addition, each country you choose will have a specific unit that is always produced at Veteran status. The stats and Veteran units are in the POWERS DIVIDED INFO section near the bottom of this document. This info is also described on the loading screen when you start a game for that country/side.

- Cross-Tech (The default mode when played via CnCNet Client): The same modes as Normal, but with a twist that once you advance enough in the tech tree by building an Armageddon Engine, you can build the MCV of another side - Allies unlock Yuri, Yuri unlocks Soviets, and Soviets unlock Allies. Eventually you can create everything possible, and that in itself can unlock further powerful 'top secret/classified' units.

The new game modes you will find in these 3 categories are:

- Practice: The AI is passive and weak in this mode. You can freely explore the mod without fear of retaliation.

- Assault: A special game mode that requires the optional Assault map packs component. This adds 50 new maps that are new or remade and exclusively work in this mode and Infiltration mode. In this mode, you start with a strong tower structure called a Command Post and you must defend it at all costs - if you lose it, you lose the game. It will slowly self-repair. Engineers/C4/Psychic units cannot capture/destroy these. Your goal is to destroy all enemy Command Posts. Each one you destroy will drop cash for you to collect.

- Team Assault: Like Assault mode, but with forced teams.

- Infiltration: Like Assault mode, but Command Posts are invincible - you must use a C4 type unit or capture it with an Engineer to win. For balance, this mode slightly modifies some infantry so each side has a C4-capable unit.

- Survival: A highly balanced and fine-tuned mode; intended as the closest Yuri's Revenge will get to the balance of a game of chess. In this mode, you start off with specific and limited units and you can only build certain (edited) units and structures, in limited supply. It has many changes from the rest of the mod: the units have all had their weapons and other aspects adjusted, and some are now shared between all 3 sides. There are paradrops specially balanced and tailored for all 3 sides. You cannot build high level technology or high level superweapons. Cash is generated slowly as long as you have a War Factory. This mode is best played on a simple, symmetrical balanced map. It's the ultimate test of focus and skill! Note that the AI is not good at this mod - it's intended for humans.

- Super Survival: Just like Survival, except you have an MCV (still with limits on buildings) and your Construction Yard will generate cash instead of the War Factory. You can also build high-level superweapons such as the Weather Strom Generator.

- Spamfest: In this mode, everything costs only $10 and builds super fast! It is not recommended to play this mode until you have familiarised yourself with the mod, to avoid confusion.

- Assault (Spamfest): This combines Assault and Spamfest modes.

- Lights Out: By default, Whiteboy's Rules features colour-coded lighting around certain buildings, for graphic effect, and to help somewhat with strategy. However, this may be undesired as well as laggy, so this mode was made to play the game without the lighting effects.

- Assault (Lights Out): This mode combines the Assault and Lights Out modes.

- Infiltration (Lights Out): This mode combines the Infiltration and Lights Out modes.

- Spamfest (Lights Out): This mode combines the Spamfest and Lights Out modes.

- Rebel AI: This mode features an enemy AI that will do unnatural things such as build multiples of the same building and units. It is much harder to face but can be crippled if their base area is small. Make them start in a large area for a real challenge!

- Assault (Rebel AI): This mode combines the Assault and Rebel AI modes.

There are also 2 modes that combine the main features of Cross-Tech with Powers Divided, called CT: Powers Divided and CT: Powers Divided (LO). These have the same base rules as a Battle mode; the (LO) version is the Lights Out version.


- There are many higher 'tech' levels in Whiteboy's Rules. Above the standard tech centres (Battle Labs), each faction has its own more advanced tech centre, and then a 'Capital' building which unlocks even more, including an 'Armageddon Engine' which functions as a self-powering long-range cruise missile silo and unlocks even more.

- Whiteboy's Rules is fully completable in Campaign mode (though it is best played in Skirmish mode and Online/LAN). In fact, the Campaign is actually much harder in some aspects, so be prepared!

- Most infantry can garrison buildings and some may have surprising new weaponry when garrisoned.

- The Russian unique unit Tesla Tank is now called a Stinger Tesla Tank and can deploy into an anti-air tesla coil and then re-deployed.

- All sides now have a paradrop called 'Airborne' unique to their faction with many infantry types including Engineers. The USA has an additional basic paradrop, from their Airforce Command HQ (11 GIs) simply called 'Paradrop'. The new 'Airborne' paradrops are unlocked via the Allied Einstein's Lab, Soviet Research Cathedral, or Yuri Psychic Communications Center. You can also unlock them from capturing a Tech Airport. If the Allies capture a Tech Airport however, they will gain access to the normally USA-unique 'Paradrop' (11 GIs).

- All 3 sides can also build the Army Hospital, a building which is a prerequisite to advanced infantry. The hospital also heals all infantry slowly, and if you place an infantry inside it, it will become immediately promoted to Elite. You can only do that a certain number of times, as indicated when you click it.

- All 3 sides can build a flag representing their faction. This doesn't just look pretty, it's a prerequisite to some of the more patriotic units.

- Building each faction's 'Capital' building (White House, Kremlin, Yuri's Fortress) unlocks some units from other countries in the same faction as you, and building an Armageddon Engine unlocks the rest. The Allied White House unlocks British Snipers and German Howitzers, and the Allied Armageddon Engine will unlock Korean Black Eagles and French Grand Cannons. The Soviet Kremlin unlocks the Lybian Demolition Truck and the Cuban Terrorist, and the Soviet Armageddon Engine unlocks the Iraqi Desolator and the Russian Stinger Tesla Tank. Yuri's Fortress unlocks Cosmonauts (usually a Soviet unit) and Yuri's Armageddon Engine unlocks Annihilator tanks (normally unlockable from a Tech outpost).

- The Reinforcements Beacon, a short range Ion-cannon equipped superweapon buildable by all 3 factions, unlocks 'top secret/classified' units that are normally only accessible if you build high-tech buildings from all 3 factions and more (e.g. all 3 types of Naval Yards/Shipyards) - a feat not so easy in any game mode that isn't 'Cross-Tech'. It is an end-game building as it costs a lot (70,000 by default), takes a long time to make, and can be disabled by toggling off Superweapons. It is intended to be the equivalent to the 'Wonder' from Age of Empires that made you win if it stood for a certain amount of time: in that if you have the time and resource to manage to build one, you deserve to win the game.

- There is now the ability to 'transfer' funds to your allies. Each faction can build an Aid Chopper from their War Factory. This costs 2000 and can be deployed near your ally into a fortified crate structure. Your ally need only attack this to reveal a smaller crate inside that always contains 2000 cash. If you like, you can build many of these and fly them somewhere safe e.g. over the ocean and use them as a 'flying bank' and deploy them for yourself in an emergency.

- Some original units can deploy - the Prism Tank, Apocalypse Tank, and Mastermind all transform into a Prism Tower, Tesla Coil or Psychic Tower respectively, but once deployed they cannot change back into mobile form.

- Many new buildings have manually firing weapons and will not automatically fire like traditional guard towers. These include all 3 Armageddon Engines (which can operate even without power), the Soviet Research Cathedral, Yuri's Command HQ, and the Reinforcements Beacon. The range on some of these is massive. To use them, click on the building and then click an enemy or hold Ctrl+click to test-fire on the ground.

- Some new buildings can be deployed (double-clicked) to expand their range, e.g. range of cloaking the map or range of psychic detection. This requires more power.

- Some high-tech buildings cause some of your units/buildings to become cheaper to make. Some auto-heal. Some even generate funds residually. Try building everything!

- Some promoted units can change weapons completely to more powerful forms, usually at the 2nd (Elite) level. For example the Soviet Doomsday Devastator Tank changes from twin cannons to high-powered twin lasers.

- In this mod, selecting the pink colour in Skirmish/Online/LAN modes actually makes all your units/buildings black.

- This mod contains harder AI, and it will build many of the new mod units and structures.

- Tech structure unlocked units: These are things normally only available when you capture neutral 'tech' buildings, in any game mode. They are the Transport Attack Plane (requires Tech Airport) and Annihilator tank (requires Tech Outpost). Capturing a Tech Secret Lab will unlock Allied Railtanks, Soviet Reaper tanks, Yuri's Floating Fortress tanks, Allied Railgunners, Soviet Flamethrowers, and Yuri Genetic Warriors, for all sides.

- Things you unlock if you capture enemy high-tech buildings AND own a (Battle Lab and War Factory for vehicles)/(Army Hospital and Barracks for infantry)/(Power Plant and Radar for buildings): Einstein's Lab - Albert Einstein, Statue of Liberty and Nemesis Fighter-Bomber. Research Cathedral - Vladimir, Tesla Tower and Overlord Dropship. Yuri's Command HQ: Anastasia, Psychic Beacon and IFV Beta (although Soviets can already access the IFV BETA - it's a shared unit).

- You can build off all tech buildings except Oil Derricks. You can also now sell Oil Derricks.

- You can find MCVs in crates in both Survival modes. This is very handy in the normal Survival mode.

- Spy stuff: when infiltrating Battle Labs, the tech you steal has not changed. This means that Allied Battle Labs get you access to the Chrono Commando, Soviet labs get you Chrono Ivans, and Yuri labs get you Psi-Commandos. Also, they all require a Battle Lab, Barracks and Army Hospital to train.

- In order to prevent a well-known bug called the 'Whiteboy Bug': ONLY the Allies can build the Stealth Limousine, ONLY Soviets can build the Double Decker Paradox Bus, and ONLY Yuri can build the Modified School Bus. Note that all sides can build both IFVs eventually (but the prerequisites dictate that the Allies get their IFV fast but not the Soviet IFV Beta, and the Soviets and Yuri get the IFV Beta soon but not the Allied IFV).

- In Cross-Tech & Campaign modes for Skirmish, the Armageddon Engines cost a base price of 20,000 and you can only build 1 of them (normally they cost 15,000 and you can have 2).

- Psychic detection: Yuri's radar and his Psychic Beacon and his Psychic Sensor buildings have psychic detection. The Soviet Tesla Tower also has it (18 cells). The allies do not have psychic detection at all.

- Soviets have access to the Soviet Cloning Facility, like in the original Red Alert 2 (non-Yuri's Revenge).

- In Spamfest mode in Skirmish, crates appear a lot more often. A free nuke superweapon crate is also obtainable. Aid Choppers still cost 2000 despite everything else costing just 10.

- Technicians (weak infantry that emerge from some buildings when destroyed) can capture buildings and repair them (like Engineers) but have better speed and armour.

- Ivans can detonate their own bombs remotely by double clicking the affected unit/structure.

- Tanya can 'infiltrate' occupied buildings if she can get close enough - it kills all the occupants instantly while leaving the building intact.

- Some high-end structures and units have build limits of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

- The Force Shield defensive superweapon is unlocked from any Tech Lab, or the Reinforcements Beacon.


These are the stat adjustments and Veteran units for each country/side when playing Skirmish in one of the Powers Divided modes.

United States: +11% Firepower, -6% Ground Speed.
Veteran infantry: Navy SEAL

South Korea: +25% Air Speed, -7% Armor.
Veteran unit: Harrier

France: + 20% Armor, -15% Infantry Armour & Speed.
Veteran infantry: Guardian GI

Germany: +23% Firepower, +7% Cost (price goes up, not down).
Veteran unit: Mirage Tank

United Kingdom: +21% Infantry Armour & Speed, -13% Rate of Fire.
Veteran unit: Battle Fortress

Russia: -20% Build time Rate (less time used), -13% Infantry Armour & Speed.
Veteran unit: Reaper

Iraq: +14% Armor, -8% Ground Speed.
Veteran unit: Hellfire HIND

Cuba: +15% Ground Speed, +4% Cost (price goes up, not down).
Veteran unit: Flak Track

Libya: +18% Rate of Fire, +11% Build time rate (more time used, not less).
Veteran infantry: Flamethrower

Yuri: Money from Ore +11%, -7% Firepower.
Veteran unit: Floating Fortress


It was a long journey making the final version of Whiteboy's Rules. I still play it to this day, and love playing it Online when I can. I had fun making it, and made new friends, many of whom volunteered to help with the mod and some whom I still talk to today. It's 2020 now and 2002 is 18 years behind me. I am now a married man and a great job and amazing life. Wow. Thank you, fellow C&C fans.

Thanks again, God bless and have fun! <3

In memory of my 4 young children: Jamie, 'Milli', 'Chip', and Jemima; all of whom lived, two of whom were born, but none of whom stayed xoxo - I will always love you.


© David 'Whiteboy' White 2002 - 2020

2020 release developed in March 2020

Email: davidwhitenz@hotmail.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Mod website (note it's very old): www.angelfire.com/ultra/whiteboysrules

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My name is Whiteboy, and I have been inactive in the Command and Conquer community for about 10 years. I never actually hosted my C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod here but that is about to change.

I am here to announce that I have repackaged my 'Whiteboy's Rules V1.5' mod into a 2020 release. This is designed to be easier to install/manage with modern Windows installations (like Origin) as well as work with the CnC Net Client for Online/LAN play.

This mod was popular during the 7 years or so after the launch of Yuri's Revenge. It took me at least 5 years of hard work from version 1.0 to 1.5 and I think you will enjoy it. It can be played in Campaign, Skirmish, or Online/LAN via CnC Net. Welcome back commander!

Please read the documentation included with the mod's download for full information :)

- Whiteboy

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Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 (2020 Re-release)

Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 (2020 Re-release)

Full Version 7 comments

Welcome to Whiteboy's Rules commander! This mod is designed to be a general fun-adding pack for C&C Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. It adds new units & structures...

Guest - - 696,066 comments

prefer the whiteboy the first version this last version for my like was bad. sorry by my idiom .. preferer a remake whit the same content of the version 1.0. for my this mod is the better why have all the units lose and balanced for all in the contenied , the error is yuri not build genetic mutator and psy dominator . only cpu construy this when save the game and open again this in skirmsh and anyones crash whit error intern in the game , the rest is ok

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Radsven - - 57 comments

Is this the same old mod where everyone have everything and the president can attack with lightning like a sith lord?

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Whiteboy! Creator
Whiteboy! - - 6 comments

Indeed it is! Though, I called that lightning attack 'bionic tazers'... a little secret, if you put the President or Romanov inside a building, the lightning the shoot will be a short range version of the very powerful lightning attack from the Eiffel Tower/Tesla Tower.

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Radsven - - 57 comments

I see
Thanks for the answer

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