One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far. With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics and new music, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

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These are the list of features introduced in "The Final Nights 1.3"

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Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.3.

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Bug Fixes
- David Hatter twitching
- Changed Boris' safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Changed Hannah's safe from Lockpick 6 to Lockpick 8 and added $100
- Fixed blue line running down Assamite male model's head
- Fixed Baali auto-leveling template giving +1 Intelligence
- Fixed misspelling on Ishtarri description
- Russian Mafia party guests leave if any mafia members die
- Fixed Isaac saying evening twice
- Fixed misspelling of past-time in loading tip
- Fixed locked Temple doors if taking Ming Xiao ending
- No longer incur a humanity loss for stealing the charity box
- Ox no longer sells the Necklace of Saulot
- Map music no longer plays when in the character sheet
- No masquerade violation for discpline use around thin bloods

New Content
- Added Female Assamite to PC list
- Background History overhaul
- Bloodtimer stops during dialogue
- New Hardcore Mode
- Reduced cost for Silvia's services depending on Haggle
- Reduced Persuasion required to learn about Silvia and earn XP
- Humanity loss (at 6 or higher) for stealing/hacking from innocent kine
- Online Bank Hacking [Kilpatrick's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Jeanette's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Dennis' computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Bertram's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Carson's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Danny Boyle's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Venus' laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Empire Arm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Malcolm's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Milligan's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Pam King's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Ground Zero's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Flynn's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Edgar Hirst's computer]
- Online Bank Hacking [Tawni's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [David Hatter's laptop]
- Online Bank Hacking [Velvet's laptop]
- Added Body Armor to Carson's safe
- Added cash chest to Boris' suite
- Added cash chest to Dennis' house
- Added cash chest to Tattoo parlor
- Added cash chest to Gimble's basement
- Added cash chest to the Cathayan's warehouse
- Added cash chest to Kilpatrick's shop
- Added cash chest to the Junkyard
- Added cash chest to Milligan's apartment
- Added blood fridge to Plague Sewer
- Added (2) blood fridges to LA Hospital
- Added cash chest to Jezebel's apartment
- Added cash chest to Empire Arm's back room
- Added cash chest to Chantry's back room
- Added cash chest to Tawni's apartment
- Added cash safe to Redspot's back room
- Added cash safe to Red Dragon's upstairs
- More occult items for sale by Ox
- Changed character sheet musical theme
- Updated the credits

NOTE: All System Charts such as the Weapon stats, Frenzy Timer, Haggle System, Blood Doll %, and Masquerade Violations can be found at our website:


Great work, keep it up! :)

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Zer0morph Author

Thanks Mateos, we're sure you're going to love this update, it's going to rock!!

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cool mod!

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All the mods made so far are awesome.I can't wait for TFN 1.3 Look's even better. Awesome work Zer0morph keep up the good work! :)

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From what i read, there's whole lot of breaking and entering, theft, destruction of property and hacking. ^_^

And is there any plan to add new quests and side stories? I think quests and dialog is the best selling point of your mod and if not count that dead Clan Quest mod, THE BEST expansion pack style mod.

And how to activate hardcore mode? Surely you don't select it like changing difficulty in other games, no?

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Zer0morph Author

TFN 1.3 will have tons of theft and hacking! You will definitely want to specialize in one or the other, perhaps both. Of course there's only so much XP to go around.

We're designing tons of new quests for TFN 1.4 and have already begun developing them. We're in talks with Mindy, the voice actor of Silvia and her friend who's also in the business, for a new NPC.

Hardcore mode can be turned on in the character sheet when you're making your character. You'll see a new button there which wipes your slate clean. :)

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At one point will you add able to embrace heather ? Also great job with the mod. I really like the Salubri clan.

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hi guys, i'm new to this whole modding thing so I'm a bit bad when it comes to installing such things. From what i've gathered you can install this mod on a clean copy of vtm bloodlines but does it work like patch or do i need to patch it with a specific patch before applying this mod ?

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Zer0morph Author

Just install TFN 1.3 over a clean copy of Bloodlines, nothing else. Don't apply any patches or anything, just TFN 1.3. Then you want to install the 1.3.1 hotfix to correct the online banking bug. That's it, have fun!

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