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Meechy7364 - - 1 comments

SDude I am a huge TFN VTM fan. My only issue, and its a big one for me, is that it is the only mod that u cannot auto renew discplines. Which means I do not have control off them independently. For example it would be nice to keep my potence and auspex running when I just want to turn off my celerity. Instead i have to end_all_desciplines then restart potence and uspex when all I should have to do is have it picked on my wheel and use it again to shut off.. Is there aa way atound this?

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Guest - - 695,803 comments

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Geropapa - - 1 comments

Awesome mod, thank you for making it! I am very glad development hasn't stopped over so many years! I have a few questions, or maybe requests though.
-I noticed that even with low humanity, the sabbath ending is missing, even the "monstrous" dialogue options with Andrei are the difficult lines. Do you plan on introducing the Sabbath ending from the +patch (i think it was the + patch)?
-Maybe the library quest could be introduced aswell?
-Even in 1.5 I've noticed that the Voerman and Bertram bank hacks are locked out after a certain part in the story. Is this intended?
-In 1.6 a few feat names were changed, although at the character creation scene (for Assamite at least) the histories use the old names.
-It might be just me, but with 1.6 I cannot escape from the console menu, I have to use chareditor command to enter character sheet and exit from that. I'm pretty sure this is not normal.

Again, great mod, great new content in 1.6! Best menu music I've ever heard! Thank you!

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abigfuckingspider - - 3 comments

I'd also love to see the Companion Mod integrated. LordUra managed to get a bare bones version of it working on 10.7 of the Unofficial Patch+. It's not as beefy as the (horribly outdated) version in Antitribu, but it works as advertised, and would definitely let me feel like I'm corrupting others the way a Baali or Setite should.

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MrGeeBee - - 2 comments

FNV 1.6, can't complete the Slashterpiece in Santa Monica. I go to the Gallery, grab the money and kill the Blood Guardian, and in the log it says it's completed. But when I go back to Asylum, it's still Jeanette and she gives me the same quest again. But all the paintings are already slashed if I go back.

SOLVED: Reloaded way back at the mansion and redo all steps, not sure why though.

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Rat_Lombot - - 4 comments

Hi :)

concerning the Vampire final night patch 1.5 HD

For me, there seems to be no music in the Asylum night club, and when I went up its elevator the doors would not open,

My current working theory is that the elevator door will open up by themselves eventually and the reason I am left waiting is that the Argument soundtrack is waiting to count down before opening the doors
(This means that the soundtrack to the argument is not playing either.)

So if that theory was correct that means there is a very minor sound play bug, and that the argument and the nightclub music share the same toggle.

(This is only a guess).

Your's Rat Lombot.

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ReaporValheart - - 2 comments

also special dialoug options are no longer there eaither not getting any blue pink or red or green at all. its just all white normal chats
VTMB Final Nights

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ReaporValheart - - 2 comments

Assimlates on FInal nights cant use Prescence even though the game tutorial tells me to use it causr it says its an passive discipline

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Malekov - - 1 comments

Hello , I must first congratulate you on such a good job , I had fun .

I would like to ask is why the disciplines how Daimonion , Quietus and Tanatosis in their last levels not work well. For example the fourth level of Daimonion not let me throw in the bar or out of power .

It only say that this ruling is the only one who managed to see in version 3.1, but rest everything is perfect.

I thank you and your team as big effort and work.

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Zer0morph Creator
Zer0morph - - 675 comments

I'm not quite sure what you're asking. Are you saying Tier 4 disciplines aren't working? In order to cast them, you need to hotkey them (default key: K). If I'm misunderstanding, let me know.

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