One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far. With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics and new music, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

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I think the claim that the mod is "so different it can't be called Bloodlines" is dubious at best. There aren't any meaningful changes to the game. I found the blood loss system- not unique to this particular mod, I know- to be pointless and in conflict with canon. I truly don't see the point beyond making the game slightly harder. I think it was a poor choice, as it added nothing to the game but aggravation.

I did enjoy the ability to play as a Salubri, although that was the only clan I had an interest in. I thought the addition of the Laibon bloodlines was a weird choice, but that's more of a matter of personal taste. Some of the additional quests were interesting, but- and I come back to this point again- this is NOT a different game from Bloodlines. I wouldn't belabor this point if the makers hadn't made such a point of it. It IS Bloodlines. The major quests, plot, and endings are identical. This is Bloodlines with a little flavoring, but don't be fooled. If you're looking for a completely new experience, this isn't it.

The mod works well- I didn't have any mechanical problems with it- but I wouldn't really recommend it. I found the Clan Quest one more enjoyable, although not because it was a "radically different experience." I just thought it worked better.

Yes, the majority of my problem with this mod was the blood loss system, but I'm not sure if I can accurately convey what a huge waste of my time it was. I found it so offensive that I felt no need to respect it, so I cheated. But hey, if it sounds good to you, by all means try it out.

Promising that this was a completely different game from VTMB was an outright lie. Pretty much every mission that mattered was exactly the same. The storyline was the same. Even the powers that you get don't really bring much of anything new to the table. They mostly just bring in buffs and debuffs, instead of doing anything interesting.

Also, I cannot condone you claiming that White Wolf Publications, Inc's copyrighted discipline logos are your own original work and sending cease and desist letters to others when a) you don't own the copyright, and b) you CAN'T own the copyright because White Wolf already does, so you committed blatant copyright infringement against White Wolf by claiming that their Serpentis logo was your own original content. Pretty sure you could get sued for claiming that.


deifiedonmyback says

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I love this mod! For a while, I felt burned out on playing VtM:B until I found this gem. :D

The gameplay difficulty is slightly amped up, which I appreciate, due to all of the modifications. The Camarilla Edition changes to the Blood Healing system, the fact that Haggle is almost necessary, increase in difficulty to Inspection/Seduction [the latter being virtually useless, anyway, but it forces you to "fend for yourself" which seems more realistic]... And I am in *love love love* with the fact that I got to play as a Baali. That was awesome -- the new disciplines are great!

My biggest complaint is about the bugs. I didn't really experience any on my Baali character, but I didn't even reach Downtown LA before my Salubri was totally unplayable... After I freed Lily & the game tries to walk you out of the room to see Vandal, I run into the wall & can't move or use any keys except to the menus. So that was really disappointing!

All in all, I adore it so much I chose not to take off too many points for the bugs. Once those are fixed, I'll likely go back & give my Salubri another go!


tterry11 says

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I like new Vampire The Masquerade The Final Nights 1.0, I wonderful if they have new creat for Vampire: The Masquerade (new name) for future sell?


No ! Simply NO !
Disciples of set is tolally useless, the game is way too much unbalanced, finishing the game is impossible with my character, first time in all my PT i can't finish the game.
Only thing to do with the disciple ? Put all point in ranged, buy the shotgun, the rest is totally useless !
Playing with sword ? Even with 9 you're dealing weak damage !
Palying with fists ? The same, but more excruciating.

Obfuscate ? everybody see you in the end !
Serpentis ? Every power are way too weak in the end game, even the "you're practically indestrucable" BS !
The beast form ? What a joke.
The storm ? What a joke².
Phobia ? What's the point ?

Really disappointed, the beginning was OK, there is some things that are interesting indeed, but in the end ... this mod is crap and don't compare with Clan Quest Mod.


Here are the best reasons to play this mod:
-7 new clans/bloodlines. You probably won't like all of them, but you should enjoy playing with at least one or two.
-New sidequests involving new NPCs. I think they are all full VA, so it's even better.
-New graphics, disciplines and skins, more pedestrians and stuff like that. It feels more real that way.
-Lots of bugs fixed. It doesn't crash as often as other mods or vanilla.
-New systems. I liked some of them.
-Even being new, and all, it doesn't lag much in my old PC. It's still enjoyable.
-Slightly harder. Not as much as I wanted, though (I had a "bank" of exp and I just used it when I needed to, making all the sidequests without any problem).
-The background stories are all well writen (or at least, those who I read).
But there are some flaws... It totally breaks immersion that one of the new NPCs magically know who are you (even if you are a Salubri...), and all. Also, while I was playing a Salubri, it was also pretty silly that Strauss didn't realize anything at all. And the same happens if you consider the Clan's weakness (can't feed from people that doesn't want it): even if the other person want you to suck all of their blood, you get a penalization. It's too unffair. And all the Masquerade breaches that doesn't make any sense... I mean, if you save that bum with Obeah in the Plaguebearers quest, why would ANYONE believe him? He's drunk most of the time, he's poor and he's no one. I hated it. And with high persuasion you should get an option to convince the other person to be quiet about it. Or make him/her think it was all a dream. Don't know.

Even so, I totally recommend this mod.

I do like how the mod up the difficulty a bit and the (very limited) additions are actually really good.

That being said this mod is broken to hell. To begin with investigate is a totally worthless skill... I think I had to get to level 7 just to find the watch in my initial haven.

Second all of the drops have disappeared, the skill books, one of the artifacts. Yes you can still buy everything but now the game can be beaten by upping your haggle skill and focusing on grabbing all the cash you can get. That is literally the only winning approach.

Seduction is practically useless. I've got a 5 but I can't chat up a woman in a bar for a quick feed? THEY ARE MORTAL! Seriously broken.

I've just finished fighting the Tzimize (second encounter). It was absolutely arbitrary, my active disciplines just disappeared whenever the mod felt like it and since that was the whole of my character build I had to sit around and wait for a clipping bug to snipe the thing to have a hope of winning.

This is a W.I.P. at best. Honestly, give the extra content to another modder because that is the only redeeming aspect here. Sorry :/


Love this game and I am so grateful for all the effort put into making and maintaining The Final Nights. Can't wait to replay the game again once 1.3 drops! :D


Nyrufa says

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Very fun mod with some new Disciplines added in and some more popular / entertaining music than what was previously implemented. The ability to skip the opening cinematic was also a nice touch, as that was waaaay too long to not have a skipable options.

Nice work on the models, especially the Samedi. However, I did run into a few things you might want to take into account in future patches. First of all is the Thin Bloods on the beach. Using disciplines around them constitutes a masquerade breach, and if you rat out Mercurio and the thugs appear on the beach after the Dane quest, it decreases your humanity when you kill them in self defense.

The fact that humanity is now much easier to decrease also makes it impossible to slaughter all the cops on the Dane without using cheats for experience, which means if you don't use cheats, you can't **** off Lacroix with the mission.

I know you're limited with the range of sound clips, but if Akeem can have a custom voice actor, I would suggest putting in some additional clan based dialogue options (like what Clan Quest Mod did), especially for the Baali and the Setites. I'm a bit disappointed the Setite or the Assamite didn't have a proper response to discussions of Caine or Antediluvian.


Joining the Kuei-Jin is bugged. I tried it twice, and the door leading back out of the temple is locked, making it impossible to side with Ming Xiao. It also didn't update the journal, saying I had allied with her.


phipe says

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While the original VTMB might feel tiresome and repetetive, this mod creates a lot of changes to make it refreshing again. The new classes and diciplies are fun to experiment with, for instance, and that makes it worhwhile to re-install VTMB. That is, when the buggs and glitches have been removed; and there are many of them in the 1.0 version i played. New problems ranging from new quests impossible to finish, areas repeating a older save even if you have made progress, sometimes not loading any A.I in the Hub areas, and the game crashes when attempting to speak with Imalia (Fear of the wicked?).

Simply put: Many nice changes, but Many nasty new buggs. A patch would make the mod wonderful.

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I love this mod! For a while, I felt burned out on playing VtM:B until I found this gem. :D The gameplay difficulty is slightly amped up, which I appreciate, due to all of the modifications. The Camarilla Edition changes to the Blood Healing system, the fact that Haggle is almost necessary, increase in difficulty to Inspection/Seduction [the latter being virtually useless, anyway, but it forces you to "fend for yourself" which seems more realistic]... And I am in *love love love* with the fact that…

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