One of the first things you may notice in the title is that the "B" is missing from VTMB, this is not an accident. The Final Nights is an expansion to an otherwise flawless video game built upon the success of the Camarilla Edition series of mods. The "B" has been removed because this expansion can no longer bare the name Bloodlines as it is so far removed from the original game as to warrant the name change. The idea behind this expansion is, and always will be the notion of a completely new experience unlike we've seen so far. With 7 completely brand new clans, 5 new disciplines, extra quests, new NPCs, new game mechanics and new music, the features seem endless. All of this is being built upon the Camarilla Edition series incorporating such things as the blood timer system, pedestrian blood dolls, and the new combat system. Combined we feel the name Bloodlines must be removed from this game, and thus we now simply have "The Final Nights".

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These are the list of features introduced in "The Final Nights 1.2"

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Below are the list of features in VTM: The Final Nights 1.2.

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Bug Fixes
- Fixed "Surfside" reference in Lilly's diary, Therese and Newscaster dialogue
- Dirty Cop .VCD file too long
- Readjusted supernatural values for targeted disciplines
- Created VCD files for Blood Dolls and Prostitutes
- First visit to Santa Monica will display loading tip about brandishing weapons
- Reworked Daimoinon 3: Conflagration so that it damages supernaturals more
- Reworked Daimoinon 4: Infernal Servitor so that it effects supernaturals
- Presence no longer affects allied enemies on bloodhunt map
- Serpentis claws auto equip upon changing and use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Daimoinon firey hands use Unarmed feat instead of Melee feat
- Santa Monica Pier lights no longer show through walls
- Fixed Pyramid quest where refusing Strauss failed the quest twice
- Fixed downtown CDC guys not leaving after Pestilence quest
- Fixed Venture tower debris not appearing in the street downtown
- Purchasing masquerade redemptions from Silvia Black works properly
- Fixed Santa Monica warehouse ambient music
- Turn down particle effects for the Shade by 25%
- Heavy Cloth armor picture now displays correctly
- Sneaking past first shovelhead in tutorial is much easier

New Content
- Added Female Baali to PC list
- Street civilians sighting a Samedi will summon Police
- Street cops sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Shop civilians sighting a Samedi will run in fear but will not summon Police
- Shop security sighting a Samedi will attack immediately
- Rebalanced Samedi merit/flaw system
- Rebalanced Baali merit/flaw system
- Street cops will run in fear if player uses supernatural 3 (or higher) disciplines
- All sewers use the same eerie ambient music
- Made bloodloss timer based on Humanity and Stamina score
- Mentioned new bloodloss timer in tutorial pop ups and added to humanity description
- Put Jack upstairs in Last Round if you are Samedi
- Put Larry near abandoned hospital if you are Samedi
- Bypass speaking to bums on Plague Bearer quest if you are Samedi
- Pier Arcade hooker/customer NPCs replaced by video game player NPCs if you are Samedi
- Created "Fang of Vukodlak" occult item for Unarmed feat characters, sold by Regent
- Created new patrol path for pier cop
- Added rats to basement of Ocean House Hotel
- Brother Kanker reskinned
- SM Blue Blood now has a car that leaves when he does
- Moved Hollywood net cafe computer to the back
- Moved Ming's conversation in alley near Bradbury Hotel

NOTE: All System Charts such as the Weapon stats, Frenzy Timer, Haggle System, Blood Doll %, and Masquerade Violations can be found at our website:


Just downloaded the final nights and I'm really loving it! The only problem I'm having it with the blood timer. Sometimes I will have literally just finished feeding only to lose even more blood. I think the timer is a good idea and all, it would just make more sense to reset the countdown after each time your character's finished feeding, that way you have 4 min., or however long it is, before you have to start looking for your next meal after a feeding. Just a suggestion for the next update, assuming something like that is possible.

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Zer0morph Author

This is something that can be done but it breaks the blood bar visually and looks unprofessional, so I left it the way it is now. Of course, keeping your Humanity at 6 or higher and increasing your Stamina will give you more time per blood point loss. Increasing your Seduction will allow you to freely feed from the Blood Dolls in the game and having a Haggle of 10 will allow you to feed from all hookers for only $5. Just some tips.

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Hi,can you tell me how to turn off blood consumption ? Its very hard for my this way the game, i like runing around discovering things, and read and listen to most of the dialogs,but this way i lost most of my blood points under a single dialog.I know you wanted to make the game realistic,but this isn't the way, you should have make something like in every 20 minutes or so a larger amount of blood is lost, like 1 blood point remains.Or an option to turn it please tell us how to turn it off(if it is possible with a non-programmer knowlegde) thx in advance

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Zer0morph Author

In order to turn off the blood timer you would need to open up the python script called "" located in \Vampire - Bloodlines\Vampire\python and remove the OnBLEvent script. You want to open up the .py file with Notepad.exe.

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