Finally its there! A Vietnam War modification for Call of Duty! This modification is made on the last installement to date - Call of Duty:World at War by Treyarch.

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What would a mod be without the Credits list of course! Thanks again to all the RGN Dev Team and friends!!!

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Zeroy (Founder/Mapper/Scripter)
Paulo88 (Level Designer)
Wakka (Level Designer)
Narcozz (Level Designer)
Carcass26 (Level Designer)
Coldair (Level Designer)
Atomicelvis (Level Designer)
|[FR]|FOX (Level Designer)
Veserius (Level Designer)
Maquina (Level Designer)
Buster (Skinner)
Oneshot & BengalSniper (Researchers)

Additional content by:

Xiao (Skinner)
Mapicted (Modeling)
Robbo (scripting help)
ATB] & PEZZALUCIFER/Pezbot Team (Pezbot)
Lonewolf - 509th (scripting help)
Number7 (scripting help)
NovemberDobby (scripting help)
xHolyx (scripting help)
CodemanX (scripting help)
Deavius (scripting help)
Marc - AKA Wildcard (scripting help)
{PST} Joker (scripting help)
OMWG (scripting help)
OpenWarfare Team (scripting)
RGN Dev Team (Past and current members)
Bell, Ravir, Worm, Nedgerblansky (legacy scripting)
Michel S. Boonstra (Knokploeg Sound Mod)
Regolith (For his awesome Xmodel Exporter tool!)

Thanks to:

Mike Nomad, Wizz, Mr.Ray for the support and advice
SevenSniff, Spacepig, Redskull, Busterking (support)
RGN Raiders Game Net (Beta testing/Server) (Beta testing/Server)
RGN VIP Members (testing, support)
Blackmonkeys (support, testing)
B2Z Goucho + NFO CrazyCro and their Clan members (Beta testing/Server)
509th, Metal and ={dBb}= Clan, themadcappr and his Clan for addtional
testing on 1.1 patch


Good work guys :)

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