Hi there! I am ZeRoY, author of some mods and maps for COD4/CODWAW. I recently started to work on UDK / UE3 - You can check out my Portfolio @ zeroy dot com slash portfolio

Currently working as a Level Designer for Rekoil.com

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Hi all,

Rekoil is currently being showcased at PAX, I work on the game as a level designer;

We are a bunch of modders and some from the Game industry making a game we want to play, a classic shooter with no fluff!

We need as much support as possible to get on Steam also, please rate us

Here is some information about the game itself:

Rekoil: The Story so far…

Rekoil is a multiplayer first person shooter in which the downtrodden “Minutemen” are pitted against their oppressors, Darkwater Inc, in a world where the only goal is to survive the unrelenting pandemic that has swept across the globe.

Core Gamers: The Backbone of Rekoil

Focusing on infantry based combat across a number of differing locales, Rekoil has something for everyone. From the fast moving Assault class, to the heavily armed and dangerous Heavy Gunner class, Rekoil is a game made for those who desire balanced FPS gameplay.Gameplay configuration is a core focus with Rekoil, as such it will be possible to set up servers to appeal to a large variety of differing play styles. Whether you enjoy the free flowing acrobatics found in run and gun gaming, or prefer the patient tactical setup, Rekoil can be set up to play the way you want to game.

Mixing it up with full game modification support

Having received less attention from FPS developers and publishers in recent years, modifying game content is an activity that has fallen by the wayside for many. At Plastic Piranha, we recognize that although the number of modders may be quite small, their impact on the community as a whole can be tremendous.
Not only can modding build an impassioned community that can create new ways to play a game, but it can provide great minds with an alternate path of entry to game development, which we feel is extremely important for the health of the industry as a whole. Many of today’s legendary developers cut their teeth in game development with modding. Forsaking that heritage in pursuit of maximizing fiscal returns could leave the industry with fewer future visionaries and truly impassioned developers.

Competitive Gaming & eSports

We are developing Rekoil with eSports in mind, and as such are very much open to listening to what the top tier teams and players have to say. Rekoil will be balanced for the very best that the eSports scene has to offer. By balancing the game in this manner, we can ensure that there is always room to improve for both the average gamer and the pro player alike.Rekoil will feature all of the functionality required to properly facilitate competitive events. To ensure that eSports and gaming as a spectator sport continues to grow, a spectator mode will be present for all of your shout casting and commentary needs. For event organizer’s and video directors, replay functionality will be in place to allow you to review a match after the fact. For those folks concerned about internet connections at LAN events and network latency, LAN support will also be in place with Rekoil.

Vital Statistics

  • 10 maps on launch
  • Over 40 weapons
  • 10 game types currently under development
  • 5 customizable classes
  • Highly customizable server setups and gameplay
  • Dedicated servers & public server files
  • A focus on providing the best execution of core shooter game play to date
  • Full modification support and promotion from Plastic Piranha
  • Full E-Sports support and promotion from Plastic Piranha
  • Developed for PC
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Plastic Piranha LLC

Plastic Piranha LLC

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Working on our first game called Rikochet for the PC Download market. The FPS is designed to fill the market where the Publishers have abandoned such...


Please help me.. I couldn't know how to add bots to WaW vietam mod :( Could you show me step by step to do that... please I tried but nothing happened

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Hey, any video tutorial for vietnam mod?

anyways i love your mod <3

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zeroy Creator

Thanks! No video tutorial im afraid and source files havent been released. You can find tons of help and tutorials here however for modding/mapping in WAW! Wiki.modsrepository.com

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Hey, did you still continue your Vietnam mod? and also i want to see the SP ap Argentan you've been working on.


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zeroy Creator

Still hoping to release Bots for Vietnam Mod at some point, SP map... i dont know, very busy working on Rikochetthegame.com at the moment!

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Wow! your making a new game?


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