Uprising Reborn 2.0 will be a fresh mod for Red Alert 3 featuring updated units, New Units, New Structures and effects

Uprising Reborn takes place after the Uprising (Ra3 Uprising)

FutureTech had succeeded in stealing Tech from the 3 world powers and now have enough to create their own army and take dominance over the world

This mod will feature :

All Uprising Units

New units

New Structures

New camera functions

a 4th New faction (FutureTech)

More Skirmish Maps

A Fresh edit to the Campaign

and much more

created by ItzTeeJaay

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Welcome Commanders

This year has been extremely busy for me in home life, so my progress slowed down quite abit, but i have been making good progress

So far ive been skimming over the Factions making sure they are fully functionable and there are no bugs or issues for when i release the mod

Due to lack of time, and slowed progress, im open to opening the mod up to a team of people that have some skills in modding and modelling, Members of the team will have instant acsess to the BETA's and will get full credits with any work they input

Currently im looking for Modellers, Unit ability coders and particle effect coders, this is merely to speed up the mods progress, if your interested please message me on discord directly (DM)

On top of this we have a discord server for you guys to join if you want to be involved in the discussions and see updates before i post on moddb :Link here Discord.gg

For the fans

I have some updated images on some of the additional content i have added to the mod as well as the things im currently working on

20220525100647 1

In this image you can see some new tanks that i have made and added to the mod, Starting with the new HammerTank model, the hammer will lose the Leech ability and im not sure just yet what will replace it, but the Hammer tank is something i always wanted to change due to disliking its original model

Secondly we have a new model for the Soviet Medium Range tank, currently the name for it is the "Heavy Rhino Tank" but this may be changed in time

Tank Destroyer

Next we have a new image of a Tank Destroyer, this will serve as the Allied equivalent of the soviet Tier 2 medium range tank, The Prism tanks weapon FX has also been updated to a closer visual to the Red Alert 2 white/blue beam

Allied Army

Next up is the overall units plus another new Addition to the Allied army, "Rocketeer Soldier" a fan favourite from Red Alert 2

Allies have lost the Future Tech tank since Uprising as i think they suit best with future tech

Empire Navy

For the Empire !!!!

Here we have a new model for the Naginata Cruiser as well as the TIER 4 Navy Destroyer class ship (note in this image is the Giga fortress, this unit will not be available in 2.0 as it will serve as the EMPIRE Epic unit which will be in 2.1)

Before we move on, some info on what to expect in 2.0

so originally i was going to be throwing in tier 4 defences, tier 4 units and epic units, but after some hard thinking, i decided it would be best to do everything up to TIER 4 and NOT include Epics and T4 Defences until a much later version, as that will give me time to make some really unique models that would fit the RA3 universe correctly

moving onto the final image that i would like to show

Chrono tank

So i guess you guys are wondering about Future Tech ?, well here is a very early Unfinished design of a new tank "Chrono Tank" that will be available as Future Tech

So is there an official Road map ?

Yes and here it is

Uprising reborn 2.0:

All 3 factions will have a selection of uprising units (but not all) and some additional brand new units

New FX and sounds will be added

Campaign will be fully re edited for a fresh experience and a slightly harder challenge

New Tier 4 Units will be Added to the mod

New sky and camera visuals

A fully re worked Ai

Tier 3 Anti air Arcraft units for all factions

Tier 4 Destroyer class navy ships for all factions (1 per faction)

Tier 4 Vehicle for all factions (1 per faction)

Uprising Reborn 2.1

Epic Units will be added

Custom Challenge maps will be added

and any 2.0 bug and balance issues will be fixed

Uprising Reborn 2.2

Future Tech will be added as the 4th playable faction

Uprising reborn 2.3

Any previous fixes will be implemented

1 New Sub Faction per Faction will be added

I hope everyone is well and safe

i am working hard to get 2.0 out for release as soon as i can



2022 Progress report

2022 Progress report

News 10 comments

So guys, time for some progress now that we are nearing the end of the first month of 2022.

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Uprising Reborn 1.24 (Old Edition)

Uprising Reborn 1.24 (Old Edition)

Full Version 41 comments

The final 1.0 patch 2.0 is being worked on and it will be a full remake of 1.0, check my article for more information

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Thanks for your hard work mate, keep up the work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ItzTeeJaay- Creator

Thankyou :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Very interesting, I see a man who loves the second part of Red Alert. I wouldn't be surprised to see familiar models and sound effects. But I have a question. You mentioned that you will be adding a fourth faction of Future Tech. Will there be a variety of sub-fractions of each of the factions? Additional neutral buildings? Other factions? Yuri's army from the Red3: Synergy mod. Chinese faction from Eastern Loong. European coalition. They look like GDI, from the first tiberium war. As for armament, it remains the same, with some difference. Or is it not planned yet? Will the closed version be shown on the stream?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ItzTeeJaay- Creator

RA2 was a big part of my childhood

Currently closed testing has began
The plan is for Future tech to be added

And then 1 sub faction each

As for factions from other mods I’m afraid modders don’t generally share full assets so no I doubt we will see those in this mod

Once closed testing has been finished, I’ll release some trailers and gameplay videos of them before release

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Will there be 8 factions then because if we add a futuretech faction then add subfaction for each then we have 8 playable factions right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ItzTeeJaay- Creator

That is the end goal

Altho this will be a while away after many patches

Reply Good karma+2 votes

nice nice, would future tech only have experimental/modified versions of the other factions, or would they also have unique units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ItzTeeJaay- Creator

New units is preferable
There could be a unit that has a weapon based from the technology from stolen tech from one of the 3 factions

Lightning or fusion beams

But all models will be new (except the future tech tank, as that becomes exclusive for future tech and is no longer an allied unit)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Where is new version 2.3? Where i can download new version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
ItzTeeJaay- Creator

It is not available yet
I’m working on 2.0 at the moment

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