This is a western mod that features tournament style games and of course maps and weaponry from the time

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Badlands is a Total-Conversion Mod for Unreal Tournament that will capture all the spirit, action, and drama of the Wild, Wild West. Load those Peacemakers and fix the sights on that Longrifle because its going to be a long, hot showdown on the deserted streets at high noon.


Revolvers -
Colt Peacemaker
S&W Frontier
Remington Outlaw "Cap & Ball"
Rogers & Spencer Army Model Revolver
Spiller & Burr Colt Navy Revolver

Rifles & Carbines -
Model 1866 "Yellowboy"
Winchester Model 1873
Colt Lightning
Sharp Rifle
Remington Rolling Block Rifle
Marlin's Model 1881 Rifle
Colt M55 Rifle
Sawed-off Shotgun

Melee & Artillary -
Bowie Knife
Bow and Arrows
Jugs 'o Moonshine
Gatlin Gun

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Badlands Version 120 Umod complete

Badlands Version 120 Umod complete

Full Version

This is the originals and rare 110 and 120 umod versions compiled into one v120 package and UMOD version for UT 99. To install install the v110 first...

Badlands bonus pack

Badlands bonus pack


This is the badlands bonus pack who contains manly stuff to customize UT at the badlands mood

Unreal badlands 110 to 120

Unreal badlands 110 to 120


This is the unreal badlands patch that adds a lot of content like some maps, a good bunch of weapons and the possibility to dual wield revolvers.

Unreal Badlands v110

Unreal Badlands v110

Full Version

This is the full unreal badlands mod that contains everything needed to install, you can start the game by using the shortcut or by changing gametypes


Play it with the awesome FerBotz:

Or: What are ya, yella?

Slap on the appropriate music.

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My game play video -

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Blade_Sword Creator

It is I thought it was good to show some gameplay.

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hey that's my youtube video lol

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