Description: The Apocalypse Weapons modification has a main objective: Turn your Unreal Tournament into a real Deathmatch.

You'll now have powerfull and balanced weapons to use. New pickups were made to suit the mass deathmatch. Neat features will give you more power and speed. A new atmosphere will be born in your computer. Blood will be as simple as a cup of water.

That's the Apocalypse Weapons. A small and simple Modification...
...that turns your UT into a really Unreal Challenge.

Story: After the sucessful first Tournament, the Liandry Industries've decided to upgrade future Tournaments. So, the Apocalypse Weapons project was created. The base of the project was the addition of much more bloody and frantic deathmatches, by including totally new lethal and balanced weapons.

And then, the project was launched. A long search for mercenaries, lunatics and scientists had begun. After years of work, three weapons were ready, so they put them into action.

The Unreal Tournament - Apocalypse Weapons was born. Unfortunately, the results were unexpected. The weapons weren't working properly, which resulted in many flaws and accidental explosions.The Liandry Industries abandonated the project.

Some years later, a young scientist who worked for Liandry Industries stole some parts of the project. Working alone, he improved the three old weapons, and in addition, developed two more. He then searched for a backer, and promoted a new Tournament.

It was so sucessful that today, the project has its own weapons, acessories and ammunition. And each day, the project grows bigger, developing more stuff and winning fans of the whole world. The Tournament can't stop.

Current Features:

  • 12 totally new weapons, well balanced and deadly
  • 1 new ammunition type, creating a kind of "two weapons in one"
  • 8 new pickups, with creative and useful functions
  • New health items, replacing the default health items randomly
  • A huge Mod menu, that allows you to customize the Mod as you wish
  • Volatile Ammo - Shot Ammo Packs and they'll fire their content
  • Own Arena Mutator, to let you play with your favourite weapon
  • Spree Award Feature, which gives you items for Spree levels
  • Adrenalin Feature, which makes you faster when your health is low
  • Burning Player Feature, which allows you to burn your enemies!
  • Garantee of much more bloody and funny matches
  • Incoming Features:

  • New ammunition types for all existing weapons (except the Super Weapons, the Silver Falcon and the WitchBlade).
  • Jetpack!!!!! Fly like a butterfly! Lol...
  • Lots, lots, really lots of fixes, changes, improvements, add-ons, cleaner codes, new scripts, better frame rates, everything you can think about!
  • Modsquad Reviews:

  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 9 (Score: 9.8 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 7 (Score: 9.7 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 6 (Score: 9.4 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 4 (Score: 9.0 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 3 (Score: 8.0 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 2 (Score: 7.2 / 10)
  • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 1 (Score: 0 / 10)
  • Download AW BETA 9: (4 Mbs)

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  • BeyondUnreal

  • Non-UMOD mirrors
  • BeyondUnreal

    Hail to the most improved mod ever!

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    Back to UT modding...


    ... but not working on Apocalypse Weapons.

    I could try to finish my job on this mod, but there're a few things to keep in mind:

    • I'd have to script if from the scratch to make it working on-line. So, thousands of lines to recreate, test and so on. Would it be worth the time? Then, comes the next one...
    • I don't enjoy anymore the main concept of the mod. It's way too overkill: I designed the weapons to merge characteristics of weapons I liked, although being very interesting in practical ways, most weapons don't require much to master them. And that's definatly something I don't value anymore in a game...

    So, I'm not currently developing this mod. Just updated the profile to correct the last release date.

    For those who are interested in Apocalypse Weapons, I should make this clear: there're two later releases:

    • Apocalypse Weapons Beta 9: released on Mar-27-2003, is the lastest BETA, which features a HUGE mod menu. The only advantage of using the Beta is the functional mod menu.
    • Apocalypse Weapons Alpha: released on Jan-07-2005, the last release at all, which was my work torwards the final release, Apocalypse Weapons X. It has much more features then the lastest Beta, but doesn't have a working menu, though you can change ANY of its setttings by editing the .ini file. I'd encourage using this by all means, since it's more polished and has much more features.

    And finally, for those who enjoyed Apocalypse Weapons and would like to follow my work, please welcome to my Maverick Hunters project, which I'm currently working on, and intend to make it even better then what I've done on Apocalypse Weapons across all the years of development it had.

    Thanks for the attention, and sorry for the frustration, if any.

    Would you please download it now???

    News 5 comments

    Ahm... I haven't been doing many thing related to UT for a while, but I really, really want to finish the mod. For now, I don't have any forums...

    New ammunition for the Cyber Rifle is done!

    News 1 comment

    Finally, I've just finished the main code of the new secondary ammo for the Cyber Rifle. The concept is a bit weird, but at least it's original...


    News 7 comments

    Do you think that a mod that has a weapon called Phoenix can really die like this? I'm not sure... ;) Got the idea, right? 8)

    AW officialy ends

    News 5 comments

    Yep, that's right. I've made my mind right after Strategy-x (the old website host) screwed things up, but certainly it was going to happen, sooner or...

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    Apocalypse Weapons Alpha (7th January, 2005)

    Full Version 2 comments

    Lastest official release, being considered an Alpha only for not having a proper mod menu... but has MUCH more features than Beta 9. Recommended version.

    Apocalypse Weapons Beta 9 (27th March, 2003)

    Apocalypse Weapons Beta 9 (27th March, 2003)

    Full Version

    Last Beta version, the only advantage over Alpha being the huge Mod Menu.

    Apocalypse weapons V7

    Apocalypse weapons V7

    Full Version

    This is the version 7 of the mod with better balance than the earlier versions

    Comments  (0 - 10 of 101)

    This mod is insane! xD
    Love it.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    I don't like this mod because you can't mix other weapon packs into this one.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
    Darkness Creator

    Of course you can, just use W.O.R.M or StuffSwapper to insert its weapons. If you want some of the AW features to go along, use the "lite" mutator, and you're ready to go: the weapons you want, and the mod features (such as adrenaline, burning player, and others).

    Reply Good karma+2 votes

    Could you be a little bit more specific? I am a noob when it comes to modding unreal.

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

    Im from the future!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

    LOL, I must say, Phayd isn't the only dude looking to see if this mod will ever get out of alpha =). Yeah, you probably won't do anything with this mod, darkness, but it was awesome while it lasted. It was greatly appreciated and brought me great joy in kicking the **** out of stupid bots (because I couldn't take the smart ones =))

    Zuhalterkoenig (now known as Plasmo)

    P.S.'s been a long time, but I still think about the awesomeness that was apocalypse weapons. Thanks, dude! It was greater than great while it lasted, and far beyond too =).

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    back to have another peek and do this...

    >kicks Darkness<

    I told ya that I would do it from time to time...I'm still holding out for a final version, even if I'm 80 when it comes

    Still spreading the love!!

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
    Darkness Creator

    I gave up :P

    No motivation on this, and I don't even have UT installed... gotta search for my CD if I really wanna do something.

    Reply Good karma+1 vote

    Just thought I would drop in and see how everything was going??

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

    I'm back to give the proverbial kick up the jk

    >kicks Darkness gently again<

    The Chaos mod had a large-ish menue...if memory sreves right, which on occation it does, would be cool to see the spree awards again, and the option to edit what you get for the said

    I know it's easy to loose heart, and let things fall by the wayside, but Darkness, I have faith in don't get known as the man who invented the best UT mod for nothing, I should know, I've plaied a LOT of mods...the great majority of them suck AWX is NOT one of those never ceased to amaze me how well AWX blended into the matrix and matrix moves mod's...yeah I have the vampire totum, I'm running on the walls, shooting someone with my twin silver falcons, aiming for their crotch, while the one and bullet time is on.....ah, good

    I'm spreading the love, and AWX is one of my great

    Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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