Readme File:

****** UnpredictablE DooM3 v.2.0 ******
and now...
****** UnpredictablE DooM3XP_ROE v.2.0 ******

Created by David Fabrega Maestre. (Spain)

Atention !...: This mod needs at least the v1.3 patch for Doom 3 !

Installation...: Full versions - Just put my mod's folder into the Doom 3 folder (not base).
Updates - It's easy, just do the same, put the update folder into Doom 3 folder and overwrite my mod's old stuff.
Requires a VERY powerfull machine to work !!!


Scheduled in v2.5 (unreleassed) I will do Auto-Regeneration of HEALTH for Player, Demons and Zombies.
Either Monsters and Player will Regenerate Health only when they will be static for 10 or more seconds and his
Health is less than 50, but never will regenerate more than 50-75, for example this feature is present in some games like Prey, Quake IV and Fear.
Also some monsters like Hellknight, BaronofHell, Imp and Fat zombie will be able to take objects or another monsters or zombies and throw it to you, also you can be throw it to others and be seriously damaged or killed !!!
Monsters that can walk and run in any direction.
Better sound and SFX, bug fixes and use ALL Features from D3XP/ROE expansion. (Hunters, Grabber, Double_Shotgun and more, but on any base SP/MP levels/mods !!!)

Latest Updates...:

v2.0 base & roe - (public release)

Updated with almost all the latest features present in all my mods.
Specially the A.I. is unveliable, the monsters hunt you, you will have to retreat many.
Latest NG shaders.
Latest modded version of Chromatic Dispersion shaders by TheRealSceneGraphManager.
F.E.A.R. alike muzzleflashes.
More movable objects, more interactive environment, objects with lights attached.
Added better body ragdoll parts for zombies killed.
Bettered A.I. for zombies, Wraiths, Imps and anything that can jump or dodge.
Fixed many bugs.

v1.52.2 base & roe -

v1.52.1 base & roe - Added better & smart A.I., specially for Wraith and any jumping monster.
Balanced some weapons and monsters.
Fixed Enpro bridge letting them to open/move.

v1.52 base & roe - Next Generation GFX for D3 thanx to Brilliant Highlights by Maha-x and improved by me.
NEW bump-maps and normal mapping thanx to D3-Alpha.
NEW SFX sounds for many weapons, npcs, doors and environment.
NEW A.I. for all monsters, smart and they now don't throw fireballs in very close range, only in middle to long range, jump more and are more aggressive !
Specially Imps and Vulgars, faster running, tweaked phisics to let them be able to kick anything at they're pass !!!
Also Maggots, Wraiths, cherubs, trites, Hellknights and Hunters improved in one way or another...
Fixed Bernie, they now has a new fireball and they used more and on any SP/MP levels.
Fixed Char_Sentry, smart and doesn't stop on some random places like before.
Removed Allyed-Marines from base v1.52 and up, because they eat too much memory for the base version, i prefer to add another better things than to keep this.
NEW weapon_BFG that will be more like the weapon_DMG from Quake IV, this weapon features are dragging any objects/monsters/npcs closer to the fireball ! (But this version is not based on BFG_Vortex, this a different approach
made by me.), also with better FX particles.
NEW weapon_shotgun and double_shotgun fixed, similar tor Fear one.
NEW weapon_machinegun, better skin, more accurate and optimized, similar tor Fear one and better sound.
NEW weapon_chaingun, like the Fear one and better sound.
NEW weapon_pistol, more accurate, better skin, better sound.
NEW weapon_chainsaw, reduced the light radius.
NEW weapon_rocketlauncher, changed sound for missiles.
New Ragdolls for the Forgottens and LostSouls...

v1.51 base & roe - Lowered the damage of the ZSec_Machinegun from 5 to 2.5, this was exagerated !
Fixed ZCommandos attacking Betruger.
Better A.I. for Archivile, can run now, Trites & Ticks, can run now, Imps, Vulgars, Cherubs, Trites, Ticks and Maggots, better attacks from Jumping now, better invisibility A.I. for Wraith now !
Lowered a little the weapon_chainsaw motor sound when idle !
Added a RED light with dynamic shadows to the chainsaw weapon, creepy !!!
More moveable objects in the Caverns2 and Hellhole SP maps, now.
Another Shaders based on Prey Shaders (no plastic like monsters/npcs skins) !
A couple of bug fixes...

v1.50 base & roe - Optimised & fixed many bugs, and made weapon_FlameThrower and PlasmaGun in one script.
Made that some Zombies when killed can resurrect or do a Poltergeist/Phantasm things or die, the second option make some objects move, some invisible things damage the player, some bodys turn their head, or hands, or legs...
Updated the mod to use the new Id's Patch v1.3.1 for better compatibility.
The Bloom effect is no more because needs the old gamex86.dll library that is not compatible with the new patch, if anyone know how to compile for patch v1.3.1 i will use it inmediately, (will be easy to recompile with the new SDK v1.3.1 that is available now !)
NEW own GUI light colors for every weapon that uses them !!!
Fixed weapon_double_shotgun small small bug.

v1.49 base & roe - This morning I have added to the Hellknight and BaronofHell the capability also to throw the player and zombies/npcs/objects !!!
And I spend all the morning in optimisse the weapons, specially the machinegun, chaingun, shotgun and all the ZSecs and Allys that uses them...
Also yesterday was exchanged the 50% of the Zsec_Machinegun's in all the D3 base & roe levels that have it, for the Zsec_Plasmagun's.
Also made that when you was killed by a monster and if he has Zombies or Humans closer he will hunt and kill everyone of them !!!
I have also fixed the Vulgar's projectile decal and light offset (a bug from Nerve soft, not mine), and many other things...

v1.48 base & roe - NEW versions of monsters_demons, NEW fireballs for many monsters, NEW sounds for Shamblers, NEW spawn FX for many monsters according to their size and own fireball colors !!!
Better use of sights & melee anims on BIG monsters like Hellknight, BaronofHell, Mancubus, Bruiser and Pinky; like for example being able to sight or do melee when they have pain, beating or kicking anything that is close to themselves !!!
Also created NEW LITE versions of many BIG monsters, this _lite versions aren't capable of throwing fireballs, don't worry, they coexist with the other FULL big monsters, but I will use this for adding some big monsters on SMALL rooms where
you previously thinking where safe, but never more...
Also fixed machinegun and shotgun in player and zsecs eating FPS's !!!
And tweaked some things in the flashlight and added FullShadows to all SP maps of both base and roe.

v1.47 base & roe (internal) - All the enemies can kick objects and don't get blocked with a small burger or paperwad !!!
All the objects that have to be solid, are solid... For example...: Try the first in base and next with my mod to see the BIG difference !, you know when you start and kills all the Trites, some rocks that have been fall and are
in your way, before this rocks where NOT solid, and now, are full SOLID, much better than before, (why Id, why ???)
Now, I hope the Sentry are really fixed, don't worry, is because many new features I am implementing, like don't firing at the player, try another way to combat enemies, be smart and more faster in response, attack the more closer enemies first...

v1.46 base & roe (internal) - Now, the Boss_Vagary not only throws moveable objects to they're enemy, if she takes an exploding or burnable object like some barrels or tanks she will burn and throw them to player or she's enemy, exploding on her face !!!
Also some demons will have the ability to throw NEW fireballs !
The moveable objects and ragdolls now have new FX collision !!!
New A.I. for CheckBlocked function for monsters, zombies and Allys, this makes better kicking the objects that obstruct the way of the monsters, etc...
A.I. for Erebus3 (roe) character_erebus3.script & Admin (base) character_prone.script mixed into one script, saves some memory !

v1.45 base & roe - Much BETTER A.I. for ZSecs !!!
Much BETTER A.I. for Sentrys and Allys, now, all they will try NOT to hit you from rear you when they battle and are firing with any monster, but if they hit you, they then will stop firing and will get out of way and find another
position to fire to and kill the monster, they also will do this if you are in between the Monster and him !!!
Fixed some bugs and optimized the code for Zsecs, Allys and Sentrys.
BIG FEATURE...: Removed the ZSecs A.I. and substituted with my very upgraded version of TinMan Allys, NOW all the ZSecs are more DANGEROUS and SMART, they will take care of theyre Health and situation, and actuate in consequence,
attack and retreat if they have little Health and other things I will implement in the future, like cooperative attacks with another Zsecs !!! (They will be as GOOD as the FEAR ones !)
Optimized and rebalanced some weapons used by Player and ZSecs, Zombie_Commandos, Turrets, Allys, Security Soldiers (Not Zombified ones) and Sentrys alike !!!
More small features that don't remember yet !
Also please note that more NEW A.I. Features will require more FASTER CPU & BIGGER Memory POWER !!! Also the more NEWER Sound cards will use theyr'e own procesing & memory capabilities and help the CPU a little !!!
The NEW Shaders, Particles and FX will require more Powerfull GFX cards from NVidia or ATI !!!
Taken FX sounds from Aliens Movie for the FlameThrower Radar, Amazing, this is NOT mine, is from the Very Good View v1.5 MOD by Gil ! (I sometimes play with various mods, and if something likes me, then I try to make it better, optimise and
add to my mod, but if the owner don't want I will remove from mine inmediately and say sorry to the owner !!!)

v1.44 base & roe (internal) - First of all, Changed my working method a little; Now, I will do some internal revisions/versions (5 to 10 revisions / 2 to 3 internal versions) previously to make a NEW PUBLIC version to upload to d3files
(Thanx to Lethalvirus suggestions), I know that working this way will give me time to Eliminate more BUGS and to upload ONLY STABLE versions with more NEW GOOD FEATURES on any NEW PUBLIC version I release !
And sorry for make many bugs in my latest versions, I was very happy with my work that i was uploading anything to the good DOOM 3 users, but now, I have learned that is BETTER LESS UPDATES, but with GOOD NEW FEATURES than

New Particles for some weapons, like the RocketLauncher and the BFG explosion from the excellent View v1.5 MOD by Gil !
Now, the MELEE for BIG Demons like Hellknight, D3XP_Bruisser or Mancubus will do BIG damage to player and to any Monster or Zombie !!!
Updated & Bettered the A.I. for Character_Soldier (this is NOT used for the moment, but I was learned some good ideas !)
Better & Faster A.I. for Wraith & Maggot demons.
Now, the Shield Item dropped by ZSecs-Shield's will add armor to Player when picked up !!! (Thanx to Zakyrus for this GREAT IDEA !)
Created the SuperImp from a NEW Idea by Zakyrus and me. (They also have coded they're OWN SuperImp also !)
The SuperImp it's a REMIX of the normal IMP and the IMP_Crawler, using the anims from both Demons the SuperImp is now as DANGEROUS, FASTER & SCARY as a VULGAR !!!
More moveable objects that previously weren't.
First mod that uses the INFLUENCE effects for any SP map !!! (Official or user made.)
The Influence and some other effects will make the player move slowly while the screen is zoomed slowly and played some SCARY sounds, all this will happen when some Demons appear on scene for surprise !
Many bug fixes.

v1.43 ROE - All the same as version v1.43 for base, but using (yes, using) the better features from D3XP-ROE !!!
For example the A.I. has some (small) functions that actually I can only implement on ROE version !!!

v1.43 - Thanx to many comments from users i have found some bugs and unbalanced things and I have now fixed all them.
The Sentry model is now fixed and with additional run anim.
The Sentry has more Health, more Fire Power and NEW A.I. that don't fire the player if he is in between the monster the Sentry are attacking !!!
Also the Allys, have this Feature ! (they can be spawned by pressing a KEYPAD key or from console.)
The weapon PlasmaGun is like it was ever and the FlameTHrower its only an additional weapon, all of them supported by SP maps !
Also the weapon FlameThrower will NOT kill FPS, only enemies, and their damage is slidly higher !
The Reload anims for Shotgun and Double Shotgun are slightly faster, but like in real life you have to reload one by one !
The Hellknight and Revenants have adjusted their new run anims to be more smooth (faster than walk, but not too much faster !)
The Flashlight where not correctly binded, now is Fixed.
There was a problem with DoomConfig.cfg and Autoexec.cfg with the bindings and the ressolution chossen, this is now fixed, but please dont delete this
configs, because they are responsible to select the BEST GFX and FASTER cfg that i can, and apropiately configure the mod. The Doomconfig.cfg has to be WriteProtected !
(already it is.), because some cvars will be deleted if it is not !
The ZSEC_Shotgun have less Health now and try to fire from short (mortal) range if he can, the ZSECS are hard and when i can implement all the NEW A.I.
will be more hard, but all will be balanced !
The ressolution selected from now is R_mode 5 (1024x768x32) and Com_machineSpec 2 (BEST is 3), This are the most fast and good modes !
You can change my Doomconfig.cfg and Autoexec.cfg if you want, but don't change or delete what you don't understand and more importantly when finished WriteProtect the Doomconfig.cfg always !!!
Also i am playing with this mod to see bugs, but if you find one don't hesitate to comment !!!

v1.42 roe - BIG update, needs the full Unpredictable_ROE v1.4 and update_ROE v1.41
Try any D3XP map (official or not), and see most features, specially monsters, moveables objects and weapons !
I will explain later, i am sending now !!!

v1.42 - BIG update, needs the full Unpredictable v1.4 and update v1.41
Try any retail or not official map and see most features, specially monsters, moveables objects and weapons !
I will explain later, i am sending now !!!

v1.41 - (base & d3xp separate versions) - This is an UPDATE and needs the previous version v1.4, the NEW features includes weapons_flamethrower integration into any sp map, better A.I. for Wraith, LostSouls, CacoDemons (and Forgottens d3xp version only !).
Small optimisations and bug fixes !

v1.4 - Changed name to Unpredictable (base & ROE versions) for now, Fixed a small bug in LostSouls and Forgottens that make them freeze on some circumstances, like on Elevators or similar...
New CacoDemons attacks attitude, try a level with Cacodemons and comment if you liked it !
Faster walking for Hellknights & Revenants, New run anim for Char_Sentrys and Demon_Sentrys...
Included Revitility Demons Pack in my Internal version only, tell me if you want and if his creator let me...
NEW WEAPON...: the Flamethrower based on a weapons from BoomBeta mod v0.5, Heavely modified version by me, with more dynamic lightning and spread, try it now !!!
New Exploding and Burning Barrel explosions modified from other good mods, MedKit-packs & other Items Now MOVEABLE !!!
New moveable FireExtinguisher, Now if you fire it they EXPLODE after a small amount of seconds !!!

Unpredictable_D3NewAI_small_v1.3 ROE version - Now, the ROE version ,this has the same features of the same version of normal D3NewAI and...:
(Enhaced NEW A.I. for ROE monsters, Bruisser have more dodge and faster firing, and other small things, Now, more than before, Vulgar is a Powerfull Killer Machine !!!)
(35% of Flying_Forgotten's are randomly changed for LostSoul's, and also 35% of interchangeable Bruisser's for Mancubus, the Hunters have the NEW A.I.
tweaked a bit, (have more dodge, more jump at you, whatever you are, etc...)
(more powerfull and small features I don't remember !)
(There will be more complete and better Docs on a later update...)

v1.3 - NEW A.I. for Zombie_Commando_Cgun, now he runs and use his weapon at the same time, and now he is more Dangerous than never before !!!
Also the monsters that can jump, now can jump more higher than before, they're only need a big room with more space to show his power, try it on a
map like Fortcomp, Final Key, BJA_LostFacility, BJA_Genetic and any good big maps ! (This maps are NOT included in my mod, but you can find them on D3_FileFront !)

v1.2 - Tweaked more the ai_monster_base.script and other to make the monsters jump at you when you are at a position unreachable for them, only whith
monsters that jump, like the trites, cherubs, Maggots (superior !!! ,My Maggots), Imp's & Vulgar's. and Hunter_Berserk !!! (I know the Hunters are only
on D3XP-ROE, but my mod supports them, and I have a version for D3XP-ROE, I will upload that later !!!

v1.1 - I have changed the A.I. for the Zsecs, using ideas from TinMan's Allied NPC's mod, also the Sentry NOW can follow you, only have to press it
when he is close, they follow and defend you from the Hell Beasts, try it !!!

v1.09 - Fixed small bugs. Added the Plasma versions of Sentry's, ZSec's, Revenants, and others, but for the moment they have to be spawned manually,
the retail maps don't use it, but in a later version they will appear, sure...

v1.08 Fixed more small bugs, The Mancubus will be more Furious !

v1.07 - small version. Added more fx for the weapons, more fx for the monsters and bugs fixed, but not as good as in the complete bigmod versions, sorry,
for the moment I am unable to send files that his size are more than 16Mb. (because of this I was forced to create the small version, BEST is small, than nothing at all !)
(see the Mancubus and the Zombie_commando_CGUN !)
(see the Zombie_Benzo, I don't create it the Benzo, but I have bettered them.)
(see the Infantry Zombies and the Burned Boney's !!!)
(Also all the monsters that have a Skin, if they Ressurrect they conserve his Skin and other things !)

v1.06 - small version. Added monsters and fixed many bugs.
(see the Zombie_Bernie and the Archvile !)
(see the AI of the ZSecs for example, or the way many Zombies can Ressurect !!!)

v1.05 - small version is a more complete than the old v1.0 beta, but it is not the BIG version !
(see the AI for the Imp, the Trite, the Maggot, and the excellent Wraith !!!)
(They are now more dangerous and jump and dodge more, even when not damaged, like in the AI of Quake 4 and Prey)
Also I would send the Big version in a few days !


This Mod is dedicated to all users that love Doom 3 as it is, and only want more upgrades, because Doom 3 is one of
the BEST games in HISTORY (not only for the gfx ,but because they have the best playability ever seen !!!)

Thanx also to all ID and all the modders that I have taken parts of their mods to mix with mine (materials, particles, fx, models, skins and sound).

(All the .Defs and .scripts are my work.)

This the not the complete documentation of my Big Mod D3NewAI_Unpredictable for Doom 3. I will include all Docs later...

I wanted to give to Doom 3 community my mod as faster as I can.

Please, sayme any changes that we want ,send me feedback, i will apreciate all your comments and try to do the best I can to change the mod as we want !!!

In this .ZIP file i only have included a SMALL version of my D3NewAI_Unpredictable files for Doom 3, that said this is fully usable as a MINI-MOD.
I am forced to do a MINI version because of D3NewAI because I am having trouble to upload the FULL BIGMOD version (450mb.), I have no Internet on my home,
but in as faster as I can i will upload the FULL BIG version.

I've been put a couple of screenshots, not finished documentation in the .ZIP file.
A VIDEO .DEMO playable on Doom 3 is comming also.


Anyone that want to use any part of my mod can use it, at least my.defs and .scripts, all the other files are we have to ask to the respective owners.


Only have to drag the d3newAI folder into Doom 3 folder (not base) and run Doom 3 ,select d3newAI
from MOD list and start playing any map...


Open the console and enter...: map game/


First: (sorry for my bad English !!!)

Features: (Incomplete list of Features for now...)

(Latest big features that i remember, because there are thousand of things in my mod !)

NewAI - That i change and make it better every day, and bugfixes for the simple d3newai_v10beta that i released a couple of weeks.

Full Shadows - Now, all the lights in the game maps have Full Shadows

Dynamic lights and shadows for all weapons that uses it.

More Interaction - 90% of objects that have moveable versions, now all this are moveable in any past, present and future map.

The monsters will show and use anims that are already in the game but Id (thank you Id) dont activate it ¿why? ¿?, anyway i am activating all that i find and will activate more in next updates !!!

For Example: The Monster_Zombie_Bernie now can launch fireballs (later will launch fire, like Archvile !) and Monster_Demon_Archvile will his actual attacks and a new one that id called it Incinerate...)

Ammo, weapons and other object now moveables (like ROE)

I included some things like in ROE in this mod but i want the style of normal Doom 3 (more scary !).

Skills 0 and 1 are EASY, Skills 2 or more are hard and crazy respectiveli :-)

and... oh common i will upload this now, i will explain all the features later, i promise, but for now try it, load any good map from the game or from your best collection and go !!!

I will update and change this mod every month for ever, if i can and we want !

The game adapts more things depending on the Skill selected, for example: For Skill lesser than 2, the monsters_demons doesn't resurrect, but zombies...

Please note...: Important, i added a file named that is inactive, if you remove the .zip extension of this file's name, then the game will show his full potential...;-) (but first, try the normal version only !)

1 - The purpose...:

Modder Creator Intentions (purpose) and Importants things that I want
to do with this Mod...:

The true purpose of my Mod. is to give any Doom 3 player more FEAR...,
HOW ??? To give D3 players more Inmersion, integration, interaction,
playability and the most important thing to me, they have to be Totally
Unpredictable, ah, and remeber this, this mod. like Doom 3, are to be
played investigating all the rooms slowly, paused, admiring all the gfx,
anims, etc. and giving D3 and my mod. the time to FEAR you, and convince
you that you are...

"Lonely on a Mars planet, a distance long away from your beloved Earth,
you have to thing that your mission is not only to save the Earth from the
Dangerous and Unknown Demoniac Monsters that have just entered this Mars
base, the base you have been arrived and started to work for, you just
acomplished your first Sargent Kelly's orders but now what happned ,your
lonely ?, one thing is for sure, your lost, and your mind can't understand
the Horror you barely have seen. Now, feel the terror ,feel the mix of
blood, gunpowder and burned flesh. but, eeehhhhhh, all is not lost, you
know the only way to exit this maledict base is to find the Sargent Kelly
and acomplish the orders they give you, remember, you are a marine and
your mind have to be cool and react fast, you can do it !!! "

As it is, my mod. want to FEAR you, Scare you, forget F.E.A.R. game,
forget HL2, the best ploace to FEAR you is DOOM, but not only the easy
way --> Imp in the rear of the next door, but with Intelligent FEAR,
giving the TIME to transport you to a vulnerable state and then...
you doesn't know when you will die, when the lights will leave you,
when and who is coming at you ,to Kill you, to Eat you, because this
things would be NOW UNPREDICTABLE...

2 - Who i am ?

First, i'm a Catalonian (Spain) 100% Fan of Doom I, II & especially;
III ,and i want to say a very BIG Thank You to Id Software and all
the DooM Community of fans, Modders and Map Creators around the World !

I'm sorry for my English ,but i do what i can... Now, let me explain
what my MOD. for Doom III can do and especially what is diferent and new
that would be interesting to you:

1 - This modification have many parts, there's a part that will
give a better lock and feel than the original and this are parts of mods
taken from another Very Good people that IMO they have small and big things
that I liked very much, I then changed, optimized and bettered (only the
.def's & .script's parts are changed by me) just so can be included in my
mod. This files are Materials, models, shaders, textures, that make Doom 3
more Beautyfull and Espectacular !

2a - My main Work which i continue to Make and Create NEW Very Good
THINGS, (.def's & .script's ) they're controll the A.I., which i'm most
interested, the way the game is played, (better playability) and many more
things i next explain in more depth below...
3 - and finally my own configuration, (especially for ATI gfx card's
9200 or later !) I have an ATI 9800 Pro with 256Mb. , I know that the best
way to play Doom 3 is with an NVidia gfx card but this is what I have and
after try & tweake ,try & tweake and try & tweake, many, many, many month's
(yes, month's) i can safely say that for ATI users there's no better config.
file around that can do what they do at Max. Quality with NO FPS cost,
effectively they'll give more FPS than normally with only 512Mb. or plus of
memory and an AMD Athlon 1700+ or higher CPU. (this where my config.) All
very basic for today's standards.

Well, next will give you my MOD. especifications (part 2b of the above):

Weapons: They now have click, click sounds and animation (thank's to I.F.D.O.)
they originally from the IFDO mod. where very good but i tweaked a little to fix
small bugs, not from IFDO mod, but from Id (previously the machineGun & ChainGun
cause's OverFlow when pressed the fire button for more than 5 secons) and add
better feel (try the ChainGun for example).

The view position have been changed to cause more visual Impact and Proximity !
Fire Rate and velocity have changed to push and move more the small moveable
object which can touch.
Make more light (with muzzleFlash) in the fire of the Gun and in the
position the fire collides.
Added more spread to some weapons (not all) ,more mass to the Hand-Grenade,
better optimization and many things I dont remember...
Brass stay more, but not infinitely (to save memory).
All the ammor that eject brass also do flesh sound in the flesh collision place
of the Human/Zombie/Monster that have been hit !
All the weapons sounds come from a mix of Trent Reznor's package and other's.
Ammo: Decreassed the Ammo of all the weapons and the ammo that the packs can

A.I.: Ahhh, my favourite tweakes, I changed the A.I. of many Demon Monsters and
Zombies and ...

Trite & Tick: This one and his brother Trite_jump and his parent Tick now the jump
ability have been extended to be able to jump to a locations above him that he can't
go before, he's jump is now more fast and higher. When he can't continue to chase the
player because he cannot go forward he will try to jump ,etc...

Cherub & Maggot: He will do like the Trites & Ticks, it will try to jump to a
location above him and chase the player !

Imp & Vulgar: Now, him are more faster and dangerous, he will hunt you anywhere you

Note !!!: Some day I'm playing Doom 3 with my Mod. and when I was spawned on d3m3 map
I open the console and spawn a Vulgar with Health 2000, because I only have my pistol
and nothing more we try to run and go to another place betwen me and Vulgar, on another
time I was on an upper location than the Vulgar, I will jump from my position to another
location that I was thinking where safe, in the middle of my jump the Vulgar jumped from
his lower position, I can't acomplish my jump because the Vulgar kill me before I was on
the safe location...

Archvile: He now can do one more new attack, this new attack is like the one of the
Guardian's and you will have to jump when Archvile uses this attack, to save your life !

Revenant: There are now two Revenants ,one with guided missiles and one without.

And many more monsters and changes, bugfixes, etc...


1- The settings are in Doomconfig.cfg that is into the mod's folder, i have made this file write-disabled, because D3 sometimes remove things that i have done to better gfx and other things, but you can change the settings that you want on this file, write-enable this file, change wat you want and then write-disable again.
Also to add small changes that doesn't require a video restart you can use the Autoexec.cfg on the mod's folder and add what you want, only small changes remember, and also i remember that you do backups before you do something.

2- The Sentry is now fixed and will be your best friend :-)

3- The pistol has been updated and fixed now, wait for the next version.

4- The flashlight dones't have any problem, you can selectit with the middle mouse button and i wanted them to not appear in the ciclyng weapon, but you can change that in the Autoexec.cfg file if you want, see the bind mouse3 "xxx" instruction and change it to another key, bind f "xxx" for example.

5- The shotguns only reloads one shot, like in real life, ha ha, because i wanted that weapon to be not so easy to kill creatures, you need some time to reload...

6- I will investigate on the keys problem...

7- Machinegun updated, i doesn't had any problem, but you will be able to test this new version soon...

8- I think the Sentrys are now fixed.

9- The random crashes are caused because the mod trys to load an animation file that doesn't find, i think that you haven't installed a .pk4 file needed for the mod to spawn special different monsters ;-)
You need to download this file and put the .pk4 file into base folder or into my mod's folder, ok.

10- I will investigate but i think that the ZSec problem is now fixed.

11- The Doomconfig.cfg warnings are because i write-disabled this file, no problem :-)

The D3 base only mod is more stable and runs better at the moment, because the v1.77 baseroe mod is another concept, based on D3XP (ROE) gamex86.dll library and is really in it's beta state, i will fix all this, but i recommend to try the v1.5xxx series, also you will need first to install the v1.42 update (link in the bottom) to be able to run this mod, the Revility Demon's pack and nothing more, ok.


Sorry, but this document it's unfinished, in the next version v1.0 Final, that should be
available in a month more or less, the full document would be done.

Also I want you to know that I will make more new, better and bugfixed versions of my Mod.
every two to three months.

Note...: I will apreciate feedback and comments from any of you, thank you.

Doom 3 is the Best !!!


The next list of Mods is to name and to give a very big thank you to the Mod. authors I was
taken a part or more from his Mods, I like very much all this Mods, but don't know personally
anyone of his authors...:

Detailed Doom 3 - better Textures
Parallax Mapping - Parallax Mapping
Poly Modifier - better looking People
TweakeDoom v4 - Textures
Ultimate Mod - Lightning Effects
UEQ Mod - Self Shadowing
View Mod - Textures
1024x1024 Monsters - High Resolution of Monsters
Relief Mapping - Structure for Textures
Enhanced Doom 3 - different changes
Faiakes Alt Entended - Particle Effects
GTX Mod - Menu Animations, Bloom Shader
Trent Reznor Sounds - a lot of new Sounds
Carnage - Explosion Effects
UAC Sentry - you can spawn a sentry bot
And many other i have forgotten this time but I will include on a later version...

Sorry, if i have forgotten anybody.



To creator of HolyShit...: You are totally wrong, very wrong, The Doom 3 have the BEST playability as it is, only can go better, but already is very good !!!

The Game and Engine of Doom 3 are no crap, in fact are the BEST Game and Engine in HISTORY !!!

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