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Guide on how to extract the music you hear in-game to audio files you can play in your media player.

Posted by on - Basic Music

What's this?

This tutorial explains the steps to obtain usable audio files from the Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Dawn of War: Soulstorm (also applies to most mods)

What will you need:

DoW_Sound_Export, just one download combining all the required programs to extract the audio files! Download here
(Link originally posted on this thread)

How to use it?

· First, extract it, preferably on a folder where the UAC won't bother you, just to be sure (desktop for example).
· Then navigate to \Dawn of War - Soulstorm\ultimateapocalypse\data\sound\music
· You'll see many .fda files. Select the ones you want to extract and copy (leaving the originals in the music folder) to that folder where you extracted DoW_Sound_Export. music_apocalypse_main.fda is the main menu music btw ;)
· Then run "fda to aifc to wav.cmd". A command prompt will appear and the conversion of the files will be carried out automatically.
· When it finishes, you'll have .wav copies of the .fda files (you can delete the .fda's you copied now). Wave audio (.wav) can be played on any media player.
· Done!

Wave files are too big/want mp3?

You can convert any audio file to any audio format with ease.
· Download fre:ac and install it
· Open it, then drag and drop the wav files to its window
· Select "Encode" from the menu bar, there's two "Start encoding" options. The second one is a dropdown, select that one and then select the audio format of your choice.
· As soon as you click one option, the encoding starts. The process is usually done very quickly.
- The default output folder is \*username*\My Music
- There's 3 audio format options I'd recommend:
FLAC Audio Encoder: Free Lossless Audio Codec. Higher quality, but also larger size. Useful to preserve CD audio quality without resorting to Wave audio. In simple terms, like Wave but lighter.
LAME MP3 Encoder: The most common encoding format out there. Highly compatible with media players and such. It is however, lossy compression. Noticeable mostly with high end audio hardware.
Ogg Vorbis Encoder: Free, open source alternative to MP3. Supported by most media player apps out of the box too.

There isn't a "best for everything" format, it depends what you intend it to use it for. For general purposes, MP3 or Ogg suffice. Use FLAC audio when you need the best audio quality, but can't afford to have them in Wave. Wave is used almost exclusively for audio editing purposes.

That is all!


works great thank you so much!

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Thank you guys <3
I haven't been able to find ANY other tools that convert FDA, thank you so much. Your mod rocks btw :)

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The best instructor evar

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I'll download the Ork troll sound

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Hello brother,i don't know whether you would read or not,but i'm curently using the same method to try and find the voice pack.Problem is i can't seem to find where is it located,do you have anything that can help ?

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