Uber Arena is a mod that takes the standard gameplay of Quake 3 and attempts to build upon and revitalize it with new gameplay mechanics and items. It has:

  • NO loadouts
  • NO abilities
  • NO champions
  • NO item timers
  • NO mechanics that use random number generators in the code
  • NO on-spawn inequality

All mechanics were designed around Quake's core principles such as on-spawn equality, item control, positioning, and movement, with the intention of enhancing these critical gameplay elements and introducing more skill without undermining the foundations of the game itself.

Features include:

Uberweapons (trademark mechanic): Upgraded versions of the standard Quake 3 arsenal, which can be obtained by obtaining 3 weapons of the same type. Reinforces item control and places emphasis on weapon control over traditional health / armor control. Provides an alternative means for the out-of-control player to regain control of the map apart from just controlling armors, while still punishing poor decision-making.

Item Knockback: Items can now recieve knockback from splash damage weapons like players can. Use to deny items from other players or move out-of-reach items toward you, creating a whole new dimension of gameplay that's well-suited for competitive Quake and feels right at home / non-gimmicky since it simply extends an existing game mechanic (knockback) and applies it to another existing element (items).

Weapon limits and weapon pouches: Players can collect up to one non-starter weapon upon spawn, but must collect items called weapon pouches to make room for new non-starter weapons. Encourages more thinking about what weapons to pickup as opposed to just grabbing everything that comes by, as well as by making players decide between more weapon diversity or waiting to pickup 3 weapons for an uberweapon (instant gratification vs. delayed but bigger reward).

Reduced starting ammo: Encouraging more conservative use of weaponry, as opposed to the very generous amount of ammo usually given to players in standard Quake 3.

3 new power-ups, including Conservation (gives infinite ammo and removes weapon limits, allows use of weapons that have 0 ammo), Rampage (instantly frags anyone that touches you, while still letting you use your weapons), and Scavenger (lets you pickup items with your weapons)

2 new holdable items, including the Tuning Device (instantly upgrades your currently held weapon into an uberweapon) and the Storage Capsule (stores an item you pick up for later use, so it can be applied at just the right time and place for maximum effect - very tactical!)

Super Ammo Crate: Ever wondered why the Mega Health and the Red Armor don't have an equivalent-level item for ammo? Wonder no more.

Trampolines: Latticework surfaces that act like jump pads and accel pads, but reflect velocity instead of pushing the player in a specific direction and speed, making them much more flexible. Similar to Portal 2's repulsion gel, but with no initial minimum boost.

6 maps based on older open-source maps from both id software and highly acclaimed Quake 3 community mappers like Lunaran, Tigger-On, Vondur, and wviperw, with new routes and the implementation of Uber Arena items and trampolines. All maps from community mappers are used with permission and with full credits given.

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Version 0.5 is now available, with 7 new maps, Team Arena weapons (with nerfs for better game balance), and match customization options as highlight features!



- Added 7 new maps:

- Claws of Nehemoth (uadm11)
Original Author: Tim "spirit" Schäfer
NOTE: Originally a QueToo map

- Serenity Garden (uadm12)
Original Author: Tigger-On
NOTE: Based on the Clan Arena of Tigger-On's RA3 map "Certain Ruin"

- Dissension of Eternity (uadm13)
Original Author: Eraser

- Starlight Run (uadm14)
Original Author: acid

- Periphery (uadm15)
Original Author: Richard "swelt" Jacques

- Pitch Black Moon (uadm16)
Original Author: Justin "StormShadow" Ingels
NOTE: Based on the Clan Arena of StormShadow's RA3 map "Black Moon"

- Revolution Industries (uactf3)
Original Author: Joel "JohnnyLaw" Baxter

- Added support for the three Team Arena weapons, as well as uberweapons for each.

NOTE: For legal reasons, the assets used for the Team Arena weapons are taken from OpenArena. I have attempted to contact the rights owners, and they did indeed respond back, and the response can pretty much be summed up as "no". So unfortunately the possibility of using the original TA assets is basically zero.

- Phantom Nailgun: Fires nails that go through level geometry, with a slightly larger damage radius than normal.

- Infinity Chaingun: Returns approximately 70% of all damage inflicted (rounded down) as chaingun belt ammo.

- Laser Prox Launcher: Fires accurate laser beams every second at players within the mine's sight cone.

- The standard chaingun now has a spin-up / spin-down time.

- Prox launcher can now only launch a maximum of 3 mines at any one time. If more than 3 are launched, the oldest one is detonated.

- New "Advanced Settings" menu that lets you customize various mod-related options. They can be accessed through the match menu, or set the old-fashioned way through the console.

- List of new console commands (see documentation for more details):


- Holdable items are now visible above the heads of other players, making them much more predictable, and easier to counter.

- If a player with the Storage Capsule is currently carrying an item inside of it, the stored item will be displayed instead of the capsule.

- Item knockback now scales based on distance from the explosion origin.

- Negative vertical velocity that would be imparted on items (due to the splash origin being above the item) is now reflected instead of being cleared. This makes knocking items from high ledges much easier as the items will always bounce upwards, instead of being thrust downwards and moving very little.

- Uberweapon names are now gold-colored when selected in the status bar.

- Fixed a bug where the missing model axes would show up on dead corpses (related to the uberweapon orb effect).

- Fixed a bug where the player would be launched by a trampoline much higher than they were supposed to.

Check out the new Uber Arena subreddit as well:

Uber Arena Version 0.4 Released - Featuring Christian Antkow!

Uber Arena Version 0.4 Released - Featuring Christian Antkow!

News 2 comments

Uber Arena Version 0.4 has been released and can now be downloaded in the Files section. It includes 4 new maps, several visual and audio clarity improvements...

Uber Arena Version 0.3 Released!

Uber Arena Version 0.3 Released!

News 4 comments

Uber Arena Version 0.3 has been released and can now be downloaded in the Files section. It includes two new maps, uberweapon versions of the gauntlet...

Uber Arena

Uber Arena

News 1 comment

Uber Arena is a mod for Quake III Arena focused on extending the base multiplayer experience and advancing the arena shooter genre in ways that remain...

This Week In Mods: September 23 2018

This Week In Mods: September 23 2018

Feature 1 comment

The biggest mod stories for the week of September 23 2018.

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Uber Arena (Version 0.2)

Uber Arena (Version 0.2)

Full Version 4 comments

This is version 0.2 of Uber Arena. Includes 3 new maps, a new Arc Lightning Gun upgrade for duel, light armor, conservation changes, and some visual ...

Uber Arena (Version 0.5)

Uber Arena (Version 0.5)

Full Version

Version 0.5 is now available, with 7 new maps, Team Arena weapons (with nerfs for better game balance), and match customization options as highlight features...

Uber Arena Version 0.4

Uber Arena Version 0.4

Full Version

This is version 0.4 of Uber Arena. Includes 4 new maps, several visual and audio clarity improvements, voice acting by Christian Antkow, and more!

Uber Arena (Version 0.3)

Uber Arena (Version 0.3)

Full Version 1 comment

This is version 0.3 of Uber Arena. Includes 2 new maps, uberweapons for the gauntlet and machinegun, major uberweapon mechanic changes in Duel, and more.

Jerkakame - - 818 comments

have you thought of making so items swaps between q3 and uber rena items? So the original q3 maps and custom maps have weapon pouches and the nice stuff.
The Alternate Fire mod swaps the items after being picked up.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Could you add some upgrades for the starting weapons?
Like for example:
-add damage deflection to the melee fist, but only when you attack someone, take for instance Alternative upgrades mod
-ammo reduction(or destruction) ability to the machinegun(that could possibly do more harm to an well equipped enemy - something like the more ammo does he carries, the more damage will he take)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Really cool mod. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Turco_ - - 231 comments

Looks interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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