Uber Arena is a mod that takes the standard gameplay of Quake 3 and attempts to build upon and revitalize it with new gameplay mechanics and items. It has NO loadouts, NO abilities, NO champions, NO item timers, NO mechanics that use random number generators, and NO on-spawn inequality. All mechanics were designed around Quake's core principles such as on-spawn equality, item control, positioning, and movement, with the intention of enhancing these critical gameplay elements and introducing more skill without undermining the foundations of the game itself.

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Toxicity86 says

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One of the Greatest experiences of my life. - 10/10


Sanctions says

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Nicely-done addition to the classics.


Perle22121979 says

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Nice Mod. Hope to see more of it.


CannerZ45 says

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Quite an interesting take from Quake3's base formula. From the weapon buffing system dubbed "Uberweapon mechanic",the item knockback mechanic that got me nostalgic of N64's Goldeneye, and a new set of powerups('scavenger' is great) and holdable items. For anyone on the fence about it, this mod is worth a try.

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