This mod includes the maximum capabilities of Age Of Empires to recreate the atmosphere of total war.

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Total War - Info



Unique building with various upgrades


The university is accessible to every civilization.
- Characteristic
Wood - 300
Limit - 1
Available since the third age
With an improvement from the church - from the t2o age

- Improvements

- Standart
Four standard upgrades that are now available at the university instead of the church

- New order
Improvements that allow you to increase the settlement limit to 250 units.
1 1

- Army schools
Three improvements, from which you can choose only one. There are three types of schools :
" American Artillery School " - provides the opportunity to produce a unique unit " Machine Gun " in 
the artillery depot. Accelerates the production of artillery. Adds health, siege artillery attack.
"French Cavalry School" - provides an opportunity to produce a unique French Cuirassier unit in the stables.
 Litters the production of cavalry. Adds health, siege attack to cavalry units.
" Russian infantry school " or in the variation " German Army School " - acceleration of infantry production. 
Adding health and siege attack infantry army.
1 3

- Fortification
Allows your explorer to build forts.
1 4

- Total war
It gives you the opportunity to build unique structures for the production of infantry, tanks, airplanes
 and airships of the First World War.
1 5

- Natalia's Declaration
Increases the speed of preparation of settlers
1 6

- Industrialization
The unique "Engineer" unit will become available in the fourth epoch. With its help, 
it will be possible to build factories at an accelerated speed.Delivery - one factories
1 7

- Passport office
Increases the limit of settlers by a certain number.
1 8

- Science - first of all
Prices for all technologies are being reduced. Also, " Atheism" is established as a religion
 (similar mechanics in WoL). Delivery - two factories
1 9

- Radmir's reforms - 1
Provides an opportunity to build special unique early factories in the third age.
1 10

Total War 1.0

Total War 1.0

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And many other unique features, units and improvements.The mod is currently under active development. If you have any ideas, feel free to write about...

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ower1659860293 - - 1 comments

dead? any progress?

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

The base of the mod is ready. It remains only to complete the AI for the new mechanics.

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Guest - - 692,314 comments

Where is the download link? Is the mod cancelled?

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

Mod in development. When it's ready - link will be available

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Guest - - 692,314 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

I will definitely point out the authors who offer their ideas in my mod. A separate button will be created in the game menu with thanks.

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magnoreich - - 6 comments

Hello my friend!

First I would like to say that I really liked your concept adopted by your mod.

If I may, I would like to make some suggestions:

- change the AI ​​leader of some civs: For example Spain having Felipe II or Carlos III as leader; Louis XIV as leader of France; John V leader of Portugal...

- For some civs who didn't really have agriculture as the essential point of their economy to carry out the implementation of a building that replaced the Plantation: the Craft Corporation, or Guild: She has the same gathering, but her workers will use hammers and saws instead of sickles and hoes.

- Reshape Grenadier-type units so that throwing grenades is a special skill, like the explorer's crackshot skill, and throwing grenades by default at buildings; His normal attack would be to shoot with a musket from a distance and attack with a bayonet in the melee (these attacks would not have multipliers, only in the grenade attack they would exist).

- Rework the multiplier system so that all units have multipliers only on one type of attack: For example musketeers and hussars only have multipliers on melee, skirms and dragoons only on ranged.

I hope I don't bother you with these suggestions, and I wish you a great day!

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

Okay, thanks for the great ideas. As soon as I finish with the implementation of other mechanics, I will definitely take care of yours!

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phutt - - 201 comments

I have some ideas for your mod.
Every faction must have unique war commander with special abilities demand on faction. make them really usefull..
also, time for creating assasin clans for killing this commanders.
You must invent world bank system, also, special trade routes called silk road..
if you are interested, i can credit every idea details here

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

Okay, thanks for the ideas. Can you elaborate on the idea of ​​a " world bank " ?

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phutt - - 201 comments

i can give detailed credits about creation of this system, but as i am not modder, information and historical design is everything that i can gift to you.
give me just 2 days and i will send detailed info about world bank system

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

Thank you, but you can just describe its tasks and functions for AoE.. I study at the Faculty of History, so in which case I can recreate the design exactly

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phutt - - 201 comments

task for your mod for world bank system
Total war needs big affords, so Every king or emperor needs smart
financial system to organize support to war.
For Christian countries, and obviously for papacy, world bank was an instrument for spreading their influence, so, they are owners of most big finantial organizations and paying big money to assasin clans to get profit from any war.
also, it can be New world in aoe, investment trade routes and national tribes to fight with you.
Functions: i think there is two ways to implement this system in right way.
First way is split every deck for four parts. world bank, black market, trading company (east india or ..) and military aliance(can create any historical one)
so world bank can give you some extra money and financial development for faction.
Second way, is to add building world bank and here add financial upgrades, also posibility to form aliance with assasins and bank can reqruit either assasins, either hand mercenaries.

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Rebel03 Creator
Rebel03 - - 14 comments

Okay thanks for the idea. As soon as I finish with new mechanics, I will start implementing your idea

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phutt - - 201 comments

Good luck) about assasin clans, would be good if european civilisations will have templars and other historical ones, and asian will have monasteries and hidden ninja villages

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