All about Eve: -This is a vanilla+ mod. More map, more units, more factions, more fun. More about Eve: -You can thank Nebaki for planting the idea for this mod in my head. Now after roughly 5 month of development the Banana is ripe. This mod is now, apart from inevitable bugfixes, considered done, as the goal was to stay as vanilla as possible and have no fancy things like unneccessary scripts, bloated building trees or fancy units in it. You will get a Grand Campaign Map that includes the whole Americas Map and an additonal part of South America by me. I ported most of the events and scripts from the expansions, most of the units and factions. I did whatever the harcoded limit allowed me to do. zumi out

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Change Log & FAQs

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-Everything to keep it very, very close to the vanilla experience just with a hint of bananas flavor

Factions Playable:

Grand Campaign:

-HRE (with integrated Teutonic Order Units)
-Novgorod (Russia)
-Teutonic Order


-Papal states (non playable)

-Mongols (non playable horde
-Rebels (non playable)

Campaign Map:

Roughly doubled the size:

-The original Americas Campaign Map is integrated into the Grand Campaign map.
-Some Regions from the other expansions made it as well into the map
-The Caribbean Islands are greatly expanded
-South America is expanded as well
-Some new settlements in the Grand Campaign Map part to fill some empty regions out or have more islands (Gotland, Baleares, Malta, Island, Greenland, etc.)
-Changed some starting conditions for settlements (made Tunis and Cagliari into a city, instead of a castle, etc.)
-The Americas Map is almost exactly the same with the resources and growth conditions and settlement states. Slightly lowered the rebel occupational forces of slave settlements
-A literal Eastern Egg on the map
-new resources obsidian, salt, honey, glas (sulfur is gone)


-You can travel with every ship to the americas through deep sea corridors
-Mesos can now built ports after a certain date and recruit small boats to invade europe
-upped the movement range of everyone


-Imported all (or most) of the units from the kingdoms expansion
-Expanded unit availability for european faction in the americas
-Added officer models to the unique units
-Mongols got the Timurid Units
-Some new units (Baltic Bidenhanders, Prussian Spearmen, Cossack Mounted Musketeers, Mounted Naffatun,...)


-castle settlements can not be build in the americas, only cities
-Ballista Towers for Cities are now only available in huge cities (that was a base game bug. You could build them in large_cities and they showed up on the battle map, but only fired arrows)
-added a hanseatic league building for some cities/ castles in the north sea and baltic sea
-Free Upkeep for all units in cities and castles (6 units max)

Traits & Ancillaries:

-Imported all (or most) traits and ancillaries from the kingdoms expansion

Religion & Culture:

-Great Spirit religion for the Apachean only
-Sun God religion for all other americas factions

-Native American Culture for Apachean only

Settlements & Forts:

-Imported the Meso Settlements and Native Indian Settlements from the kingdoms expansion (there is some weird thing with the shadows on these maps, but it is in the original game too. So do not blame me.)
-Imported the stone forts. They are not permanent (i think)
-Some minor changes to settlements regarding garrisons and castle or city
-Some minor changes to the campaign map ground types

Sound & Music:

-Imported all new faction Sounds, Voices and some Music from the kingdoms expansion

Event & Mechanics:

-Lithuania can convert and get access to other units and loses the pagan ones. You have two chances.
-Apachean do have a war path "mechanic" but it is tied to a trait that lets the generals army move like it would be on a jihad. This will only correctly trigger, if you beat an army in a open field and the general is the sole named character in the stack. The effect will subside once the general takes a settlement or loses a battle.
-Apachean recruitment mechanic (you have to train 20, 50, units of a class bow, foot, etc. to get access to better buildings and units, have to defeat an army with horses x times to get horses, have to defeat an army with gunpowder x times to get access to gunpower troops. Same for the Chichimeca.
-Jerusalem, You have to hold certain settlements in the holy land (Tripoli, Antioch, Jerusalem,Edessa, Krak...) to get access to certain units. Without them you only have access to your basic roster. Important! This is no regional recruitment thing, you can recruit a Tripoli Knight everywhere, as long as you hold Tripoli. - Only faction to have access to Unique units like the Constabler or the Sepulcher Canons.
-HRE; to gain access to Teutonic Order expanded units you have to have a teutonic order guild building and hold certain settlements (Stettin, Marienburg, Riga). Also the availability is tied to certain military buildings. Christ Knights and Swordbrethren are only available in the Baltics region.


-Implemented my debt script, to keep the AI active
-Hardmode implemented (Basically you can choose at the start of a campaign if you want to allow the AI Factions to get their Kings Purse upped by 10.000 Florin (mo money)
-AI Tinkering (the AI is now a smooth and silky cat, with really big whiskers) It will go for rebel settlements like a kitty for catnip (most of the time)
-Plague in the Americas (go get em daddy death!)
-Kalmar union event
-Reformation Event (just say yes and follow Martin. He knows the way.
-As the Timurids are on a vacation to make room for the Teutonic Order, the Mongols will get a second invasion wave, where the Timurid one was (with the same doomstacks, because the Mongols got the Timurid roster additionally)

Various Changes:

-Updated Victory Conditions
-Some other minor changes
-Brians Head implemented (Jerusalem)
-Karasis Head implemented (Forgotten where it is)
-Dragours Head implemented (Somewhere in the North)
-Head of Nebaki implemented (Also forgotten where)
-Head of Azumi implemented (Go East)

Works of others:

-Retrofit Mod by Unspoken Knight (TWCenter)
-Stone Forts Complete by Gigantus (TWCenter)
-G5 Settlement Tweaks v1.01 for M2TW\Kingdoms by Germanicu5 (TWCenter)
-Red Brick Castle Settlement files from Gigantus
-Helping Posts from the TWC Medieval 2 mod workshop
-If I forgot someone, don't kill me, tell me and you will be put here...

What else to do?:

-Enjoy your campaign


Download & Install

Download & Install

News 3 comments

Download and Install Instructions for the mod.

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Total Vanilla Beyond 3.7

Total Vanilla Beyond 3.7

Full Version 5 comments

Latest updated Version of the mod 17 Oct. 2023 Some bugfixes and new texts included.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 35)

So I found out what is wrong

Most of the errors are in the descr_strat file

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I looked again and I will just place the entire error log

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Finally i made it work!

What i did was to edit medieval2_bananas.bat in notepad++ and deleted everything there. Then i wrote the following:

echo off
cd ..\..
start Medieval2.exe @mods\banana\medieval2.bananas.cfg

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i got it to finally get to the faction selection, but as soon as i click start it crashes :,)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

doesn't work, after installing and running batch file the screen with 1099 pops up then medieval 2 closes, every other mod works perfectly fine besides this one

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This mod doesn't work. Doesn't even start.

And all my other 48 installed mods work perfect. So i don't know what's going on with this one. First time it happens.

It's possible it only works with outdated versions of the game... it could be it only works with CD-version.... maybe it doesn't work with 4GB patch... who knows?

Looks like it's working for some people and not for the rest of us.

That's sad, this was the only mod you have 5 factions in america.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I made a small tweak here and it works fine now

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thank you,

Commenting almost everything in .cfg was a good idea, but unfortunatelly that didn't work.

However, finally i made it work. I explain how in new post.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Installation instructions say - need fresh install, and no other mods installed.

See here -

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Installation instructions say this:

"(NO! Other mod that is installed in the base game folder! - if its a mod folder mod, like this one, there will be no problem)"

And all mods i have are mod foldered. Original files remain untouched. Therefore, i shouldn't have any problem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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