The Great Jedi Purge has spread throughout the galaxy with devastating results. Recent sighting of a Jedi fugitive in the Anodea system has led the Emperor to order Darth Vader - the Dark Lord of the Sith - to make sure that this Jedi won't leave this realm alive under ANY circumstance.

RSS Star Wars: TODOA

Star Wars: TODOA is the 10th Anniversary Edition of TODOA for JkGfxMod - includes Duel at Belga Jer as a DLC.

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TODOA on ModDB's front page on June 6th 2019

Star Wars: TODOA

In a world, where people are wondering if and when things will get better... FastGamerr is back to make things worse.

Star Wars: TODOA

Star Wars: TODOA is the 10th Anniversary Edition of TODOA for JkGfxMod - also includes Duel at Belga Jer as a DLC.

What you need to do to play it:

* A copy of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
* JkGfxMod (version 0.2.1 beta as of this writing)
* Extracting all the contents of TODOA2019.7z in your JK directory
* Running "Play Star Wars - TODOA.bat" (after you've configured the controls and other options to your liking in the jkgm.json file, of course!)

Star Wars: TODOA

This release commemorates the 10th anniversary of TODOA - the first FastGamerr release: both the June 3rd 2009 release of TODOA MP as well as the late 2009-early 2010 release of TODOA itself.

Star Wars: TODOA

Thanks to jdmclark's JkGfxMod, TODOA can finally look as shiny as intended all those (10+) years ago.

Star Wars: TODOA

If you've ever wanted to play a Star Wars mod featuring a couple of remakes of classic Doom tracks by the tremendous Per Kristian Risvik, here's the mod for you!

Star Wars: TODOA

While grander-scale FGR projects ended with TODOA and DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum, I did make a brief return to the TODOAverse in the form of Duel at Belga Jer - originally made for a level contest - which has also been included in this release.

Star Wars: TODOA

Who knows, maybe I will get around to making a third one in the next 10 years!

- FastGamerr

Star Wars: TODOA


Looks amazing!

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It's amazing to see how far the Sith engine has been able to be pushed. I know it's a bit cliché, but you can't even recognize these screenshots as Jedi Knight anymore.

For those of you who have not yet played TODOA, and enjoy Star Wars, nostalgia, or was a fan of the original Dark Forces series, you have to give this a try. Compelling story, great ambiance and music, and great gameplay to boot.

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Download the JfX mod from here:

Found other links on githhub, but they didn't have the inject.exe needed.

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