The Great Jedi Purge has spread throughout the galaxy with devastating results. Recent sighting of a Jedi fugitive in the Anodea system has led the Emperor to order Darth Vader - the Dark Lord of the Sith - to make sure that this Jedi won't leave this realm alive under ANY circumstance.

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I didn't even think that it was Jedi Knight. Its graphics are better than MotS graphics, and it is a shame that LucasArts couldn't do that with DF2. I am amazed.

Enhanced lightsaber blade: Aye
Darth Vader: Aye
Good cutscenes: Aye
Bugs: Nay

Brand New story (full length campaign missions featuring Vader, with multiple objectives.)
Beautiful Graphics (Just as good as Jedi Outcast in some parts.)
In-Game Cinematics (the opening movie is just plain awesome.)
Custom Music/Sound (the Forces of Corruption music fits perfectly for this mod!)
Custom Voiceovers (Vader is especially well done.)-Not many mods include custom voiceovers, but this mod goes that extra step and does it really well.


Simply put: The best mod created for Jedi Knight and the perfect opportunity to slice and dice the enemy as Darth Vader.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this highly polished mod!


I give TODOA 10 moogs out of 10

makes dark forces 2 no longer look like dark forces 2, but just like a newer game, gud mod m8


A fun different outlook on Darth Vader, that the developers spent a lot of time on. They took an outdated graphics engine and upgraded nearly everything to the max. I have never seen a mod look so good in Jedi Knight's Sith engine. THey also did a great job with the voice actors, although, they aren't professionally paid they did well with what they were given. If you are looking for a fun and intriguing mod to waste some time that lets you play as Darth Vader. You will enjoy this mod.


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