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[by colers] Colony infantry ideas (Games : C&C3: Tiberium Wars : Mods : Tiberium Secrets : Forum : Colony : [by colers] Colony infantry ideas) Locked
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Jun 3 2012 Anchor

NOTE: this thread is purely for commenting on my ideas, not to post your own. if that is what you wish to do, make your own thread

name: Dissolver
Type: basic infantry
effective against: Vehicles, and aircraft
Weapon: Acidic slime shooter (this weapon shoots a bolt of acidic slime from his guts. the in the center of the bold is a small bug which has contact with the Dissolver. this bug is tentacle shaped and does 2 things: 1. it keeps the slime as one bolt, 2. it can alter the aerodynamics of the bolt, allowing it to hit moving targets)
note about the weapon: the acid is made to take down minerals, like iron, stone, tiberium etc at a equal mass of its own ( once it destroyed that much, it is just a alien, foul smelling liquid), but leaves organics undamaged. though it is, other than rocket launchers, certain to hit infantry, the only damage done to the troop is the impact of the bug, which equals that of an blunt arrow from a long bow, so it will still do damaged.
looks: looks like a giant frog. everytime its shoots, it cheeks will first fill up with the acid. comes in a pack of 2 ( like most basic anti tank infantry)
abilities: like a disintegrator , it does damage to vehicle running over him

(my newest model (made it significantly later than the Tapper), damn i am getting better at this stuff(doesn't looks like a frog anymore, but more a frog-thing-spider-hedgehog)

Name: parasite
type: Engineer
weapon: spore sac
looks: a 2,5 metre long snake with green glowing sacks all over his body
explanation: As the Colony have no actual tech to speak off other than mutation, they needed other means than hacking or infiltration to take over enemy structures. the Parasite is the answer to this question. the insides of one are filled with sacs containing a spore that when inhaled, causes halucination and makes the target easy subjected to hypnosis. the victim soon starts to think he his one of the Colonists and will help them. parasites often infiltrate airvents of a building and release the spores for maximum effect. if these spores are injected into a dead person (by a bite), the corpse brains will be filled with the spores, allowing the parasite to effectively possess the corpse, a method used to take over the dead pilots found in walker husks. when the parasite shoots out the spores, he pretty much shoots away his guts, and as such, he dies.
abilities: same as any engineer, tough it has the ability to, at the cost of his own life, shoot at a cloud of spores that will cause hallucinations, like the confessor grenade, but bigger AoE

and here is just a upgrade, connected to the acidic slime

Name: dissolving layer
What: the Colony uses the acid to spray their buildings with, dissolving rockets and bullets before doing actual damage. reduces the damage of canon, siege , grenade, rifle, and rocket by 40 percent.
who: most buildings and some heavy tanks

Name: Tapper
Type: Basic infantry
Strong vs: Infantry ( in the same sense as gdi soldiers and militia are strong)
weapon: it pretty much is a weapon. it sucks up stones, pebbles, well pretty much everything it finds under its feed, and then shoots it out with the power of 2 airbladders out of its tail, breaking bones and piercing skin.
Story: Just like the Buzzer, this little fiend got its name not out of its weapon, purpose or looks, but from its symbolic tapping noise it makes when standing still. they come in squads of 8, and resemble horribly mutated scorpions. they use their 4 hooks to dig open the surface, for example asphalt, and suck up the debris they made. it is constantly cutting up the surface to use its debris as shooting stones. though it always have some of these in its stomach, he constantly refills them when standing still. it shoots the pebbles by the use of airpressure out of its tail, with enough force to pierce both bone and skin. its tail can aim freely in every direction, as the top is highly flexible.
looks: a scorpion the size of a dobermann. its scizors have been mutated into a pair of green hooks, the arms split in 2, giving it 4 of these ( it uses them to cut up the surface). its mouth is the same as algea eater, moping up the surface like a vacuum cleaner. the 2 airbladders are at, well, its ass, right under the tail. the tail is one of the few things other than the torso and legs that looks like the creature that underwent the progress of celluar split mutation. exept for the tip, that look like a tube, used as a "gunbarrel" for the stones.
dig (not to be mistaken with dig-in, this skill will make the Tapper go into the ground, then turn and have the claws close to the surface. the tapper can than be commanded to pop out and impale infantry with its spikes, giving a shredder impact effect. this skill is lethal to all enemy infantry, excluding commandoes, shockies and zone troops. the skill has to be activated, but is exelent to set up a trap, and are like minature minefield to infantry.)
upgrade: sensetivity ( increases the nerve links in some infantry, increasing FOV, giving short range (very short) stealth detection. also allows a digged tapper squad to activate sense mode, in which they will auto attack when they feel weight (does not work on hover, and they will also attack tanks)
cost: 350 (if battling a GDI squad one on one with both full hp, it is a question of who made the first shot (tapper has slightly lower damage but more armor), but its dig skill gives it a edge and a nice tactical advantage (also stealths it).
my first 3ds max creation
Look, my first 3ds max creation. do not criticise it as it was my first and i literally have one day experience

support power: Bear trap field
what: in a relativly big area, 3 Tapper squads will Dig-surface on random locations in the area (else it would be imba, as it would be a more powerfull and broader and also cheaper version of the stealth field ( also, plz undo the damage EA has put on stealth field support power, i mean, how can the bending of light kill infantry but leave the tank crews unscathed). now its just a dice if you wanna use it to snap down enemy infantry). will be veteran.
logo: a picture of a foot ( not detailed, just the lines of it) with the four arms pointed towards the corners of the logo, like diagonals

All comments, critics or suggestions about the suggestions are highly welcome!

GeneralJist Project coordinator, PR manager, Lead writer
Jun 3 2012 Anchor

Looks like I won't Brain storm here then humph XD

na, this is exactly what I wanted to see, hope everyone can follow the same example, so they get proper feedback on each other's ideas, sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Aug 12 2012 Anchor

name: Infectoids
Type: Tier 2 Basic unit (in the sense of command post/armory units for GDI)
Strong Vs: Infantry/Vehicles
Abilities: Infect: when used, will infect any infantry in the area of effect, turning them to the side of the colony and mutating them in appearance
Self-Destruct: causes the Infectoids to explode on the spot, any Vehicles caught in the explosion will then be covered in a caustic slime, causing small damage over time until the vehicle is repaired
Attack: Shoots an acidic slime at units, unable to shoot at aircraft
Looks: I picture a heavily mutated Human, but it's up to you

the name is up to you, I couldn't figure anything out ><


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