the Prologue

  • Map progress: 100%
  • Trigger(s) progress: 100%

While Nod mass-murders mutants, 500 km further a small group of soldiers investigate a new tiberium mutation...

Primary Objective One: Investigate new tiberium mutation!

Primary Objective Two: Contact mutants, deadly force forbidden!

Propaganda Forecast

  • Map progress: 100%
  • Trigger(s) progress: 100%

Since Nod went undercover and mass-murdered mutants, public news channels have filled with their propaganda bullsh*t. Many villages in yellow zones are now hostile towards GDI forces. We need to stop Nod from spreading their false propaganda! Your taskforce will be sent to a Nod sector in Siberia where Nod has positioned their propaganda radars. Your task is to disable these radars and then eliminate all propaganda convoys in the nearby villages. Nod's influence is strong, but if you manage to weaken their defences we can send you reinforcements. Good luck Commander!

Primary Objective One: Destroy 3 Nod propaganda radars!

Primary Objective Two: Destroy 3 Nod propaganda convoys!

Primary Objective Three: Build a base and destroy Nod compound!

City Cleansing

  • Map progress: 35%
  • Trigger(s) progress: 15%

Meanwhile, Nod has invented and built a station for a prototype system that can be used to control tiberium lifeforms. This prototype is not finished yet, but if it is completed Nod will be able to control any mutated lifeform. Unfortunately, this radar is been located in the middle of a civilian city. We must avoid collateral damage. Your first task is to silently disable the radar. Then you must build a base and mop 'em up. Good luck Commander!

Primary Objective One: Disable the Nod radar without being noticed!

Primary Objective Two: Wipe out all Nod forces. Keep civilian casualties to a minimum!

the Final Battle

  • Map progress:
  • Trigger(s) progress:

Is it? It can't be... Commander, you have to see this by yourself!


Fields of Insurgency (2-4 players)

  • Map progress: 100%

Islands of Destruction (2 players)

  • Map progress: 100%

Tiber River (2-5 players)

  • Map progress: 90%
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This update should take Tiberium Resurrection to the next level as it is no longer game addition, but rather a game itself! The main thing is summarized in a trailer, but I will try to briefly sum it up in a changelog below, but it is just impossible to list all the changes at once...

- new client (with CnCNet Online)!

- new balancing!

- new objects, details, buildings and units!

- new and remastered soundtracks!

- 10 remastered skirmish maps and 2 new

- new campaign map and other campaign maps enhanced

- 10 minigames (by @Holland)

- fully functional FinalSun (so you can make beautiful maps with TR assets :P)

- and much more...




Basic information about Tiberium Resurrection and its forums, discords, etc.

Tiberium Resurrection 3.0

Tiberium Resurrection 3.0


9 000 views on CnCNet, 7 900 views on PPMforums, 5 700 views on ModDB, 1 700 views on W3DHub and 1 400 views on CnCNz.

The future of Tiberium Resurrection

The future of Tiberium Resurrection


Fellow TR fans... As for recently reaching another milestone, I decided to make biggest post I ever made. I know I blacked out for a while, so I thought...

Milestone reached!

Milestone reached!


7 000 views on CnCNet, 6 500 views on PPMforums, 1 100 views on W3DHub, 1 000 views on CnCNz and 700 views on ModDB

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Tiberium Resurrection - update 2.5

Tiberium Resurrection - update 2.5

Full Version 3 comments

Features 2 campaign, 3 skirmish maps and 2 soundtracks - read more for briefing and basic info


Looks good mate

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Lucas-SK Creator


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