A mod to swap the models of pre-existing weapons in Sum of All Fears with a bunch of unused gun models in the game's files

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Replacing Weapon Models in the Sum of All Fears.

Weapons Modelling Tutorial

Go to your mods folder for SOAF and make a new folder:

Make a text file called "ModsCont"

The default ModsCont text is: (from the game's base files)

// Mods Contents
NAME "Sum of All Fears"
AUTHOR "Red Storm Entertainment"
SUPPORT "http://www.redstorm.com/"
VERSION "1.00"
MULTIPLAYER "Server-Client"

Replace "Sum of All Fears" with a recognizable name for the in-game options menu and make a new folder in your mod called "Model"

Now, let's replace the M3 Shotgun with the SPAS-12:

Go to The Sum of All Fears\Mods\Origmiss\Model

Find "w_spas_12.qob" and copy/paste it into your mod's model folder.

Now find "w_m3_super90.qob" in the Origimiss and copy the name.

Go back to your mod's folder and rename "w_spas_12.qob" to" w_m3_super90.qob"

Now when your mod is active, the SPAS-12 Model will replace the M3 Shotgun. (the HRT/Close Quarter's kit Shotgun.)

If you're unsure what model the weapon you're trying to replace uses, go to "Tools" in your SOAF Folder and put "SOAFIE.exe" into the main folder and run it, then go to "Tools" in the top left corner then "Gun Editor" and you can find the gun and see what model it uses there.

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Sum of All Fears RPG-7 Kit

Sum of All Fears RPG-7 Kit

Weapon Model

RPG-7 model replacement for the M203 with an editied kit to give appropriate weapons.

SOAF Unused Weapons Model Swap Pack

SOAF Unused Weapons Model Swap Pack

Full Version

Model Swap mod that replaces SOAF's weapons with unused weapons in the game's files.

Swizz_Cheese - - 7 comments

none of this makes sense, and i know how to make the mods in the creator kit. none of this makes sense. i know what im doing yet i cannot follow this for ****

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