Our Goal:

We wish to replace every aspect of vanilla ArmA 3 with a 40k equivalent. This will entail retaining the look, feel and tactical gameplay basis of ArmA while integrating the weapons and equipment of a variety of human-centric factions. Imperial Conquest is designed to look more at home in ArmA 3, to this end the development team have chosen a stylised interpretation of existing Warhammer items for implementing into the game. The mod has come a long way since first release and it is not far away from being a true total converison. I cannot give a timeframe or an exact date for when this will be achieved but it is in the near future.


Current and planned features/assets

As stated above, we (2 of us currently working full time on the project) intend Imperial Conquest to be a total conversion and for this to happen we must implement vehicles, weapons and other items which allow the mod to be played on its own. From the beginning our objective was to fill modern millitary roles which are present in vanilla ArmA with their 40k counterparts and this is what we have come up with:
APC - Chimera Variants
APC(wheeled) - Some vehicle of our own design
Gunship/transport - Valkyrie
MBT - Leman Russ Vanquisher and Battlecannon variant
Artillery - Basilisk and Medusa
MRAP - Taurox
Scout Car - Tauros/ Tauros Venator
Logi Truck - Something of our own design

Valkyrie 3

The list could go on and it will. Out of the above mentioned vehicles many are already done, going through overhauls or close to being finished.

A map and a fitting campaign is also planned to have a place to play with all of these assets.

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What is currently in the mod?

So far the mod has accumulated a vareity of gear and vehicles with iterational reworks and revamps slowing down process. The Cadian uniform and armor alone has gone through 2 reworks since its first release.reworks
- Sons of Sek uniforms, helmets, and vest
- Kasrkin gear
- Scion Carapace Armor with 3 versions of masks
- Cadian Flak armor in 4 different colors and various variants
- Assault packs
- Cadian Uniform in 4 colors
- Officer caps, vests, rigs
- Steel Legion Uniform
- Steel Legion Helmet (with and without goggles)
- Steel Legion Gas Mask (with and without goggles)
- Steel Legion Equipment

-M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun with a 2x scope
- Ryza Pattern Hellgun
- Accatran pattern guided missile launcher (AT, AA)
- Cadian rocket launcher with Krak, Flak and Frag rounds

- Dual Heavy Stubber emplacement
- Single Heavy Stubber with adjustable height

- Chimera with Hunter-Killer missile
- Tauros Venator with multilas and lascannon
- Tauros GMG, Tauros HMG, Tauros unarmed
- Heavy Stubber Taurox
- Taurox Primes (Battlecannon, Autocannon, Gatling gun)

The Team

Lead developer: Supe (me)
Rogue, Aquila

If you have any questions you can contact us on our Discord or Steam Page!

You can download and play the mod from our Steam Workshop page:
Imperial Conquest Steam Workshop

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Chimera Variants


I've been busy fixing various problem/improving the chimera the past 2 months or so and slowly adding in variants. The first 2 to be finished are the Chimedon (left) and Chimerro (right). On the wiki it states the Chimedon has a conqueror cannon but there's no way that could fit on a chimera so I opted to give it a custom 90mm cannon, designating it as a light tank. The Chimerro has 8 Hunter killer missiles with 3 reloads which can be fired almost instantly one after the other plus a heavy stubber for good measure.

Chimera Variants

A lot of quality of life improvements are also commingto ICP such as custom weapons optics for all Chimeras and Leman Russes

Chimera Gunners Optics:

Chimera gunner optics

Leman Russ Gunner Optics:Leman Russ Gunner Optics

Commander Periscope Optics shared across all ICP vehicles:Chimera Commander Optics

Progress over the past few weeks...

Progress over the past few weeks...

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A lot of progress is being made behind the scenes on assets that have not yet been revealed or were revealed long ago in its infancy and these are only...


It's interesting that you chose the Sons of Sek over the Blood Pact.

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SupeTroop Creator

Blood Pact will be part of the mod after full release, I just thought i'd make a less overused and less known faction to fight against. Also there's not a lot of art or drawings out there of them so I could make up my own designs and looks.

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