The Last S.T.A.L.K.E.R [ENG]

Platform: Shadow of Chernobyl • Game Version:1.0006
Developer: Zaurus'crew
Release Date: 03.09.18 - 18:58

About the plot:

A year after a hard battle with mercenaries in Pripyat, a bandit stalker called Greek from Lesha Borman's group woke up in a gloomy cave with a dead body laying next to him. All what he could remember is that he left the battlefield with his friend , a stalker named Jhonny after getting a bullet in his back ...

We call ourselves Stalkers ... We learned to survive in the Zone ... We decided that we control the Zone ... But we missed the main thing, who said that the Zone is our territory? We did not notice that the Zone began to shift our world and what will happen when the changes reach a critical limit and through the gap between realities the rage of demons of darkness will burst into our world. What will stop them? Money of financial corporations, military power or faith ....

Main Features:

• A new storyline that will transfer players about a year after the events that occurred in the Fallen Star-Honor of the Mercenary.
• The new main character is the called Greek .
• Possibility to use throwing knives during some quests.
• A large number of new characters with exclusive visuals.
• All locations are reworked to some extent.
• Random full-Loading screens.
• All locations have acquired various shelters and structures.
• Added quick slots, in which you can put medicines and food .
• Convenient management of graphics and other settings in the game menu.
• Dynamic weather in many locations.
• A large amount of new ambient, music and voice acting.
• Each location has its own ambient.
• Announced cut scenes, SMS and the main dialogs of the NPS.
• A lot of new items, some can be interacted.
• New inventory items were introduced.
• The possibility of rapid use of medicines is realized. Icons of items will be displayed on the HUD activation will occur by clicking on the keyboard shortcuts with the display of the usage message on the screen.


Dynamic weather is introduced as 7 weather cycles, a lot of 2K textures, new models. Therefore, the mode is very "gluttonous". ( slightly increased memory usage )


completely new weapon pack. Replaced all the original and introduced several new weapons.
Five models of cold steel - the original knife and four projectiles. All knives are in the knife slot, they are changed by the change of
cartridges key , by default - the Y key.

Known Bugs:
-Mod is very heavy compared to the original game. After a long game, it's possible to encounter some crashes for some low spec machines (out of memory). Therefore, it is advisable to go to the desktop after about an hour of play and restart the game.
-There are several very "heavy" scenes with a lot of NPCs. Like the assault of Cordon, the Hospital, the Generators. Some NPCs can be "frozen" and act stupid. If you notice this - then save-load usually helps .
-Before entering the headquarters of the Panzer, make sure to make a backup save! Occasionally it can help a lot.
-Well, a very unpleasant minus, the cause of which we could not find out - in some locations the sound of rain disappears. Treatment - save, exit the game and load the save. We will be very grateful to those who know or will be able to find out the cause of this unpleasant bug.

Things to know:

The plot of the mod is as varied as possible, the further course of events will depend on your actions and choices .Its recommended to read dialogs , news because sometimes it hides some extra infos- remember, you have a PDA. All the information found, codes, prompts to tasks - everything is there.
To change an item in the quick-use slot, you need to go into the inventory, on the right near the GG icon are all the slots. Click on the icon of the desired slot and in the drop-down menu select the desired item from the list.

Levels :

• Cordon
• Marshes
• Garbage
• Caves
• Dark Valley
• Lab X18
• Research Institute of Agroprom
• Dungeons
• Glade
• Army warehouses
• Radar Bunker
• Sorting
• Dead City
• Red Forest
• Limansk
• Hospital
• Catacombs
• Eastern Pripyat
• ChNPP -2
• Generators

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Comments  (0 - 10 of 31)

Omg thank you so much for having the patience to translate this mod !!

Do you have a ETA ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ColonelRH Creator

Well , probably within a month ( maybe a little more , hahah working in solo mode is tough sometimes :'3 )! Some texts are beyond repairing and really costed 300% more time consumption than the other regular translated and revised texts ! So I think I will skip some of the massively broken texts atm in order to speed up the work progress ! There still one big dialog file and the weapons texts.
*IMPORTANT: Like i said some few texts might be really broken , so please don't worry about them , I'll get them fixed asap ( via updates ).
For now the most important thing is to get the translation done asap.
I wish I can find a russian speaking dude who can help with the broken texts issues :'( ... .

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Just wanted to say that I'm very thankful for your work, and I absolutely can not wait for this translation.

Best of luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
ColonelRH Creator

Thank you fellow stalker !
I finished practically 60% of the translation ! 5 files to go x)

Reply Good karma+6 votes

Great to hear!(love your work btw)Yeah i saw this mod in a Russian video and of course I started wondering if we had it, cant wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ColonelRH Creator

Sorry for taking so long ! Ahah 90~80% of texts must be done manually! Sometimes you get a really broken translation and it's difficult to understand the meaning out of it! Other than that everything should be fine! At least it won't be a dead machine translation xD

Reply Good karma+4 votes

j'ai fini le jeux.Mais j'aimerais bien le rejouer avec une bonne traduction française.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I hope the translation progress is going well, I really want to try this mod.

Best of luck, translators.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ColonelRH Creator

Yep , it's going well !
I'm revising the files while translating ! So it's taking "×3" time consumption than the normal translation process...
Besides , I was somekinda busy lately ( in rl ) but I finished all the small files translations and started with the pda texts (encyclopedia)
I took some time merging the original English texts with the new ones too
I'm trying to make something more than a machine translation !... :'D

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Glad to hear it, once again good luck.

Really enjoying you guys' work.

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