Mod is developing by Russian team but will support English language. I will be glad to see translations on the languages instead of English. We are thanking the autors of the OSP's that are used in this module, the list of them is under that text. If you don't like the using of your OSP in that module, you are able to write about that. You can place that mod everywhere, just place a link to a homepage on in the text.

Mod Team:
MegaGoric - Autor of idea, Project Lead, OSP finder, Scening, Models adding, Module sistem, language
Красный_мундир - Helper, Texture artist face, Consultation on cities and armaments, Africa and Central Asia
syabr - Public Relations on Tale Worlds, rusmnb, ModDB
Maniac of Gadara - Textures
Colonel_Kawoosi - Editing a map
Ali_Knight - Editing a map
Sina Khan - History consultant
Ali Kawoosi : map editor , musics.
Sina Afshar : Historian.
Ali SiahKali : special Support.
mohammad Ali Sahraei and Mohammad DT : face creators.

OSP and Credits
[OSP] Leffka's models pack
Flintlock Firearms OSP
Lucas's OSP weapons
16th century plate armor
[Item]Броня (изначально была сделана для игры престолов)
OSP African Shields
OSP African Weapons
Teutonic and Lithuanian items
OSP Ottoman Civilian Clothes
Narfs Men-at-Arms armour pack
The stylized a mini-interfaces for mods on the WB
Crusaders Way to Expiation - OSP Pack (Crusaders way to expiation Team)
Burgonet 16th century
16th century plate armor
[OSP] Ultimate 17th Century Pack
Indo-Persian OSP II
Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword, Snowbird game studios, allowed us to use their models
Snowbird game studios - Blood & Gold: Caribbean!, allowed us to use their models
16th century, Yifeng_konjac
Sayazn, Jacobhinds
Twilight of The Sun King, Jaakko
Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth, ShopperKimpy
BATTAL GAZİ, Tüfekçi Başı

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The great conqueror. Chapter 1: African Empires

The idea of creating of this module originated in 2009. "The Great Conqueror" is a modification about the struggle for power between the great empires and the young nations at the end of the XVIth century.
The mod's main idea is a historical demonstraatoin of the wars and warriors of the XVIth century. That was the age when medieval knights, musketeers and the naked savages were able to fight in one battle. Map will be enlarged in the next versions of the module and will make it possible to player to visit Europe, Southern, Central and Eastern Asia and America. The autor of the module wants t show those parts of his creation: Chapter 1: African empires - Africa, Chapter 2: Domination in Europe - Europe, Chapter 3: New World - America, Chapter 4: Allah Wariors - Central Asia, Chapter 5: Great Dragon - Eastern Asia (Far East), Chapter 6: Lord of the South-east - South-East Asia.

This topic shows you the first part of the module, called "Chapter 1: African empires". It takes place in 1582 and demonstrates you African countries.

Our plans about the first part of the mod:
- Change menus
- Sea battles scenes
- Change the scenes of cities, villages and castles
- Battle formations
- 21 new factions:
Benin Kingdom
Ephiopia Kingdom
Kongo kingdom
Otoman Empine
Songai Empine
Spain kingodom
Sultanate Bornu
Sultanate Morocco
Sultanate Sennar

(New items will be added to that list)

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African Empires 0.4

African Empires 0.4

Full Version 5 comments

Version 0.4 Added Italian states. Significantly expanded map of the cities of the Ottoman Empire and the Spanish Empire. Optimization of models is carried...

African Empires 0.31

African Empires 0.31

Full Version

The great conqueror. Chapter 1: African Empires 0.31. This version supports English language.

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

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maman1 - - 7 comments


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Guest - - 688,951 comments

can you update forward the mod, or you are dead to do it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Onionmuncher - - 27 comments

Any info on the next chapter?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
syabr Creator
syabr - - 51 comments

Only the author himself decides to release the new version of the modification. I can not tell any terms, not even approximately. If he give me the next version, I'll upload it immediately.

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

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Eyepet2010 - - 1,073 comments

You think you could make a victorian era version of this mod?:)

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padilhatoon123 - - 28 comments

i look forward to play all chapters

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Ostrogniev - - 78 comments

This looks and sounds GREAT! I hope the're will be multiple options as religion, town/state settings, special units of every nation/tribe. I'm downloading it and waiting for more!

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