The Comodos Series Hard Core Man is an Unreal 1 map pack that revisits the southwest part of Na Pali where the facilities of S.V.E.N. C.O.O.P. is located there just before the NEG sent its forces to silence or kill the SVEN COOP personnel as well as their enemies be it Nali, Skaarj, Mercenary or others. It was influenced by underdeveloped original The Comodos map pack which was announced on April 2013.

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RepOfCATV95 is announcing that the development of this Unreal 1 map pack has been reset, effectively 9:55 p.m. today.

There is reasons on why The Comodos Hard Core Man's development has been restarted:

1 - COVID-19 Pandemic Going Rampant If Left Unchecked
2 - Priortizing both the installing Windows Vista/7 updates and maintenance of Ventoe War Zone 5.00 (Warcraft III) over finishing the 5-year old Unreal 1 map pack.

3 - Lengthy extended community quarantine in entire CALABARZON region in the Philippines ending in at least August 28, 2023 instead of April 12 or April 30 or May 15, 2020.

4 - Majority of people are playing Mobile of Legends.

According to RepOfCATV95, the last update to this map pack has been lost to October 3, 2019 incident (5:35 a.m. to 9:19:49 a.m. RCT) which was caused by unexplained ransomware attack which may cost RepOfCATV95 quintillions of Philippine pesos.



If I didn't know better I'd think the name of this is a joke. Sven Coop like the Half-Life mod?

I used to play a lot of that. Is this honestly still under developement?

Sometimes I like playing crazy and insane things, but not sure if this is one of those.

Oh btw how can it "revisit" locations of Na Pali? Did Unreal ever feature those locations? No? Well then it's not about revisiting the areas unless you plan to include a part of some map.

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