Your name is William Astrid. you get lost in a forest and stumble upon a mansion. Your only choice was to enter the mansion. It was abandoned. You suffer from a rare mental illness causing strange hallucinations A man named Isaac has created a virus that infects innocent people, turning them into undead, blood-thirsty monsters. Isaac accidentally infected himself and he's now known as "The Butcher". You will have to escape the wrath of him and his minions to survive.

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KrustiClawn says

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- Scared the crap out of me
- An okay story in whole
- Some good quests and effects


- Short
- Story could be better, but it was okay
- Lack details

The story was okay, it's not the best I've played but I've played a lot worse as well.

I could for some reason enter a door in the first map and spawn in the last map (dining hall). No idea if this is a bug or a mistake from your side but it should be fixed.

The story line is nothing special. "Someone did experiments, now you must ecape before the monsters kill you". A cliche.

The level design is also average. Lacking details, some texture glitches here and there... in overall, pretty bland and boring.



I did like the quests and some of the effects though. Combine certain chemicals to create acid and the thunder effect in the "secret mansion" was pretty cool.

I'm not very afraid when it comes to monster encounters so I crawled away before the first grunt dissapeared and saw him when he suddenly stepped into the "despawn" trigger. The second grunt encounter scared the **** out of me though! I really didn't see that one coming. If you manage to scare me, which you did, good job! Very few people knows how to scare the crap out of me nowdays and you did that.

6/10 - Decent


Hoshang-Etemadi says

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**** ... !
it's not fair , it's not fair to spawn the monster right after i created the explosive ... :(
give us some rome to menuver you moreone ... (-2)
and it was short as well (-2)
but the rest was fine i enjoyed it and 6/10 is a fare rating for your mod !


Humeba says

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That was actually not half bad. It could have used a little more story though.


Taylor122002 says

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I would have to give it a 5 and a half. I honestly thought it was going to be a story with nothing but jump scares. After the first scare with the Grunt, I nearly raged quit. However, I kept playing. I liked the sewer part and it reminded me just a little about the main some way.
Either way, the scares were OK, I didn't really notice too much of an actual story, the atmosphere was alright but could have been greatly improved.
There was a random door on the first map and the story took me about 20 minutes max to complete. Also some missing and colliding entities. Some notes and items didn't have any sort of description or name at all.

Overall, it seems you do have potential to make better stories, I can tell. I'm looking forward to your future work to see what you can do.


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