---- AI ----
Now builds Trade guild to increase population by 50 (or 100 if asian) if very rich.
Now counters enemy units more proficiently, by amassing equal forces (previously they could make 10 pikemen to match your 20 horsemen, but if you build 200 horsemen they would only make up to 10 pikemen, now they can make as many as needed).
Now builds far more special units than before (100-200 stone giants, dragons, horse samurai, janissary, etc.)

---- UNITS ----
Rebalanced all units to be viable, made certain units counters to others (the full changes can be found in the Units_Balance excel spreadsheet file.
Major rebalances to gameplay:
Foot samurai now acts as a 50% maceman (against siege), 50% pikeman (against horse) unit for Asian race which had no anti-cavalry unit.
Dragons nerfed. Stone giants & jinns buffed. Magical units can primarily be destroyed by priests, rest is weak against them.
Crusaders made slower to produce and a bit more expensive.
Mages of any type can now learn all spells of all guilds (no longer need to worry about micromanaging different mages).
Can build Messiah from magic portal for 50 000 gold. Feel free to play without this feature or remove it.
European spies can now turn invisible. If you refresh spell you can stay permanently invisible.
Priests can now learn Magic Vision.
Added new unit Teuton Knight. Slowest unit in the game but very tanky in hp and defense. Bonus tankiness against arrow units & towers.

Added new Cannon Tower for Arabs, Burj al Arab. Arabian peasants can no longer build towers that can upgrade to regular cannon towers. To unlock burj al arab you have to research Cannon Tower tech from Siege Workshop and then Burj al Arab uprade from Arabian Trade Guild.
Asian farms can now make cows (once you have the upgrade).
Asian market buy items tech no longer available (caused crashed once 1000 items were generated).
All hotkeys of buildings moved to ASDF ZXCV (considering bottom User Interface layout). Reordered some spell hotkeys to be more user-friendly (those that are used during combat take the important slots like F, E, etc.).

---- COUNTERS (summarized) ----
Euro Pike, Arab Pike, Samurai (non-horse) deal more to Mounted
Euro Pike, Arab Pike take less from Arrows
Footmen deal more to Archers
Footmen deal more to Pikemen
Priests deal more to Magic Units
Euro Maceman, Satrap, Samurai (non-horse) deal more to Teuton
Euro Maceman, Satrap deal more to Ballista & Catapults
Satrap & Janissary kills Peasants, Houses, Farms, Cows
Samurai (non-horse) deal more to Ninjas
Footmen deal more to Jihad warriors
Priests deal more to Magic units
Xebec deals more to Dragons
Ships & Galleons deal more to Ships, Walls, Towers, Siege Machines
Stone Giants, Dragon, Jinn take less from Towers
Stone Giants deal more to Buildings
Dragons deal pure damage (ignores armor)

---- COUNTERS (complete) ----
Melee Units
Deal 0.55 to Flying units (Dragons, bats, carpets)

Takes 3x from Satrap
Takes 1.5x from Skeleton, Janissary

Arrow Units
Deal 1.3x to Dragon
Deals 0.3 to European Pike, Arabian Pike, Asian Chariot

Archer and Elite Archer
Takes 2.4 from Footmen (Euro, Arab, Ronin)

Mounted (Horse Archer, Knight, Chariot, Arab Cavalry, Crusader, Horse Samurai, Janissary, Trader)
Takes 1.2 from Arab Cavalry (Spear)
Takes 4.5 from Euro Pike
Takes 3.8 from Arab Pike
Takes 2.0 from Samurai (NOT horse)

Jihad Warrior
Takes 1.4 from Footmen

Deals 1.5 to Peasants

Deals 1.4 to Ninjas

Deals 1.3 to Euro Footmen
Takes 1.3 from Euro Footmen

Deals 4.0 to Buildings

Skeleton, Ghost, Ork, Dwarf
Take 2.5 from Euro & Arab Priest
Takes 7.0 from Asia Priest
Take 1.6 from Monk
Take 1.35 from Mage
Take 1.25 from Crusader

Deals 2.4 to Archer (non-horse) & Longbow
Deals 1.5 to Pikemen
Deals 1.4 to Jihad

Euro Footman
Deal 1.3 to Ork

Deals 1.3 to Peasant

Euro Maceman
Deals 1.5 to Teuton
Deals 5.0 to Machines

Deals 1.7 to Teuton
Deals 2.0 to Mounted
Deals 4.0 to Ninja

Deals 1.6 to Teuton
Deals 4.0 to Machines
Deals 3.0 to Peasant, House, Farm, Cow

Euro Pikeman
Deals 5.3 to Mounted
Takes 1.5 from Footmen
Takes 0.3 from Arrows

Arab Pikeman
Deals 4.5 to Mounted
Takes 1.5 from Footmen
Takes 0.3 from Arrows

Deals 1.25 to Magic Units
*look Mounted

Deals 1.6 to Peasants
Deals 2.5 to Houses
Deals 2.25 to Farms
*look Mounted

*look Arrow Units bonuses
Deals 1.85 to Arrow Units
Deals 2.5 to Ships (without fishing boat)
Deals 4.0 to Dragons

Korab i Galeon
Deals 4.0 to Ships (without fishing boat)
Deals 3.0 to Walls
Deals 2.25 to Towers
Deals 1.25 to Siege Machines

Take 4.5 from Cannon and Rocket Towers
Take 12.0 from Catapults
Take 4.0 from Ships & Galleons

Deal 0.6 to Velikani, Dragons, Jinns
*Look arrow unit
Takes 3.0 from Siege Machines
Takes 0.0 from Cannon and Rocket Towers (to avoid your own towers killing ur walls)
Takes 2.25 from Ships & Galleons

Takes 4.0 from Samurai
Takes 1.4 from Ghosts

Euro & Arab Priest
Deal 5.0 to Mages
Deal 2.1 to Stone Giants
Deal 3.7 to Dragons
Deal 2.25 to Jinns
Deal 2.5 to other Magic Units

Asia Priest
Deal 51.0 to Mages
Deal 17.0 to Stone Giants
Deal 24.0 to Dragons
Deal 13.0 to Jinns
Deal 7.0 to other Magic Units

Deal 4.0 to Priests
Deal 1.35 to Magic units
*take from priests

Stone Giants
Deal 2.0 to Buildings
*take from priests n mages, crusaders, etc.

*take 0.55 from Melee units

Machines (Ballistas, Catapults, Heavy Catapults)
*take 5.0 from Euro Maceman & Satrap

Siege Machines (Catapults, Heavy Catapults)
Deal 5.0 to Towers
Deal 6.5 to Walls & Gates
Deal 12.0 to Ships
Deal 0.7 to Peasants (less aoe dmg)
Deal 5.0 to Siege Machines

---- OTHER ----
Fixed some image bugs & errors.

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Burden of the Throne

Burden of the Throne

Full Version 2 comments

This is a mod aimed at rebalancing all units and their bonuses - make the unviable viable and the OP balanced. It is aimed at mass FFA games with friends...


Как ти е ника в царя ? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

2dex ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
morbent Creator

Ne, sujalqvam.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Nice, good start for a mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

More balancing is always welcome, new unit and building fit perfectly. Russian language is not a problem but an English version would definitely help with mod's popularity.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
morbent Creator

It's in Bulgarian, sorry :D
You can delete the LOCAL folder and put in your String files. You'll just have to add an extra string for teuton knight and burj al arab (techs n units) if you know how. Eventually I might translate it to eng when I do a preinstall :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

nice Im going to test right now. I hope theres good ver

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

mod makes the game in Russian language so meh :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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