What is 3863?
3863 is a mod for the Forged Alliance Forever version of supreme commander FA.
Few years ago when this started as a private modpack for me and my friends, shared via teamspeak, the goal was to just get as many mods as possible to ‘function’ together with some balancing done as some overpowered units single handed could make matches unfun, even of the person with the units.

Years later, that still is the goal. But with years of on-off rebalancing, optimisations, and total reworking of units, I feel this should be released to the public in one way or another.
Now since I'm still far from reworking everything (models are a biggy), so even i still see this as a modpack and not a standalone mod. So it has no place in the FAF vault despite (almost certainly) requiring FAF.

However, chunks that are 100% done by me finally, and I feel can stand on their own, have been made into independent FAF mods and uploaded to the vault (search up my name).

Since balance can be relative to other content and skill level, the ‘Aim’ for balancing this mod is around vanilla, and being somewhat casual. Adding as many unique ‘tools’ to the players for new strategies, while still keeping vanilla units and strategies optimal (usually).

Over 200 new units for all 4 FA Factions

This mod has full and complete AI support for likely every AI mod, because it has none. Via specific unit statistics, blueprint replacements, AI only scripts on some units, and not informing the AI of any of the new units this mod should work with any AI or AI Mod that works with vanilla.
Future AI specific functionality along this line may increase in the future too.

Not thuroughly tested at the time of typing and positng this. But nomads support is also planned / incorperated.

SupCom 3863- SoulTechnology
BlackOps ACUs- Uveso, Softles, Nijoke185, ZephyrWarrior, Raistlfiren, Nocaps, Netjaxx
BlackOps Unleashed- Uveso, Exavier Macbeth, Softles, Nijoke185, ZephyrWarrior, Raistlfiren, Nocaps, Netjaxx
BlackOps X-Units- Uveso, Exavier Macbeth, lt_hawkeye, orangeknight, IceDreamer
BrewLan- Balthazar
Dairy Farm- Dudekahedron
Future Battlefield- CDRMV / CDR Deadalus
Toal Mayhem- Burnie
Misc Mods - Uveso, StylisticSagi, Luxor, SC2RVE Mod Team, Dagaboo, Madmax
Extra Special Thanks - GPG, FAF Team and Community, Packer, Balthazar, Uveso, CDRMV, ExavierMacbeth, Dagaboo, Thommyknocker

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SupCom3863 v9

SupCom3863 v9

Full Version 1 comment

Patch Notes TLDR: - Many many fixes (errors, unbuildable units, broken features, and more) - many small improvements, some rebalancing too - CREDITS...

SupCom3863 v8

SupCom3863 v8

Full Version 6 comments

Version 8 Mainly hotfixing. Mainly some extra redundancy for wind geenrators and fixed a few boken UEF turrets. Check description for full list. How to...

SupCom3863 v7

SupCom3863 v7

Full Version

Public Release 01 Full rebuild from the ground up of the FDE Supcom modpack that died 2 years ago.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 21)
Spidey_NDA - - 23 comments

Hello, this mod is great but it would be really troublesome if every AIs get 2 of the same or different ACUs so please is there any way to disable this feature or can you remove it in your next update?

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Guest - - 692,508 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Sawyerx9 - - 7 comments

Is there something I need for this mod to work?
I start a skirmish match against AI and there are 0 units on the map.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CNCnewbee - - 1 comments

Good work, thank you!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tesladrivegrounded - - 3 comments

Could this maybe get hosted on FAF itself? The mod page there is a great way get more players in, especially when you can push updates through the launcher itself and all players will then get updated in tandem.

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Soultechnology Creator
Soultechnology - - 6 comments

To get through the faf vault rules, I'm pretty sure I'd need permission from every modder involved. Which almost certainly won't happen.
Maybe one day ill have all new models and reworked the scripts enough i wont need permission, but thats a long ways away.

someone even doubled down on the plagiarism and ripped this from moddb and uploaded it to the vault without my, or the separate mod creators permission. it was promptly removed faster then i could report it to the moderators myself.

meanwhile, update 9 has credits at session start so i can shove the proper credit down players throats! This was a feature ive actually wanted for a while, but just recently found out how to do it the way i wanted.

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Soultechnology Creator
Soultechnology - - 6 comments

From the mod description:
"Now since I'm still far from reworking everything (models are a biggy), so even i still see this as a modpack and not a standalone mod. So it has no place in the FAF vault despite (almost certainly) requiring FAF."

Reuploading mods theat contain content made by other modders without their permission is a direct violation of FAF vault rules. I can all but garuntee that some of the devs involves are unable to be contacted and/or will most certainly say no due to alternative (more time consuming and messier) ways of achiving what this mod does that modifies their mods isntead of incorperate sand changes them.

Ive seen a few attempt to rip this off moddb and uplaod to the vault, which is now stacking FAF rules violations, so please dont. This mod does have the correct files for FAF vault support. So if the host has a newer version then users then the client will notifty you of the version mismatch. (Even if their downlaoded from Moddb)

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-Grimlock- - - 566 comments

Just dont get the point of putting it here if faf is required -.-

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-Grimlock- - - 566 comments

IS there no Steam version (without faf)

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Tellerium - - 1 comments

does this also add units to the Seraphim? I'm a big fan of playing aliens and stuff, so I'm always looking for more units

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Soultechnology Creator
Soultechnology - - 6 comments

An attempt has been made at making sure all factions get the same love. If you like alien **** then i also wanna mention that factional differences has been payed attention to, and seraphim definitly have some of the more off-brand changes.

In future updates the nomads will also be reciving some love, while not quite as much. I want to make sure FAFs 5th faction is optional, but totally still playable with this mod.

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