(last updated 12/14/08)

Tactical Aids:

* AC-130 Spectre Gunship: targets enemy infantry, vehicles, and structures with 2x20mm Gatling guns, 1x40mm Bofors cannon, and 1x105mm Howitzer
* Pararescue Jumper: Trained to rescue downed pilots in dangerous territory, 8 man squad (inc. 3 PJ's and 5 Operators), heals infantry very quickly and can deploy smoke grenades
* JSOW (Joint Stand-off Weapon): Launches JSOW missile which splits into approx. 250 individually guided submunitions. Extremely effective against infantry and armor.
* CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue): Good against vehicles, air units and infantry, airdrops CSAR team to heal and cover wounded troops under smokescreen cover.

Current Units:



* Rangers: elite troops, 6 man squad (inc. 1 medic and 1 AT), able to plant explosive charges
* Delta Operators: sof troops, 4 man squad (inc. 1 medic and 1 AT), able to direct AC-130 strikes
* Delta Snipers: increased range and rate of fire, 2 man squad (inc. 1 w/M-21 and 1 w/CAR 15), able to direct AC-130 strikes
* Navy SEAL Team Six: ct troops, 4 man squad (inc. 1 medic and 2 MG), able to put a large amount of firepower on target in a short amount of time
* Engineer: no changes at present time

o HMMWV w/.50 cal
o UH-60 Blackhawk
o MH-6J Little Bird


* M-60 Patton: improved secondary MG, increased blast radius for use against infantry, increased resistance to RPG's
* Condor APC: vulnerable to RPG's, carries 20mm cannon and 7.62 MG, model is a work in progress
* M113 APC: bettered armored than Condor, carries .50 cal MG
* HMMWV w/.50 cal: see below


* Engineer: see above
* HMMWV w/.50 cal: increased rate of fire for more effectiveness against troops, vulnerable to RPG's
* HMMWV w/40mm Grenade: extremely effective against enemy infantry, vulnerable to RPG's
* HMMWV w/TOW: useful against enemy structures, vulnerable to RPG's
* HMMWV Ambulance: can heal infantry and repair other vehicles, vulnerable to RPG's
* Transport Trucks: no changes at present time, extremely vulnerable to RPG's

Notes: All HMMWV's can now use smoke


* AH-1W Super Cobra: changed to fill gunship role, increased gun rate of fire, added rockets, TOW
* AH-6J Little Bird: light gunship, armed with rockets and miniguns, Hellfire
* MH-6J Little Bird: unarmed, able to carry troops, very fast
* UH-60 Black Hawk: armed with miniguns, able to carry troops, vulnerable to RPG's
* OH-6A Cayuse: increased speed
* Air Force Pararescuemen: 2 man squad, able to heal units extremely quickly, can deploy smoke grenades


* Converted AA fortifications to FARPs (Forward Arming and Refueling Point), can repair vehicles



* Militia Men: poorly trained, cheap, 5 man squad (inc. 1 medic and 1 RPG)
* RPG Militia: capable of shooting down helicopters and very effective against ground vehicles
* Somali Sniper: slightly more accurate than ordinary militia
* Somali Mob: Rioting crowds, throw Molotov Cocktails
* Spotter: extremely stealthy, long view range, able to go behind enemy lines to spy


* Technical w/.50 cal: carries mounted .50 cal MG, effective against infantry (still a work in progress)
* Technical w/Recoilless Rifle: carries mounted recoilless rifle, effective against enemy armor and structures
* Land Rover w/.50 cal: carries mounted .50 cal MG, effective against infantry
* Car: unarmed, cheap transport


* Elite AA Milita: carry guided missiles, more effective against air than regular RPG
* Transport Truck: lightly armored transport
* Car: unarmed, cheap transport
* Bomb Truck: packed with explosives, detonates when it is near enemy units
* Spotter: see above
* Engineer: able to heal friendly units, carries explosive charge


* AA fortifications now fire Stinger missiles to counter US Air Support


* M1A2 Abrams
* M2/M3 Bradley
* LAV-25
* M113
* Condor APC
* BTR-80
* M48 Patton

* Standard infantry squads

* M198 155mm howitzer
* M252 81mm mortar
* Transport Truck
* HMMWV (all 3 variants)
* engineers


* OH-58 Kiowa
* OH-6 Cayuse
* MH-60L Black Hawk
* MH-60L DAP Black Hawk Direct Action Platform (maybe, not historically accurate)
* AH-1W Cobra
* UH-1 Huey
* CH-53E Super Stallion
* AH-64 Apache

-=-Known Problems-=-

-AC-130 sound issues
-GUI color issues
-Roadblock TA issues

If you find any more bugs or issues please feel free e-mail me, but be specific.

-=-Special Thanks-=-

To the BHD Mod Team: Tankbuster, Razgriz PR, ICBMHeadshot, Lunawolf242, Cd-planet, and Dragongk2
To MadMonk777, Gundug, Tevkid, and Phazon for answering my pestering questions and helping me wherever they could
To the testers: NateDaPope, GUNNYCANUCK, General_II, Delta Shorty, silverstone08, CundC, Briscoe, and carbonated water
To the guys at WiC Heaven
To the Transition Entertainment team
To the guys at the Massgate forums for creating the concept and supporting the mod
To the troops in the 160th SOAR(A). "NSDQ"
To everyone that helped make this possible


Name [160th]NvziblSkillz

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Black Hawk Down is Back!

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how to download mod????

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please read and sign this petition:

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This mod is dead.

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Exact same problem here :( I think they've stopped working on the mod so I doubt you'll get a response mate

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Black Hawk Down Mod Based on the movie.Sound more interesting.Every scene,drama,action,locations put in this mod.But anyhow,there will never be a mod like this.:) It's too perfect to be.

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