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Attention: Production is put on hold until December 12th when i get my new computer. This may or may not cause delays as i will go 2x as fast now as i have been working with a rubbish laptop up until now and yesterday it caught fire. Fear not the mod is still in production and we thank you for ur understanding


The game takes place in 2009, Sydney Australia. You are a helicopter pilot from Western Australia on holiday to Sydney when the virus breaks out. A monkey at a zoo contracts a rare disease and bites a pregnant woman. Animals cannot transmit the virus to a different DNA so the bite has no immediate affect. However the lady transmits the virus to her child and when he is born he bites her, she infects the hospital and the virus breaks loose.

There are four distinct weapon categories; Assault, Small, Heavy, Melee.

Assault weapons are two handed guns such as an Assault Rifle. These weapons include;

AUG Steyr
FN Scar
Type 56
HaK G3 A4
Diemaco C7AI
0.22 Caliber Rifle
Double Barrel Shotgun
(I know most of these guns are not Australian but every one has a gun over here even from anther country) The last two i have added are typical Australian guns.

Small; Small Machine Guns and Pistols
M3 'Grease Gun'
Mini Uzi
Steyr Aug Para
Type 05
HaK USP.45
Desert Eagle 357
MP-446 Viking
Browning DA

Heavy; These include, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and Heavy Shotguns.
FN Minimi
Remington 11-87
Type 88
Hotchkiss Model 1922
Daewoo K3
Steyr Scout Tactical
APR 338
Parker-Hale M82
Benelli M2

Melee; (More will be added)
Cricket Bat
Knife (Large), (Small)
Shiv (Small street knife)
Throwing Knife
Spear-fishing Gun

Explosives; (More posted every day)
Granade; Chemical, Smoke, Frag, Custom
Detonation Charge
Granade Launcher

There will also be more unique weapons here are some; some will be weapons without a standard in game version like my favorite Ken's Toy (Crossbow with flamethrower underattatchment)
Old Faithful (Gold Desert Eagle 357 with no jamming)
Mary Jane (Benelli M2 with Bayonet and Unique Camo)
MR Reliability (0.22 Calibe Rifle that never has to be repaired)

There will also be added weapon mods such as; bayonet, flashlight, laser pointer, laser sight and tracer rounds, Custom Camo, Granade Launcher, Knife Launcher.

The gameplay will run pretty much the same as New Vegas.

Two types of zombies, 'Stalkers' and 'Meatbags'. Stalkers will be slightly faster than people but have little health. Meatbags will be slightly slower but have increased health. The type of zombie a person becomes is based on their body aesthetics.

You will have to eat and drink to stay alive and also maintain a constant sleep pattern. You can also contract diseases and infections such as Influenza by wearing few clothes in winter. You will have to find medicines and antibiotics to heal yourself. If you are cut or hurt you must choose what medical treatment to perform as there are little doctors, you will have the options to clean the cut and bind ect. You can create camps and tents. You can make and find clothes ranging from polo shirts to ghillie suits. There is limited crafting as there is limited resources to craft with but you will be able to make weapons and the bare essentials.

Map: The map will include the city CBD, most of western sydney and some of the northern beaches.

Thank you for taking interest in this mod i will release more information shortly. :) Gus619

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Joining the team

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We are looking for Interior Designers, Exterior Designers, Level Designers, Modelers, Scripters and Music Composers. The team is pretty small right now so the more we have the quicker the production goes! If you want to join the team message me and send me some of your work. I will then give you i try out task and if you do a good job your in. (If you can do more than one thing it will improve your chances at getting in) Thank You :) Gus619

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how do i download this mod as is?

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as allways dead mods -_- due to lazy moders

the mod is dead dont bother -_-

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What does dead mean!!!

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No more updates/will never be released. Take your pick they have both happened.

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It means that the author isn't working on it anymore.

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